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20 things to do in Cambridge
5 min read

20 things to do in Cambridge

5 min read
Uploaded on
Nov 23, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 23, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 10, 2023
Things To Do In Cambridge
Live the Cambridge life to the fullest!

Cambridge is home to many things like the prestigious Cambridge University. Want to discover and enjoy Cambridge attractions like a local? Maybe explore the neighbourhood and visit as many bars as you want. We've put up the ideal list for you!  Here is a list of the top 20 things to do in Cambridge that will guarantee you have the time of your life. We have got you covered when it comes to the greatest places to dine and chic pubs with live music.

Places to visit in Cambridge

Fitzwilliam Museumca

Average Cost - The entry is free for general admission
Fitzwilliam boasts of the "little things" like a variety of trinkets, decorations, and paintings to physically lighten up your mind without providing the typical heavy sensation associated with a museum, in contrast to the British Museum in London, which has a gigantic collection of enormous artefacts. This place comes under the top 5 Cambridge tourist attractions. 
Additionally, this museum offered free admission and was just named the top free and best tourist destination in East England. The greatest time to visit the museum is in the monsoons.

The Cam River

Average Cost - No entry fees
It would be similar to travelling to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower to visit Cambridge without punting. While experienced professionals complete the entire task themselves, beginners with little to no expertise can hire a guide to handle all of the Cam River navigation while they simply sit back and unwind. Fees are about £19/hour. 

‍Cambridge University's Campus

Average Cost - No entry fees
Without taking a tour of every inch of the renowned Cambridge University, what list of things to do in Cambridge would be complete? After all, Cambridge is renowned worldwide for its educational system. A tour of the university led by one of its students might be intriguing since they can offer their own perspective on the institution, which would be distinct from the usual official guided tours. Make sure you take this free experience back home with you! Students and other adults must mark these as the top places to visit in Cambridge.

Are you a future incoming student at the prestigious Cambridge University? Well, Amber has some of the best student accommodations in Cambridge that are close to the campus, filled with top-class amenities, access to easy transport, & the hustle bustle of Cambridge.

Kettle's yard

Average Cost - No entry fees
As it was previously Jim and Helen Ede's house, it is a distinctive art gallery with a cosy feel. Jim was a curator at the Tate Gallery, and the couple, who loved art, furnished their home with well-known pieces by Joan Miro and Barbara Hepworth. There is a reasonable fee that is applicable to visit this marvellous art gallery.  

‍Cambridge Literary Festival

Average Cost - No entry fees
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig was one of the Cambridge Literary Festival's offerings that were made available online during the lockdown in 2020, and we really liked listening to it while relaxing in our own homes with a glass of wine. The online festival is back this spring with activities to excite both kids and adults and to honour outstanding literature. For those who enjoy art, science, music, food, and other things, Cambridge offers a wide variety of festivals. You must put this on your things to do in the Cambridge checklist.


Average Cost - No entry fees
You must spend some time outside if you visit Cambridge. This is one of the best things to do in Cambridge. It is undoubtedly a must-visit. Beautiful green areas surround the city and are waiting to be explored. One of these is The Millpond. The region, which is home to many peaceful fields, excellent taverns and restaurants, and dozens of swimming pools, is situated near the lower end of the River Cam.

‍The Wandlebury Country Park

Average Cost - £3.15 to £3.90
True to its name, it is the ideal setting to uncover your wanderlust. As it is a few kilometres south of the main city, a car may be necessary to get there. It serves as the ideal green escape where you may go for a stroll or a picnic. The adjacent Gog Magog Hills Farm store provides you with the finest deals on high-quality meat. Additionally, you may buy some meat there. It’s open every day from 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM. Be careful, you may be tempted to splurge here!

‍King’s College Chapel

Average Cost - £8.00 to £11.00
One of the most indelible things to do in Cambridge is undoubtedly a visit to the beautiful Gothic church, which dominates the city's centre. The Christmas Eve carol service is televised from this chapel during the month of December. Even for adults, listening to the church play "once in Royal David's city" is an emotional experience. It should go without saying to everyone that you should attend the Eagle for cocktails after visiting this church. The fees are roughly around £5 for students and £8 for adults making it the best place to visit in Cambridge

‍Museum of Zoology

Average Cost - No entry fees
The Museum of Zoology has just gone through a complete renovation and is without a doubt the best thing to do in Cambridge, whether it is free or not. It is now much better than before and has amazing artefacts that the entire family can appreciate. Over 10,000 significant zoological artefacts that represent the diversity of animal life are housed in the museum. Free entry to the Zoology Museum makes it a superb day activity in Cambridge.

Cambridge Market Square

Average Cost - No entry fees
While making a visit to Cambridge Market Square may not be an attraction in the same way that a trip to a museum is, it is nonetheless an essential component of places to visit in Cambridge. You can visit thrift shops in Cambridge nearby. Since the Middle Ages, the ancient city has had a commercial market. The square best restaurant in Cambridge itself, is the best example of this. Traditional mementoes, fresh produce and fruits, a Sunday artisan market, as well as some of the best street cuisine in the city.

Best Restaurants in Cambridge


Average Cost - £11 to £25/ person
The famous Fitzbillies have been around since 1920, and they have incredible Chelsea buns! They are really wonderful and sticky, sweet, and must be tried. These buns may be purchased nicely packaged to be brought home as gifts, but after you've tried them, they might not last that long!

“Lovely breakfast”

‍Jacks Gelato

Average Cost - £15 to £25/ person
Jack started Jack's Gelato in 2010 after spending his whole life creating ice cream in homes and restaurants. Since then, he hasn't looked back. Aiming for perfection, never remaining still, making everything by hand in small batches, and using only THE BEST ingredients, including organic and fair trade Madagascan vanilla, milk and cream from the Estate dairy, chocolates from Pump Street Chocolate, honey from bee hives in our own city, and coffee beans from artisan roasters across the nation. Uff! You can not miss this experience! 

“Tasty flavours, dairy-free options too!”

Alive & Kicking Lobsters

Average Cost - £10 to £20/ person
You'll see why Alive & Kicking Lobsters is a popular gathering place for both regulars and locals with just one look. The setting has an old-fashioned atmosphere that you can readily locate in Southie, thanks to its direct, to-the-point appearance. However, this little lobster refuge offers excellent versions of all the classic dishes, from clam chowder to a specialised lobster sandwich. 

“Best Lobster and Crab salad rolls too!”

‍Area Four

Average Cost - £20 to £30/ person
Area Four, a wood-fired pizza restaurant that is conveniently attached to A4 Cafe, serves homemade pies with a crispiness and tasty char that are ideal for people who want their pizzas hot from the brick oven. Pick from the following pizza pies for assured satisfaction: Margherita, Prosciutto Americano, Hawaiian, and Mushroom & Fontina. For sides, round out your meal with a basket of knots or baked mac 'n cheese.

“Solid pizza, good service.”


Average Cost - £8 to £20/ person
The greatest Italian food in Cambridge may be found at Giulia, which pasta expert Michael Pagliarini runs. The restaurant's extensive menu includes dishes like pappardelle with wild boar, paccheri alla bolognese, potato culurgiones, and more that were inspired by Pagliarini's Umbrian culinary traditions.

“Creative Italian with excellent service!”

Best pubs in Cambridge

‍The Eagle

Average Cost - £7 to £10/ person
Dating back to 1667, when it was originally a coaching inn, the Eagle is one of the oldest pubs in the city. Steeped in history, you can enjoy a pint knowing that you are in the place where in 1953. This pub is also close to the River Cam, the Market Square and the Museums of Zoology 

“Great Pub, excellent food.”

‍Live and Let Live

Average Cost - £6 to £10/ person
The True ale bar Live and Let Live won the 2020 Cambridge CAMRA Pub of the Year award. They also have a fairly excellent range of rum to go with their ales. An endearing, traditional bar that is beloved by many local drinkers.

“New landlord, great selection of ales and beers”

Fun things to do in Cambridge


Average Cost - £20to £30/ person
The Tivoli is the new ideal location for team building, date evenings, and after-work cocktails. The Tivoli combines two street food stalls, a variety of delectable drinks across four bars, two 9-hole indoor crazy golf courses, three shuffleboard tables, the best rooftop bar in Cambridge, complete with stunning views across Jesus Green from its own view point, and other nods to its filmic and brewing past. Imagine shuffleboard and golf competitions, specially crafted food and drink menus, and a post-event spill out onto the top terrace.

“Great multi-generational family afternoon of fun and food”

‍Cambridge Karaoke

Average Cost - £25 to £30/ person
TenPin is the place to go in Cambridge if you wish to sing your heart out. This hub of entertainment is situated in Leisure Park and features three karaoke rooms with up to two hours of constant music. Each area features vibrant lighting and a large screen so you can unwind while holding a glass. Not a fan of singing along? Arcade games, table tennis, bowling, and pool tables are all available at the location. And if you become hungry, stop by the café for some food or a refill on your G&T.

‍Cambridge’s fun puzzle treasure hunt!

Average Cost - £20 to £30/ person
The Great Treasure Hunt Game A distinctive outdoor treasure hunt is Cambridge. The hunt will take you through the city's most well-known attractions while pointing out its historical sites along the way. A treasure map, compass, and hints are provided to help you navigate the path. If you succeed, you will learn where to place the X on your treasure map to indicate where your prize is a fantastic bar! You will earn a discount on your tab at the bar. It's one of the top things to do in Cambridge!

Things to keep in mind

  • Do some location research
  • Request advise from the public
  • Stay away from busy areas
  • Ignore touts and hawkers
  • Take the Public Transport

There you have it, amazing 20 things to do in Cambridge; there is always something to do during the day and night in Cambridge. Cross these off your Cambridge bucket list every time you visit these places during your student life in Cambridge; make sure to get the most out of your stay! Also, to fuel yourself up while exploring the things to do in Cambridge, you can check out some of the best cafes and restaurants in Cambridge.

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