A Guide To Scholarships In Ireland
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A Guide To Scholarships In Ireland

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Sep 20, 2022
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Uploaded on
Sep 20, 2022
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Nov 7, 2022
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Ireland is an island located in Europe. The city has consistently provided the best-class education through its world-renowned universities like Trinity College Dublin and the University of Galway. And a fun fact, celebrities like Jamie Dornan and Andrew Scott are Irish, so it’s pretty evident that Ireland produces intellectual and talented people.

But have you ever wondered how much it costs for you to get a degree from Ireland? It roughly starts with 3,000 Euros and can go up to 5,000 Euros for one year of college. Seems too expensive, right? But don’t let these numbers stop you from pursuing your dreams; you can get financial aid through scholarships from the government and the university you are looking to apply to. We have a list of scholarships to make your work easy and cut you some slack so you can watch some Andrew Scott or Jamie Dornan movies! 

Selection Criteria for Irish Scholarships 

Apart from doing well in your academics, there are a few more things you would require to grab that scholarship, like 

  • High academic standing
  • Should have a volunteering background
  • If necessary, having written submissions for research program scholarships.
  • Recommendation letter, if needed.
  • English language proficiency, which international students can demonstrate through TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and other exam results.

Every scholarship has different selection criteria; some may only require an application, while others may have more. You can also contact the granting agency for more specifics on the selection criteria.

Application Requirements 

Before submitting an online scholarship application in Ireland, students should remember the following:

  • Include whatever information your application reviewer might want to examine and consider.
  • Create a strong resume 
  • Letters of recommendation from your alma mater might be beneficial.
  • Write a persuasive letter to a professor asking for a postdoctoral or PhD position in their lab.
  • Communicate clearly to prevent unexpected misunderstandings
  • Clearly state your need for a scholarship and why you should be considered for one.
  • The motivational letter must include information regarding the advantages you typically provide to the host university.
  • Apply as soon as possible before the deadline.

Types of scholarships

There are various types of scholarships available in Ireland, and most of them are divided into two categories, i.e., government scholarships and University scholarships. 

Some of the significant government scholarships are:

Government Scholarships

Government of Ireland Scholarships

The Government of Ireland awards 60 scholarships to deserving students through the Government of Ireland Scholarships initiative for one year.

  • Benefits include a 10.000 Euro year stipend and full tuition and registration fee reimbursement at higher education institutions.
  • Deadline for applications: March 20
  • Register at

Fulbright Scholarships

International students can apply for one of Ireland's six types of Fulbright grants. These specifics are as follows:

Scholarship Course Grant
Open Study/Research Award Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Max 15,000 Euro stipend
DCU Taught Masters Program Award
Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Hugh Lane Gallery Curatorial Award
Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Max 20,000 Euro stipend
RCSI PhD awards
Masters, and PhD
Max 170,400 Euro (for four years)
UCD Taught Masters Program Award
Masters Max 15,000 Euros
Peter Real Analog Bernal Awards
Masters and PhD

Centenary Scholarship Program

The Brazilian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and American students' scholarship programme.

Central Bank of Ireland Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

The Central Bank of Ireland has launched a scholarship programme for students pursuing a fully funded part-time honours degree.

Benefits include a salary of $29,550 per year, 24 days of yearly leave, financial aid for study, paid time off, etc.

August 12 is the application deadline.

Visit to apply.

The Walsh Fellowships

International graduates looking for research opportunities in Irish agriculture and food research are given the Walsh Fellowships. This fellowship is given to 30 new students each year.

  • Benefits: Annual grant of 22,000 Euros
  • Stipend awards are available for courses lasting two years for MSc programmes and four years for PhD programmes. Teagasc Research Center is the preferred site for research.
  • Non-research PG students are not eligible to submit their Walsh Fellowship applications.
  • The submission deadline is September 10.
  • Register at

Scholarships for Ontario College Graduates

Students from Ontario College can finish honours degree programmes in Ireland. Ontario residents who complete two-year college programmes with honours are eligible to continue their education for an additional two years in Ireland.

  • Benefits: 15% off tuition fees, up to $7,600
  • Submission deadline is May 31.
  • Register at

Ireland Scholarships granted by Universities

NUI Galway International Students Scholarships

This grant is available to deserving non-EU students enrolling in undergraduate, graduate, and research programmes.

  • Benefits: Special scheme incentives ranging from $2,200 to $5,700 are available for UG and PG students. Some programmes waive the tuition charge, and research candidates receive an annual allowance of $18,300.
  • Application Deadline: Depends on the Program
  • Visit to apply.

The Centenary scholarship programme is open to applicants from non-EEA/EU nations who plan to enrol in a full-time master's programme. Students studying at the Dublin Institute of Technology may apply for scholarships.

Maynooth University Scholarships 

Maynooth University offers a variety of scholarships for incoming undergraduate and graduate students. Available scholarships include sports, entrance exams, music, the Michael Osborne Scholarship, the Intel Women in Technology Scholarship, and others.

  • Benefits: Awards ranging from $1,200 to $3,440 per year under various programmes
  • Application deadline varies depending on the scholarship.
  • Visit Maynooth University's website to apply.

University College Cork Excellence Scholarships (PhD)

Scholarships are available to University College Cork students who wish to pursue a PhD, both EU and non-EU students.

  • Benefits: Funding only covers EU fees; non-EU students are responsible for the remaining balance.
  • April 20 is the application deadline.
  • Register at

Trinity College Dublin Scholarships

Trinity College Dublin offers a variety of scholarships to students from throughout the world or from certain nations. Each programme has a different price, deadlines, and requirements for the scholarship.

  • Benefits: Depending on the type, scholarships might cost between $5,700 and $11,400.
  • Deadline for Applications: Variable
  • Website:


Q1. What are the steps to apply for scholarships in Ireland?

Ans: There are various ways you can apply for scholarships in Ireland. You can either ask your consultant to guide you through the process, or you can directly apply on the official websites of your respective universities. 

Q2. Do you have to pay back the universities or government grants?

Ans: No, you don’t have to repay your funding. 


As an international student nominated for a scholarship must complete the following actions: To accept or reject the scholarship offer, send a letter to the scholarship organizer.

Request documentation of the scholarship after accepting the offer so you can apply for a student visa. Have a rough idea of the prices for the following year, and plan your spending accordingly to stay under the scholarship budget. Find out about additional study scholarships in Ireland, and manage your finances accordingly

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