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8 Best Healthcare Mobile Apps For Students
6 min

8 Best Healthcare Mobile Apps For Students

Jan 14, 2022
6 min

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Care for yourself the modern way!

Healthcare apps assist people in staying on top of their own health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, mental health, and others. Over the years, technology has enabled consumers to become more involved in their own healthcare decisions and nowhere is this more evident than with apps. The Apple App Store and Google Play app store each have nearly 50,000 available health apps, and user adoption of health apps has grown significantly.

Here are our top picks for the best healthcare apps on the market right now.

Top healthcare apps for patients

With so many apps to choose from, it's difficult to sort out the good from the bad. The best health apps on our list, are time-tested and have solid reputations built on hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews. Consider how each app can help you learn more about your health while also providing the data tracking you require to follow a meaningful conversation with your doctor.

1. Teladoc – Top healthcare app

Teladoc provides quality healthcare services, including virtual primary care, everyday care, mental health, nutrition, dermatology and expert medical advice via phone, online or app. While the majority of the healthcare mobile apps on this list deliver the best doctors to your door, it can be difficult to find specialists who specialise in your specific disease. Teladoc - 24/7 access to a doctor, which connects consumers with the right certified doctor or surgeon, such as a neurologist or radiologist, solves this problem.

Setting up an appointment normally takes 24 hours or less, and it takes place through video calls on the web platform. The rates are based on multiple factors and are preset by the company.

2. mySugr - Diabetes Tracker Log 

The motto of this healthcare app is "making diabetes suck less!" Patients can use MySugr to keep track of their blood sugar, carbohydrates, bolus, and projected HbA1c all in one place. MySugr users claim that it has changed their lives. By logging their data on a daily basis, they've been able to have a better understanding of their situation. Doctors are also permitted to examine the data in order to better treat their patients.

This simple programme also offers users motivating challenges and feedback to aid in the management of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a challenging disease to manage, and for many people, this software has been a valuable ally.

The mySugr diabetes app is your loyal and free diabetes logbook, which keeps your diabetes data under control. With one app you'll have:

• Easy and personalized dashboard (diet, meds, carb intake, blood glucose levels and more).

• Insulin/Bolus calculator with precise insulin dose recommendations (Limited to some countries using mySugr PRO).

• See clear blood sugar level graphs.

• Estimated HbA1c at a glance, no more surprises.

• Daily, weekly, and monthly reports, that you can share directly with your doctor.

• Secure data backup (built with regulatory compliance, quality, and safety).

3. Doctor on Demand

Doctor On Demand by Included Health works with or without insurance and is available at reduced rates through many major health plans and large employers. You’ll always see your cost upfront and won’t receive a surprise bill after your visit.

It offers doctors that can treat non-emergency medical issues such as cold and flu symptoms, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, allergies, sports injuries, back pain, heartburn, as well as many pediatric issues.

Doctor On Demand by Included Health also offers a private space to meet face to face with a psychologist or psychiatrist through video. Choose from a diverse group of therapists and work with them to address what’s important to you from the privacy of home. 

4. Calcium

Calcium is a health & medical app that pulls in your health data from hospitals & health systems – and many of the top fitness and medical devices (including Fitbit and Apple Health). The medical app provides an array of tools that leverages your data to get healthier, manage your healthcare costs and take control of your healthcare journey and destiny. Calcium, one of the most well-known names in the healthcare business, is a free health app that you can download to your Android or iOS device. The healthcare app is built to provide all-important functionality, such as smart device support, prescription, medication administration, and notifications, as well as professional and patient usability. The app is a well-thought-out tool created by specialists that makes healthcare management and accessibility extremely straightforward for its customers.

Calcium makes it simple to remotely monitor and analyse patient data via smart devices. You can also acquire detailed information on the patient's medical condition, including statistics such as temperature and blood pressure.

5. Medical ID

Medical ID lets you create medical profiles that you can access from your lock screen. In the event of an emergency, profiles provide instant access to key information such as allergies, blood type, medical contacts, and other details that are critical for first responders, medics, or medical personnel who must intervene. Even when the app is closed, you can share your location with emergency contacts (for up to 24 hours or until you stop sharing). Before treating you, medics or emergency personnel can see the essentials at a glance.

6. Medisafe Pill Minder

Medisafe Pill Minder and Tracker assists you in keeping track of your medications. It's available for Android and iOS, including doctor visit management and appointment reminder features. It even has health monitoring devices. You can upgrade to an ad-free experience with additional notification sounds and measurement tools for a small fee.
Medisafe is capable of managing drugs for many complex health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It also acts as a perfect companion for those who need a mobile organizer for vitamins, blood pressure meds, glucose level tracking, period tracking, and other health concerns.

7. Flo Period Tracker & Calendar

Flo is a women's health app. Personalize Flo to make it distinctive and relevant to you, regardless of your age or reproductive aim. Flo is an AI-powered app that helps you precisely track your cycle, fertility, and pregnancy. Flo offers all-in-one tracking for period start and length, fertile window, peak ovulation days, PMS symptoms, flow intensity, birth control, and much more as a one-stop solution for all things female health and well-being. During pregnancy, keep track of your baby's progress on a weekly basis. These are the features offered by the app-

• Cycle & Period Tracker

• Ovulation Calculator & Pregnancy Calander

• Lifestyle & Fitness Tracker

• Reminders

• Health Report & Assistant

• Secret Chat

8. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the best health tracking apps available for both Android and iOS. A desktop version is also available. It's an all-in-one activity, mindfulness, food logging, sleep, fertility, and more tracker. You can set weight or activity goals, plan meals, and sync the app with most fitness trackers and watches.

If you pay to upgrade, you will gain access to premium features such as more detailed reporting, food macros, and logs that you can download or email to your healthcare provider. In addition, the app includes a robust online community for weight loss support and advice.