8 Best Apps to Learn English for Students
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8 Best Apps to Learn English for Students

7 min
Uploaded on
Nov 14, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 14, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
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Like the Brits speak it!

Have you started preparing for your English language assessment but found learning the language difficult? Look through your app store, and you'll find dozens of applications that make learning English fun and easy. However, with so many applications on the market, which ones are worth your time? We'll introduce you to 8 of (in our opinion) the Best Apps to Learn English! 

What are the best English learning apps? 


TOEFL app is one of the most authentic and best apps to learn English, offering 24/7 access to register for tests, reviews, and even upcoming test details. The TOEFL app is one of the best apps to learn English for a multitude of reasons, including the ability to access resources for preparations to view and order your score reports. 

TOEFL is one of the premier English-language tests necessary for over 10,000 university admissions in over 150 countries. If you wish to Study in the USA, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and more, it is necessary to take the TOEFL exam as these are predominantly English speaking countries. 

There are more reasons than one that makes TOEFL one of the best apps to learn English, such as:

  • Flashcards with more than 200 most important words picked out expert TOEFL tutors
  • Learn all definitions with examples for the words
  • Varied decks depending on the difficulty level
  • You can track your progress during your preparation
  • Smart algorithm customised to make your learning more efficient

Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone has been the industry standard for language learning for nearly 30 years. There's no better way to learn a new language than to live it, and Rosetta Stone has mastered the art of immersing its students through its suite of services. Whether you're looking to learn English for travel or to study, Rosetta is one of the best apps to learn English for you.

What features does Rosetta Stone offer? 

  • 25 languages to learn
  • Fully immersive experience 
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Live coaching with native speakers


Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn English for students looking to study abroad, and for a good reason. This app gamified learning, turning an otherwise grueling process into enjoyment. From its user-friendly interface to an extensive array of free services, Duolingo's value is hard to beat.

What features does Duolingo offer?

  • 38 languages to learn
  • Progressive learning modules
  • Accurate grammar-translation
  • Competitive gaming leaderboards 
  • Message boards


Memrise believes that learning must be fun to be effective for it to become one of the best apps to learn English. If you're stuck behind a pile of textbooks every day, of course, you're not going to enjoy learning English! You become immersed through interacting with native speakers, hearing the 'true' tone of a language, and experiencing the frustration of not knowing everything. 

What features does Memrise offer? 

  • Over 50,000 videos from native speakers
  • Hear both (UK) and (US) English
  • Progress tracking
  • Flashcards for quick, effective vocabulary-building


Having a partner with the same goal as you can make learning a new language more enjoyable — but what if they wanted to learn YOUR language? Not all partners are made the same, and HelloTalk gives added motivation by making you both a student AND a teacher. This unique peer-to-peer learning approach makes it one of the Best Apps for learning English. Teach your language to others and learn English in return!

What features does HelloTalk offer? 

  • Over 150 potential languages to learn
  • 30+ million potential partners
  • Chat with partners through text, voice message, phone call, or video call 
  • Social features that build a language-learning community


Do you ever find yourself scrolling through one reel after another on Instagram or TikTok, only to realize that an hour's gone by? If you're going to watch videos, you may as well watch them on FluentU. FluentU is among one of the Best Apps to Learn English, it has curated the world's best foreign language video database and houses everything from motivational to music videos. 

What features does FluentU offer?

  • Real-world examples of language pronunciation
  • Interactive clarification features
  • Progress tracking through quizzes
  • Massive video library of movie trailers, commercials, music, etc.


Babbel is a beginner-friendly app designed for users of all skill levels. If you're starting your English-language journey, Babbel offers a stream of quality lessons without overwhelming you. If you're hard on time, their 10–15-minute lessons can be a small investment that can eventually return big results. Many proclaimed it one of the Best Apps to Learn English for beginners.

What features does Babbel offer? 

  • 14 languages to learn
  • Short lessons: 10-15 minutes
  • Improves grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  • Multiple levels that match your skill


As you can tell, language applications come in all shapes and sizes and offer tools to aid all kinds of language learners. With so many similar options, it's hard to stand out — ELSA does just that, securing its spot in Best Apps to Learn English. The first of its kind, ELSA focuses exclusively on improving your English pronunciation to the point that app users have noted that their accents are almost unidentifiable.  

What features does ELSA offer? 

  • 44 English language sounds
  • In-depth activity tracker
  • Unique & accurate pronunciation feedback
  • Artificial Intelligence that mimics various accents

English learning apps are useful for practicing and perfecting the language, especially if you are not a native speaker and wish to move to an English-speaking country on your study abroad journey. Consider using any of these English learning apps to help you learn and revise the basics and build confidence in your speaking abilities.

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