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7 Best Localities For Student Housing in London
5 min

7 Best Localities For Student Housing in London

Housing Tips
Apr 21, 2022
5 min

7 best student localities in London

Visiting London this fall? Who could stop you from this magnificent location! London is one of the UK's most admired cities to live in and holds an esteemed reputation amongst global students. City's welcoming environment, lively environment, and multicultural diversity attract large flocks of students to the country's capital. In fact, the total number of international students enrolled in universities across London for 2018-19 was 125,035.

While such perks help students grow their professional network, a large attendance poses many challenges for young minds. Food, university, flight travel, visa, and many other pointers are more than ample to haunt any student. But the one severe of all prerequisites essential for each of the students is Student Accommodation. Finding comfortable student accommodation in London can depend on various aspects.

And since many students can consider various distinguishing factors, the majority of students often settle upon a student-oriented locality to spend their college life. So, to add to our subject, let's find out the top localities ideal for students and find out why each one of them is perfect for their residents.

1. Central London

Central London, a.k.a London City Center, is a trendy area of the British capital and exhibits an excellent environment for students to live in. Whether Camden or Bloomsbury areas, you can deduce the place is filled with many exciting corners such as brunch cafes, restaurants, pubs (don't forget the famous London Pint), and recreational centres. Other than leisure, you can also locate various well-known institutions like King's College and UCL in the vicinity.

In addition to universities, many students prefer to live near student accommodation near London City Center to travel back and forth from their colleges swiftly. Other than that, the area is filled with lots of student living options, ranging from 1-bedroom flats to even private studios that fall under affordable budgets. So, if you aim to stay near the lively pathways of the city and want to see your day be as exciting as it could get, then Central London is the place to stay.

2. Spitalfields

Established as an old market in East London, Spitalfields is a multi-ethnic area that allows individuals to live and enjoy various groups. The room was restored in 2005 under the Spitalfields regeneration programme and now inhibits many fixed Victorian era markets like Bishop Square and Crispin Place, which altogether brings many discounted shopping stalls of local-made items (clothes, stationery, food, etc.).

Moreover, the locality is famous for its pocket-friendly PBSAs (Purpose Built Student Accommodation), which helps students live in various types of accommodation at their comfort. And as the area is distant from Central London, many of the local transportation stops are well equipped within every student housing, leading to a bargain deal for every Londoner or soon to be one!

3. Wembley

When it comes to Indian students, Wembley is a familiar name to strive for. Wembley is another lively London neighborhood famous for its maximum exposure to its residents, who treat others well enough than most parts of the city. The locality is also called "Mini India". It is the principal town of Brent in London city, and you can also find a more Indian population presence who are more eager to welcome students in their shared accommodation.

4. Richmond

Richmond is a little over to the city centre, which gives you the advantage of exploring the least expensive student accommodation in London. Richmond area is famous for its greener lands and the 2500-acre Richmond Park and the Riverside area that attracts hundreds, if not thousands of city residents to gel up in commonwealth activities. Furthermore, the locality boasts its well-established Richmond University and many others, which can easily be reached as the area lies on the District line.

5. Stratford

If you're a sports lover, then look nowhere else than Stratford. Known for its sports culture and fan-following, Stratford in London is a great place to live for students. Here, you can enjoy budget student accommodation like spacious studios and private apartments at the best rent structure. The area also has numerous universities and colleges, including Birkbeck University, Stratford University, Staffordshire University and many others that make the place filled with lots of students to gel up and grow their professional experience.

6. Shoreditch

Shoreditch in London is suitably the best choice for artistic students who like friendly neighbourhoods with aesthetically pleasing wall arts, vintage products, and London’s oldest market, Rivington Street. Apart from such places, Shoreditch also offers numerous student-oriented amenities such as near-located universities like London College of Fashion and Guildhall School of Music and Drama that allows students to take fruitful advantage of bargain student accommodation in London. One of the most popular properties in the locality is IQ Shoreditch.

7. Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park is another lavish student living locality which brings together plentiful opportunities for young minds to learn and adapt. Closest university from Finsbury Park is the UCL, University of London and University of Westminster which brings quite a fun-loving environment for students. Finsbury Park is famous for its dedicated tube rail network with nearby areas and also has various leisure places, bars, restaurants, and other leisure places ranging from the Emirates Stadium, Wolkite Restaurant and many more.

So, which one's the perfect for you?

Well, the answer to that question differs from one student to another. Whilst each of these localities have their own pros, every student accommodation comes with its own shortcomings as well. And it is essential that you must examine every location thoroughly before settling for one. With such a proactive approach and a lot of ground information of London, you are now all set for reaching your dream destination with confidence and knowledge.