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15 ChatGPT Limitations That You Need to Know!

Uploaded on
May 15, 2023
Last updated on
Feb 12, 2024
Uploaded on
May 15, 2023
Last updated on
Feb 12, 2024
ChatGPT limitations
Why Can't AI Take Over The World?

The answer to most of your doubts lies in the famous internet! But sometimes, it can get a bit annoying when the coveted answer doesn't come up sprightly, and you have to sit and browse through nothing at all; that is where many use ChatGPT, an open-source AI that has taken the world by storm! The answer to most of your questions and problems! Need an essay about world hunger? It will present you with a thesis on world hunger when used with the correct prompts! Although ChatGPT as a boon does have its set of curses as well. An AI can never impart 100% accurate results. To understand ChatGPT better, one needs to first learn about the ChatGPT limitations. Hence, we will discuss the limitations, risks, and potential of ChatGPT in this blog!

What Is The Potential Of ChatGPT?

Open AI introduced ChatGPT in 2019; this pre-trained AI has significantly changed things since then. It is not limited to answering questions but also providing statistical data and conversations. It also has a lot of potential for creative and cool things. Apart from the limitations of ChatGPT, here are the potentials of ChatGPT;

1. It has influenced the educational sector widely. It helps curtail long articles to enrich texts and answer questions about any field.

2. It can help by giving well-written scenarios for picture production AIs.

3. It widely helps in content formation. It can deliver the efficiency of ten articles into one within seconds, saving a lot of research time.

4. It can help in SQL Queries, summarise texts, teach, write like humans, scan images, generate ideas for content, etc.

5. There are plenty of Google Chrome extensions for ChatGPT to help with various things, like writing emails, summarising YouTube videos, and more!

What Are Some Limitations Of ChatGPT?

Limitations of ChatGPT

There are many problems that ChatGPT can solve, but there are a few cases where it becomes the problem itself. The limits of ChatGPT are a few but are still very annoying to many, so what is the wait? Let's get down to listing the ChatGPT limitations. Understanding the issues with ChatGPT also constitutes understanding ChatGPT better, so let’s dive in!

1. Lack of Common Sense

Almost-sounding humans do not qualify as humans, and humans have common sense, which is one of the major limitations of ChatGPT. The biggest drawback of this AI is that it lacks common sense, our human background, which sometimes provides us with inaccurate and false information, making it a major ChatGPT limitation! 

2. No Access To The Internet

Another one of ChatGPT limitations includes access to the internet. This drawback is among the most major ones as the AI cannot provide real-time information like the current currency rate to another. It provides data from previous years as it doesn't have access to the net! This limit of ChatGPT can be annoying for many since finding real-time information using ChatGPT is almost useless. This is because this AI is a language processing tool, not a search engine like Google and Bing; this is among the biggest limitations of ChatGPT!

3. Limited Knowledge

One of the ChatGPT limitations is that the AI does have limited knowledge. This ties in with the abovementioned point about its access to the internet since it can only pull information from the internet and not provide current information. It might have a huge reservoir of information but not as much as humans, and sometimes you might notice that ChatGPT cannot provide you with a few answers since that answer is not in its tank of information! Making it one of the prominent ChatGPT limitations.

4. Not A Multi-Tasker

A fairly known ChatGPT limitation is that it can't multitask and perform tasks like calculations and writing an essay simultaneously or in a row. This means that when you make multiple requests together, the AI cannot process them! You might have noticed this while using the AI itself, and this is one of the limits of ChatGPT that needs to be resolved since it is one of the most powerful open-source AIs ever made. 

5. Lacks Creativity

Lack of creativity is one of the ChatGPT limitations (ChatGPT itself agrees that this is a drawback!). It might creatively answer your questions, but these creative ways are limited to the ones it has trained on, and it will have problems coming up with creative responses, making it an annoying limitation of ChatGPT! 

6. Lack Of In-Depth Information

The lack of in-depth information is a limit of ChatGPT that you might have noticed when using it! When you ask for a detailed answer, all you get is a summary; sometimes, even these summaries can have the wrong information, making it an annoying limitation of ChatGPT for everyone!

7. Faces Difficulty With Specialised Topics

ChatGPT has a vast library of knowledge and almost everything you need, but there is a major limit to ChatGPT regarding such vast knowledge. This AI faces issues regarding rare or specialised topics that don't have proper online data from which it has trained! This can lead to you getting some useless answers. This is another ChatGPT limitation that can be fixed when it gets access to the internet!

8. Biased Answers

The text data that ChatGPT has trained on can cause a slight problem since some data can contain biases and prejudices, which can affect the answer and make the AI provide answers with biases or discriminatory answers unknowingly since it is not human! This is among the worst ChatGPT 4 limitations since these answers can hurt someone emotionally, making it one of the biggest limitations of ChatGPT.

9. Cannot Understand The Context

One of the ChatGPT limitations is its issues with understanding context. It faces issues in understanding the context of many humans, like humour and sarcasm. If you add sarcasm to your query, ChatGPT might not understand it and give you a different answer altogether.

10. Cannot Express Emotions

One of the obvious ChatGPT 4 limitations is that this open-source AI model cannot express emotions! Since it is a computer, it cannot express emotions like humans; the AI will provide you with answers, but there won't be emotions behind the answers. If you ask it to write a short poem, you will get a poem, but it will be a poem without the feel and emotions of a poet. So, it is safe to say that AI lacks emotional intelligence and thus cannot respond properly to complicated emotional experiences or situations.

11. Cannot Fix Complex Mathematical Problems

No matter how cool ChatGPT is with helping you solve mathematical problems, it faces glaring issues. One of the major limits of ChatGPT that not many know of is that this AI cannot accurately compute complex mathematical problems. The chatbot can easily do your simple maths but provide it with multiple maths operations, which will be its end. It will either take too long to deliver or give you the wrong answer. Making one of the ChatGPT4 limitations one might not know.

12. A Need For Fine-Tuning

One of the major ChatGPT limitations is that you must fine-tune the AI model for some very specific cases when using it. Fine-tuning means training the model with a set of data to get the desired results and optimise it for the future. One thing to note is that fine-tuning can be very annoying and time-consuming. Making one of the ChatGPT4 limitations that many find infuriating.

13. Grammatical Errors and Typos

Another ChatGPT limitation is that although the AI model's responses might be technically correct, they might not be completely accurate in context or relevance. When processing complex or specialised information, where precision and accuracy are crucial, this limitation of ChatGPT can be especially difficult.

14. Low-End System = Decreased Accuracy

You might know of this limit of ChatGPT since this was a minor thing that not many noticed, but it does have a huge impact! Running ChatGPT requires a lot of computational power, especially to receive the correct answers! But if you have a slow PC or a low-end system, you probably receive your answers slowly, wrong answers, there is a decrease in accuracy and more. (You probably thought of it being an internet issue, but it is a limitation of ChatGPT!)

15. Doesn't Complete Responses

By far, this is the most annoying limitation of ChatGPT! When you ask for it to write a long-form article, it starts writing, and when you think it will finish writing the entire thing, you find out that it has stopped generating the response in the middle and shows you a button to continue generation! Imagine you go AFK hoping you will get your article in 5 minutes just to find out that only 1/3rd has been written, and it stopped! Many users have faced This limit of ChatGPT when using the AI!

What Are The Risks Of ChatGPT?

The above-discussed ChatGPT 4 limitations are something users should know they often come across as risks, too. ChatGPT risks can hamper one's career, too. Below are a few ChatGPT risks one should be acquainted with;

1. Danger of Increased Cybercrime: Cybercriminals often use ChatGPT to develop ideations for malicious tools.

2. Lack of Confidentiality: One of the major ChatGPT risks is that many employees tend to expose company confidential information to the AI, and in return, ChatGPT learns that information and may spill the beans to someone who demands to know it.

3. Potential Misguidance: ChatGPT possesses the skill of teaching. Users may take advantage of this skill and learn the wrong practices.Today, we know ChatGPT has undergone several updates and up-levelled to 4 versions to be more efficient in delivering the output.

These were a few of the potential limitations and risks of ChatGPT that you need. It is safe to say that there is still time for AI to take over the world, and we can live in a world of peace and get help from AI! There are also many other AI tools for students, like Bard and Chatsonic. By the way, did you know that Bard is considered the biggest rival of ChatGPT? Many are dubbing this rivalry as ChatGPT vs. BARD!

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15 ChatGPT Limitations That You Need to Know!
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