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10 Best Healthcare Apps For Students In 2023
6 min read

10 Best Healthcare Apps For Students In 2023

6 min read
Uploaded on
Dec 16, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 29, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 16, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 29, 2023
doctor with a stethoscope and mobile thinking about medical apps
Care for yourself the modern way!

Healthcare apps assist people in staying on top of their health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, mental health, etc. Over the years, technology has enabled consumers to become more involved in their healthcare decisions, and nowhere is this more evident than with apps. Both Apple App Store and Google Play app store each have nearly 50,000 available healthcare apps, and user adoption of healthcare apps has grown significantly. 

What are healthcare apps? 

Healthcare apps are designed for remote health monitoring and virtual doctor visits via mobile devices, making them convenient for busy individuals who prefer to minimise in-person visits. These apps cater to both students and adults, providing an efficient way to prioritise health and stay informed. With healthcare apps, location is no longer a barrier, and patients can conveniently handle payments with a few taps. The apps offer access to various specialists, complete with customer testimonials for informed choices.

Technological advances have revolutionised healthcare, offering various digital tools like telemedicine, wearables, health information systems, and mobile apps to manage health effectively. Embracing this digital revolution opens up exciting possibilities for improving health outcomes and enjoying its convenience. Let's leverage these technologies to enhance our well-being and embrace the future of healthcare!

Benefits of Healthcare Apps for Students

Digital health offers invaluable benefits, such as personalised health monitoring, easy access to medical information, and virtual consultations. Integrating healthcare mobile apps into students' lives empowers them to take charge of their well-being effortlessly. Key advantages include:

1. Enhanced Patient-Doctor Relationships

Digital health portals enable instant communication with clinicians, providing real-time updates and video consultations, fostering deeper connections.

2. Improved Information Access

Patients can actively manage their health, access disease prevention, treatment, and occupational therapy information, making better-informed decisions.

3. Lifestyle Changes

Vast knowledge through digital health leads to lifestyle changes, benefiting those at risk of common ailments like diabetes and promoting recovery through occupational and physical therapy. Additionally, healthcare apps help students save money, supporting their financial management.

4. Fitness Tracking

Healthcare apps with fitness tracking features not only allow students to set fitness goals but also provide detailed insights into their progress. These apps can monitor various fitness metrics, such as steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and heart rate during workouts.

5. Personalised Recommendations

Advanced healthcare apps leverage data analytics and machine learning algorithms to offer highly personalised health recommendations. By analysing the user's lifestyle habits, medical history, and health goals, these apps can suggest customised diet plans, exercise routines, and wellness practices. 

10 Best Healthcare Apps

With so many healthcare apps, sorting out the good from the bad is difficult. The 10 best healthcare apps on our list are time-tested and have solid reputations built on hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews. When you have an app helping you to organise your medications, meditation apps for students to meditate, keep track of your diabetes, apps for better mental health, and so much more, it genuinely empowers you to take better care of yourself. Consider how each app can help you learn more about your health while providing the data tracking you require for a meaningful conversation with your doctor. Here are our top picks for the best healthcare apps on the market.

1. Teladoc 

Rating - 4.7/5
- "I will be using Teladoc in the future. It saved me SO much time & hassle. The entire process was simple & quick - from the initial registration to getting an rx from the MD. I don't have to miss work or amend my schedule. I can call Teladoc anytime from anywhere. It was a stress-relieving experience, for sure."

Teladoc offers a comprehensive range of high-quality healthcare services, spanning virtual primary care, everyday care, mental health, nutrition, dermatology, and expert medical advice, all accessible through phone, online, or the app. While several healthcare mobile apps facilitate doctor visits at your convenience, finding specialised professionals to address specific medical conditions can be challenging. Teladoc addresses this issue by providing 24/7 access to certified doctors and surgeons, including specialists like neurologists and radiologists, ensuring that consumers are connected with the appropriate healthcare expert. Scheduling an appointment is a breeze, typically completed within 24 hours and conducted through secure video calls on the web platform. The pricing is determined by various factors and is transparently established by the company.

Pros:  Teladoc can increase access to healthcare for people who live in remote or rural areas or have difficulty travelling to a doctor's office. With telemedicine, patients can receive medical care and consultations through video conferencing or remote monitoring without physically visiting a healthcare facility. 
It can be tough for users to determine whether they can afford Teladoc's mental health and dermatology services before signing up because pricing for these services is only visible to customers who have registered for an account with the service.

2. mySugr - Diabetes Tracker Log 

Rating - 4.7/5
- “Easy to use and share data with health practitioners. Challenges keep you motivated to exercise. Helped me think about what raises and lowers my blood sugars. The extra icons which you can attach to blood sugar readings such as whether you had a headache at that time or you just did sport etc. are really helpful.

The slogan of one of the top-notch healthcare apps for diabetes is "enhancing the diabetes experience!" MySugr empowers patients to monitor their blood sugar, carbohydrates, bolus, and projected HbA1c conveniently, consolidating all essential data in a single platform. By diligently logging their information on a daily basis, users gain invaluable insights into their condition, fostering a deeper understanding of their health. Moreover, healthcare professionals can access the data to provide more informed and personalised patient treatment. This simple programme offers users motivating challenges and feedback to manage Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. With one app, you'll have the following:

  • Personalised dashboard for easy tracking.
  • Insulin/Bolus calculator for precise dosing (PRO feature).
  • Clear blood sugar level graphs.
  • Instant Estimated HbA1c.
  • Shareable reports for doctors.
  • Secure data backup (compliant & safe).

Pros: mySugr provides personalised insights based on the user's data, which can help users understand how their blood sugar levels are affected by their daily activities and make more informed decisions. 
The free version of mySugr has limited features, and users need to pay for a subscription to access all the features, such as insulin tracking and personalised reports. This cost may make it inaccessible for some users who may not have the financial resources to pay for a subscription.

3. Doctor on Demand

Rating - 4.8/5
- “Just would like to say thank you to Dr. Kerry Eley MD. She resolved my illness after 2 other doctors couldn't. I highly recommend her with your health illness very professional answers your questions and and listens to what your health issues are.

Included Health's Doctor On Demand service is accessible with or without health insurance, and it offers reduced rates through major health plans and large employers. You'll always know the cost upfront, ensuring no surprise bills after your visit. The platform provides access to doctors who can address non-emergency medical concerns, including cold and flu symptoms, urinary tract infections, allergies, sports injuries, back pain, heartburn, and various pediatric issues. Moreover, Doctor On Demand offers a confidential space for video consultations with psychologists or psychiatrists. Choose from a group of diverse therapists and work with them to address your needs from the comfort and privacy of your home. Doctor on Demand is one of the top medical apps for patients. 

Pros: Doctor on Demand provides convenient access to medical professionals without the need to leave home. This can be particularly useful for individuals with mobility or transportation issues and those who live in remote areas or have difficulty taking time off work to visit a doctor.
Doctor on Demand may not be able to provide the same level of physical examination or diagnostic testing that a face-to-face visit with a doctor can offer. While the app's medical professionals can provide a virtual examination, they may not be able to physically assess a patient or perform certain diagnostic tests, which may limit the accuracy of the diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

4. Anytime Fitness

Rating - 4/5 
- “The Anytime Fitness staff has been incredibly friendly and supportive. Plans for my workouts have been developed so I can accomplish my goals. I was guided through each exercise routine to make sure I understood how to use the equipment safely and that, when using free weights, I was adopting the proper stances.

Anytime Fitness UK  provides students with easy access to health and fitness resources. Users can find nearby Anytime Fitness locations, view class schedules, and even book sessions directly through the app. What sets it apart is its integration of wellness tips, nutrition guidance, and mental health resources. It serves as an all-in-one solution for students striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst their busy academic schedules. This app offers a unique blend of fitness and well-being features, making it a valuable addition to any student's life.

Pros: The Anytime Fitness UK app offers students convenient access to fitness facilities and classes. It also provides comprehensive wellness and nutritional guidance, along with valuable mental health resources.
Cons: It has limited coverage in some areas, and certain features may require a premium subscription.

5. Medical ID

Rating - 4.7/5
- "Easy to access, use, install--and it's FREE! Properly set up, your emergency contact and vital medical info is always visible/available on your smartphones home screen, even if the phone/screen is locked. That's especially important if you're unconscious or unable to communicate with first responders. Everyone should have this app or an equivalent on their phones."

With Medical ID, you have the power to create medical profiles accessible from your lock screen. In times of emergency, these profiles offer instant access to crucial information like allergies, blood type, medical contacts, and other vital details essential for first responders, medics, or medical personnel who need to intervene. Even when the app is closed, you can share your location with emergency contacts for up to 24 hours or until you decide to stop sharing. This feature allows medics and emergency personnel to quickly view the essentials at a glance before providing treatment.

Pros: Medical ID apps provide critical medical information to first responders and medical professionals in emergencies, helping them make informed decisions about treatment and care.
Medical ID apps risk privacy and security breaches due to the sensitive medical information they contain. Unauthorised access could lead to identity theft or fraud if not properly secured.

6. Medisafe Pill Minder

Rating - 3.8/5
- "Simple to use and with medication information and reminder notifications."

Medisafe Pill Minder and Tracker have garnered acclaim from users as one of the top healthcare apps, providing seamless medication management. Compatible with both Android and iOS, this app includes features for doctor visit management and appointment reminders. Additionally, it integrates health monitoring devices. For an ad-free experience with extra notification sounds and measurement tools, users have the option to upgrade for a nominal fee. Medisafe excels in handling medications for various complex health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It also serves as a valuable companion for organising vitamins, blood pressure meds, glucose level tracking, period tracking, and addressing other health concerns.

Pros: The app helps individuals manage their medications more effectively by providing reminders and tracking adherence.
There is a risk of over-reliance on technology, and technical issues could potentially interfere with the app's effectiveness. Using the app in conjunction with other strategies for managing medication is important.

7. Flo Period Tracker & Calendar

Rating - 3.1/5
- "PMS sucks, and these are the secret…"

Flo is a women's healthcare app designed to be uniquely tailored and relevant to you, regardless of age or reproductive goals. Powered by AI, Flo offers precise cycle tracking, fertility insights, and pregnancy support. It is your comprehensive companion for all things related to female health and well-being. With Flo, you can effortlessly monitor your fertile window, period start and length, peak ovulation days, PMS symptoms, flow intensity, and birth control. It's the ultimate one-stop solution to manage your female health journey with ease. For students, managing stress can be essential, and Flo acknowledges this by providing support during periods that may coincide and add to stress levels. Moreover, for expecting mothers, Flo ensures you can track your baby's progress on a weekly basis throughout pregnancy.

Here are the key features of the app:

  • Cycle & Period Tracker
  • Ovulation Calculator & Pregnancy Calendar
  • Lifestyle & Fitness Tracker
  • Reminders
  • Health Report & Assistant
  • Secret Chat

Pros: The Flo Period Tracker & Calendar app can help individuals track their menstrual cycle and provide insights into their reproductive health.
The app collects sensitive data about an individual's reproductive health, and there is a risk of the data being compromised if the app is not properly secured.

8. Better Help

Rating - 4.5/5
- “Therapy can be started and continued online or over the phone with BetterHelp. The free courses are a nice bonus to the well-designed, user-friendly online platform. Anyone who believes they could use the assistance or is going through a particularly difficult moment should definitely check it out, in my opinion.”

BetterHelp simplifies access to mental health care, providing a wide range of therapy options on demand. It includes a matching algorithm to pair students with suitable therapists, ensuring personalised support. The app also boasts a journal feature for tracking progress and a library of self-help articles and worksheets. With its user-friendly interface, it's a vital tool for students facing the pressures of academics and life.  It's a lifeline for those seeking mental health support, offering therapy sessions with licensed professionals through secure messaging, video calls, or phone calls.

Pros: The BetterHelp app has a personalised matchmaking system that enhances the effectiveness of therapy sessions, while the inclusion of journaling tools and a rich library of self-help resources empowers users to manage their mental well-being actively.
BetterHelp exclusively offers online therapy and does not facilitate in-person sessions, limiting options for those who prefer face-to-face counselling.

9. Sleep Cycle

Rating - 4.4/5
- “Reliable, User-Friendly, Absolutely Fantastic

Sleep Cycle is a healthcare app that keeps track of your sleeping patterns and aids in better sleep at night. With the help of your phone's sensor, this app monitors your movements and provides information on the quality of your sleep. The app also provides complete sleep statistics, including the duration of each sleep cycle. To help you feel more refreshed in the morning, the Sleep Cycle can also wake you up during a light sleep phase. It offers a choice of calming sounds to promote better sleep and may be used with other health and exercise programmes.

Pros: Enhances academic performance, stress reduction, improved physical health, fosters creativity and problem-solving, and promotes better mood regulation.
: Not a substitute for addressing underlying sleep disorders, may not solve time management issues, and excessive use of smartphones could still disrupt sleep patterns.

10. Lexicomp

Rating - 3.3/5
- “Update. Excellent information but poor design.”

Lexicomp is a handy healthcare app providing healthcare professionals with up-to-date drug information and clinical content. What's great about it is that it's easy to use. You can find information on drugs. The dosage, side effects, dealings, and contraindications. It's regularly updated with the latest information, so you can trust that you're getting the most recent data. The healthcare app includes helpful tools like calculators and patient education materials to make your job easier. Overall, it's a fantastic resource for anyone working in healthcare.

Pros: Comprehensive drug information at your fingertips, quick access during emergencies or clinical settings, evidence-based guidelines for informed decision-making, and a valuable healthcare app for students.
Requires a subscription for full features, potential reliance on technology, users should cross-reference with other reputable sources to avoid errors.

In a time when consumers are empowered to control their care, having a mobile presence may help healthcare providers flourish. Clinical proof of healthcare apps' effectiveness in the healthcare industry in bettering patient outcomes and cost reductions has significantly increased. Not to mention that healthcare apps have demonstrated therapeutic advantages for various illnesses. We hope you stay healthy and don't need to use these apps, but in case you do, you can always come back and refer to download the best healthcare apps for students.

Take charge of your well-being and explore the wide range of healthcare apps available to support your health journey. For comprehensive student well-being services and support, check out reliable student services. Your health and well-being matter!

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