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15 Best Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT
5 min read

15 Best Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT

5 min read
Uploaded on
Nov 5, 2023
Last updated on
Sep 7, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 5, 2023
Last updated on
Sep 7, 2023
15 Best Chat GPT Extensions For Your Browser In 2023
AIing your way through life!

15 Best Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT

AI has always been a part of our lives ever since we were kids. We all developed our theories when the first Terminator came, and we saw Skynet trying to attempt to take over the world. Since then, we've all had a negative attitude towards AI. Soon, we had AI in our palms with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, and we have been using them ever since. The world took a sudden turn when OpenAI dropped ChatGPT. There was a quick surge in using ChatGPT, which OpenAI servers could not handle. There have been many changes in the AI world since then, and many Chrome extensions for Chat gpt have come out. You can also view our blog on the top student apps. Here are the 10 best chat gpt extensions for Chrome. 

1. WebChatGPT

Link: WebChatGPT

ChatGPT is famously known for taking content from the web and compiling it into text that is easy to understand. As well as having a huge database, ChatGPT can easily give you information about anything you ask in its chatbox. However, the only downfall of ChatGPT is that its database has only been updated till 2021, and the AI cannot give you information for updated content. 

This is where WebChatGPT comes into the picture. WebChatGPT is a chat gpt extension for Chrome where you can change the region time, and the date where you can easily get updated content. This chat gpt extension for Chrome helps the AI to gather updated information from the web. However, this does increase the content character and can give you longer content. There is also a toggle for you to return to ChatGPT. It is always recommended to check the content for plagiarism. 

2. Compose AI

Link: Compose AI

We all have a block while writing emails; sometimes, we even get cold feet for our words. Compose AI is a Chrome extension for chat gpt that helps you write flawless emails. You can use this chat gpt extension for Chrome to compose all types of e-mails. There is a wide range of options provided to you. You can write bullet lists, outlines, headlines, paragraphs and sentences. All you need to do is add this Chrome extension for chat gpt to your browser and press “/” to open the menu bar where you can enter your prompt. 

Compose AI will give you 1000 words for free, after which you are billed for 15,000 words every month for a price of $9.99 

3. ChatGPT for Google

Link: ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT is quite restricted to a single tab use, and frequent users of this AI chatbot face issues by switching tabs, which delays their work. This Chrome extension for chat gpt helps you overcome this issue. ChatGPT for Google brings the chatbox to your current Google tab, and whatever you type into the search box in Google is instantly summarised. This Chrome extension for chat gpt replaces the Google knowledge panel and summarises the text for you. However, it also doesn't lose its original traits. It can still write codes, reply to answers, and even give you well-formatted texts, just like ChatGPT. This extension is provided by OpenAI, which is the parent company of ChatGPT. 

4. ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AI

Link: ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer brings its writing expertise through AI to your browser. This Chrome extension for chat gpt helps you write emails, messages and even long-form texts with appropriate diction and grammar. To use it, simply log into OpenAI and let the extension do its job. It works as a standalone extension, requiring you to only put in a prompt. One can also add extra comments if they need to provide specifications. It usually gives out immediate responses and even replies to basic conversation prompts.

5. TeamSmart AI

Link: TeamSmart AI 

TeamSmart AI is a Chrome extension for chat gpt, used to help you with multiple aspects of life. It comes with multiple AI agents that will help you in different fields. Mark is one of the agents in this Chrome extension for chat gpt who will help you out with queries and other prompts. Rose is another AI agent who will help you in times of trouble when you need human advice. This AI agent will help you in different aspects of your life. TeamSmart AI is known for being a quick response and accurate AI, which is why it is popular among users. 

6. TalkBerry

Link: TalkBerry 

Typing prompts are usually quite time-consuming when you're using big sentences or lofty words. This is why TalkBerry is an extremely useful Chrome extension for chat gpt. All you have to do is plug in your headset with a mic and just say your prompt out loud. This chat gpt extension for Chrome will type your prompt in the box for you. This Chrome extension for chat gpt is quite useful when learning new languages, as it can act as your language tutor and even teach you pronunciation and language comprehension techniques. 

7. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Link: YouTube Summary  

One always faces issues in finding the perfect video on YouTube when one needs information. Browsing through multiple videos and still not getting the information you want? Don't worry, Glasp has come up with a Chrome extension for chat gpt, which will help you summarise the video's content, making it easier to find relevant information. This chat gpt extension for Chrome will also provide you with the transcript and help you get the required information from multiple videos. The dialogue box comes on the side with the transcript. However, YouTube already provides the transcripts. All you need to do is put in your prompt, and this AI tool will help you summarise the content. This chat gpt extension for Chrome is used by many, and it saves a lot of time for individuals. 

8. Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

Link: Promptheus

We all love having AI in our pockets, and we use it quite often. May it be saying, "Siri, call Mom on speaker or telling Alexa to play that popular song by Maroon 5. We all use AI on a regular basis. When it comes to our desktops and laptops, there aren't many options. This is where Promptheus comes into the picture. This chat gpt extension for Chrome stays on the top right corner of your window, and accessing it is quite easy. All you need to do is long press your space bar and speak out your prompt. Promptheus quickly puts it in ChatGPT for you and runs a search, providing you with multiple options and answers. 

9. tweetGPT

Link: tweetGPT 

We all love sharing our thoughts and views on social media. Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms for this, where one can post about anything in just a small amount of words. TweetGPT is one of the most popular chat gpt extensions for Chrome used by many when creating tweets. Often, people need to copy and paste their tweets in the chatGPT prompt box and then get a proper text. TweetGPT saves this for you where it is directly integrated into Twitter, and when you are typing your tweet, this AI tool gives you options like funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, and even hillbilly. You can easily choose between them and have the perfect tweet in just a few sentences. 

10. Talk-to-ChatGPT

Link: Talk-to-ChatGPT 

It feels quite monotonous when you're the only one talking to a screen, and it doesn't feel quite conversational. In Promptheus, you can use your mic to type with the help of chatGPT, but in this chat gpt extension for Chrome, ChatGPT talks back to you. It feels quite conversational, and one can easily have a normal conversation with this AI bot. You can use multiple voices, even robotic or human voices. 

11. Merlin 

Link: Merlin

Merlin is a Chrome extension for ChatGPT. This web chatGPT extension works across your browser. All you need to do is press ctrl + M, and this chatGPT chrome extension is turned on. You can access this extension from YouTube or Gmail. This is why Merlin is also called one of the best Chat GPT extensions for Chrome. Merlin is a free Chrome extension for chatGPT and can help you summarise YouTube videos. Merlin can also help you make engaging posts for LinkedIn or Instagram.  

12: FancyGPT

Link: FancyGPT

FancyGPT is a Chrome extension for ChatGPT that helps you beautify and modify your ChatGPT conversations. You can have any sort of conversation with ChatGPT, and this web ChatGPT extension helps you modify and make it look better with many elements. All you have to do is press the export button on ChatGPT, and this bot will take you to another page later. You can also export the whole chat and add it to images or videos. 

13: Open AI GPT-3 for G-mail 

Link: Open AI GPT-3 for G-mail 

As there are many Chrome extensions for chatGPT, Open AI GPT-3 for G-Mail stands out from them. This extension works seamlessly with Gmail and helps you draft any sort of email. May it be composing a formal Email or may it be writing to a friend, this Chrome extension for ChatGPT can do it all for you. 

14. ChatGPT to Notion 

Link: ChatGPT to Notion 

Everyone loves using Notion, and sometimes we just want to share our findings with everyone on Notion. This is why we can use ChatGPT to Notion. This chatGPT extension on Chrome will help you export all your conversations on Notion. Then, you can use them as private notes or even share it with your friends or your team. All you need to do is press the pin icon, and this will make a new sheet on Notion for you. 

15: Youtube Digest

Link: Youtube Digest

Youtube Digest is one of the best web chatGPT extensions you can use to summarise and make bullet points of your YouTube videos. You can even frame your YouTube summary  into articles and paragraphs. Sometimes, we need to put captions for foreign languages with videos. Don’t worry about this one. This Chrome extension for ChatGPT will help you translate those videos, too. 

AI tools that can be quite useful for users and can help us in multiple ways. It is always recommended that you cross-verify your information with relevant sources and other sources. These are the top 10 best Chrome extensions for chat gpt, and you can use them to your benefit. These extensions enable users to use chat gpt on Chrome and can aid us in many ways. 

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