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5 Places in Leicester to Visit During Vacation
5 Min

5 Places in Leicester to Visit During Vacation

Apr 27, 2021
5 Min

Hands to your heart, what strikes you when the word 'UK' comes into your mind? Maybe the lavish streets of London or the miles and miles of green fields of Newcastle or the exclusive thousand years old castles of Sheffield. But often, a majority of international visitors tend to overlook the charm of the most populous metropolitan city in the East Midlands. Which city, you may ask? We are talking about the exotic city of Leicester.

Founded in 1919, the city of Leicester is amongst the most popular regions of the United Kingdom. Primarily based upon the county region, the city boasts many historical and natural architecture marvels that attract thousands of visitors every year. You might find it interesting, but according to the latest figures, nearly 35 million people visited Leicester and Leicestershire in 2019, making tourism worth more than £600 million in the country.

Filled with quirky shopping centres and lovely streets, Leicester brings many locations to visit during summer. While many of these locations are known to the locals, many students studying near the city are prone to overlook these places, which offer a great deal of fun at budget-friendly prices. Thus, to bring attention to those places that are pretty good but not as popular, we have decided to enlist some of the best places in Leicester that every student can and should visit this college vacation.

Starting with the most popular and leading contender on our list.

1. National Space Centre

When it comes to the most popular places in the UK, the National Space Centre always manages to step up to its reputation. The astounding National Space Centre, present on the Exploration Drive, Belgrave, is a space exhibition and education centre portraying major astronomical events and vehicles from the prestigious World Space Travel Program.

Founded in 2001, the National Space Centre, UK, is an exciting place for kids and adults like yourself because here you can witness humongous look-alike models of space rockets, exhibitions, galleries, a planetarium and 150 other interactive exhibits. Take a word from us; even if you aren't a geek, you will crave to visit the National Space Centre once more.

2. Twinlakes Family Theme Park

How could we forget to tell you that Leicester brings a wholesome fun time at its popular Twinlakes Family Theme Park that is open 365 days every year? The family resort/ water park is an amalgamation of some of the most magnificent rides and fun places that take away all college fussiness and forces students to submerge into its exciting wind.

The Twinlakes Family Theme Park is a 70-acre amusement park with numerous public attractions, including roller coasters, a zoo, log flume, falconry centre, assault courses, go-karts, and a boating lake. Present near the Leicester City Centre, the Twinlakes Family Theme Park is a must-visit location that never lets you say, "should we leave?"

3. Belvoir Brewery

Ever experienced a tasting of a pint while sitting inside a brewery? Well, if not, then you are in the safe spot because Leicester's most visited Belvoir Brewery happens to be right on the corner of Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray and right next to Loughborough. The Belvoir Brewery is a public pub where more than a hundred different types of drinks are grown and handcrafted for tastings amongst fellow travellers.

Established in 1996, the Belvoir Brewery is famous for its renowned cask beers ranging from exquisite flavours like Dark Horse, Whipping, and Gorden Bennett at pocket-friendly prices. You can also order different bottles and caskets for home delivery but take our word: the real taste rests assured when you grab the mug and drink inside the Belvoir Brewery.

4. The Cookie and the Attic

With all the destinations on the outskirts of the city, we decided to take a walk down the road to The Cookie and the Attic. Present near the Leicester City Centre and in the vicinity of Leicester College and the University of Leicester, the Cookie is a renowned live music centre where you will find the city's best street performers, DJs, comedians performing live every night.

While The Cookie itself is more than ample to take up all your night, one floor above the centre is The Attic Bar which offers affordable drinks during happy hours at weekends and sufficient student discounts. With two full hands-on yourselves, it is impossible to leave this notable mention during your staycation in Leicester.

5. King Power Stadium

It would be disrespectful to Leicester's sporting culture if we didn't mention the name of King Power Stadium. Commonly known as the city's champions ground and home to Leicester's 2016 League Cup, the King Power Stadium is home to the city's beloved football club, Leicester City FC, which is believed to be in existence since the early days of sports and football in the country.

Established and opened for the general public in 2002, the King Power Stadium is present in Filbert Way, which is a 5-minute walk from De Montfort University which can help all your plans to escape after college and into the love and support of more than 32,000 spectators cheering their lungs out to support their esteemed city football team.

Leicester is amongst the most commonly referred locations when it comes to taking vacations. While many of us haven't been around lately due to the pandemic, the UK's upliftment of lockdown has indeed brought back our inner spirit animals and craving for travelling. After reading our list, we hope we have filled your list with a whole new place to visit and make sure to cope with your travel cravings with our articles.