Best law Schools in Australia
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Best law Schools in Australia

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Sep 15, 2022
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Sep 15, 2022
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Mar 10, 2023
Best law schools in Australia
Lawyer Up Your Game!

Why Better Call Saul when you can be Saul? Law opens the doors for both prestige and money. You chose the Aussie sun to light the path of becoming a lawyer for you, and now you’re researching top law schools in Australia. We’re here to help you delete all those unnecessary extra tabs. 

We have curated a blog list for you about Best Law Schools in Australia. But before that, let us see why to start your law journey from Australia.

Why choose a law school in Australia?

Australia's welcoming and vibrant culture attract international students to fly in for higher education. The country has law universities which rank top globally. Law schools in Australia will provide you with academic knowledge and the strategic and logical reasoning skills required to become a lawyer. Australia allows students to select their core classes from a wide range of electives. 

Some Australian Law schools also fall in the top 50 QS world ranking. Now that you are fully convinced about going to a law school in Australia, let us see the requirement checklist about the requirements for admission to Law Universities in Australia.

What are the requirements for admission to Law Schools in Australia?

Undergraduate degree 

  • Students must complete the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent qualification. 
  • Required marks in the prerequisite subjects for your degree.
  • Minimum ATAR or the equivalent.
  • Meet the English language requirement.

Postgraduate Degree

  • You have completed and earned a Bachelor of Laws Degree or equivalent.
  • You have been awarded a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.
  • The student must have a Law degree (LLB, JD or any equivalent) that allows for practice entry or at honours level or equivalent.
  •  A Law degree (LLB, JD or equivalent) that allows for practice entry; two years of verified relevant professional experience.
  •  TOEFL:- at least 79/ 120 or IELTS- 6.5/9

These are the basic requirements for any law school in Australia. There might be specific requirements that a particular university might need. Now that we know the eligibility criteria, let us jump right into the list of best law schools right away.

The University of Melbourne (Melbourne Law School)

Melbourne law school, also known as MLS, is the oldest law school in Australia. It grants J.D., LL.M., PhD, and LL.D degrees. The graduates benefit the world by becoming well-rounded, thoughtful and skilful professionals. The innovative curriculum of the university has created a range of undergraduate degrees that enable both in-depth specialised knowledge and academic breadth. 

MLS boasts a strong employment rate and has many notable alumni, including 4 Prime Ministers of Australia, three Governors- General, etc. With partner programmes with several of the top legal schools in the world, MLS provides courses taught in New York City, Washington, D.C., Delhi, Shanghai, and Geneva.

  • QS ranking: 12
  • Notable alumni: Judge of the International Court of Justice, Justice of the High Court Australia, president of the Australian Human Rights Commission.
  • Application fees: International students need to pay an application fee of AU$ 100. There are no application fees applicable for a domestic applicant.
  • Fees for the courses:  The fees of a 1-year Bachelor of Arts in Criminology is AU$37,500, 1 year for a Master of Laws in The University of Melbourne is AU$ 46,000, of 1 year for Juris Doctor is AU$ 42,500. 
  • Scholarships provided- 

Marie Sktodowska- Curie Actions
Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

Graduate Research Scholarships

You can check all the scholarships provided by the university here.

The University of Sydney Law School

Established in 1855, The University of Sydney Law School is Australia’s oldest university. It is also regarded as one of the best Law Schools in Australia. Students are attracted to this university because of its reputation, international rankings, distinguished alumni, law degrees and scholarships.

An elite group of law schools, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Peking, and Tsinghua, is a part of Sydney Law School. These global connections offer excellent chances to travel abroad and gain experience. The students are exposed to globally recognised legal educators and highly regarded professional practitioners.

  • QS ranking: 16 (by subject)
  • Notable alumni: Prime Minister of Australia, Chief Justices of the High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of New South Wales.
  • Application fees: AU$150
  • Fees for the courses: The fee for 1 year for an Undergraduate degree are AU$49,500, for Postgraduate coursework is AU$ 54,000, and for Postgraduate research is AU$ 51,000.
  • Scholarships provided: This university provides several law scholarships for domestic and international students. You can find all the details about these scholarships here. Some of the scholarships are enlisted below:

Charles Herbert Currey Memorial Scholarship for Honours
Pitt Cobbett Scholarship

Ivan Roberts Scholarship

The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

UNSW allows you to pursue a double degree as a part of your undergraduate law. The university helps you build your core skills by challenging yourself through interaction and debate. You will have the chance to learn more about the aspects of the legal system that most interest you through seven law electives. 

UNSW also provides their students with an overseas student exchange programme at one of UNSW’s more than 300 exchange hosts in 38 different nations. Such exposure can prove to be very beneficial for your career.

  • QS ranking: 43
  • Notable alumni: Federal court judges, NSW Supreme Court judges.
  • Application fees: AU$125
  • Fees for the courses:  The fee of 1 year for an undergraduate degree is AU$12,940, and for a master's degree is AU$ 46,000 
  • Scholarships provided: 

Academic Achievement Award 
Australia’s Global Award

UNSW Global Academic Award

You can check out all the other scholarships provided and details here

The Australian National University

The Australian National University is located in the capital of Australia, Canberra. ANU was established in 1960. The law programme emphasises the development of a broad skill set in independent research, analysis, and critical thinking because Honours is "baked in" from the start. 

ANU Law makes dealing with your conflict-conflict approach to two programmes or subjects easy. ANU LLB Hons offers a flexible double degree, too. Why choose when you can do both?

The students in this university are flooded with various opportunities to gain hands-on experience through field trips, mooting competitions etc.

  • QS ranking: 29, 17th (by subject)
  • Notable alumni: Supreme Court Judges, Law Professors, and 23rd Prime minister of Australia. 
  • Application fees: AU$ 150
  • Fees for the courses: The fee of 1 year for an undergraduate degree is AU$45,900, and for a master's degree is AU$ 48,500
  • Scholarships provided:

ANU College of Law International Merit Scholarship
ANU College of Law International Pathway Scholarship

ANU College of Law International Partners Scholarship

Monash University

Live the lawyer life while earning degree credits. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? This is possible at Monash University. The only law school in Australia that promises legal experience is Monash Law. Work on actual cases with real clients while being supervised by expert attorneys.

Monash University will bestow you with a degree recognised by the Council of Legal Education.

Numerous electives in specialised law are available, including ‘Negotiation and conflict Resolution’, ‘Media law’, and ‘ Animal Law’. The spectrum is broad for you at Monash University.

  • QS rank:  57
  • Notable alumni:  Former Treasurer of Australia, Judges of Supreme Court of Victoria, Federal Court of Australia, and many more.
  • Application fees: AU$ 100
  • Fees for the courses: The fee of 1 year for an undergraduate degree is AU$42,100, and for a master's degree is AU$ 48,500
  • Scholarships provided:

Research Training Program Scholarship
Monash- Museums Victoria Scholarship

Monash Graduate Scholarship

You can click here for more information regarding student financial aid.

The University of Queensland 

Welcome to the Pro Bono Centre of The University of Queensland Law School. Pro Bono cases can be a work of a noble. Once you complete at least full-time 1-year law, you become eligible to apply for pro bono cases and work for the community.

The UQ Law school is the sixth oldest law school in Australia and is currently the most- cited law school. LLM, MICLaw, MICLaw/MCom, MIL, MIR/MIL, MPhil, and PhD degrees are available through UQ Law.

  • QS rank: 57
  • Notable alumni: 6 Australian High Court Justices.
  • Application fees: AU$ 150
  • Fees for the courses: The fee of 1 year for an undergraduate degree is AU$45,968, and for a master's degree is AU$ 42,500
  • Scholarships provided:

BJ.M. Donnelly Scholarship
Law Scholarships for International Students- Undergraduate

Global Leaders Scholarship

You can check more information about scholarships and student prizes here.

The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is the amalgamation of tradition and innovation. The university is the fifth-oldest law school in the country and has a proud tradition of excellence. You are exposed to innovative programmes and teaching methods to inculcate knowledge with practical exposure. 

Get ready to fight the crime world with their Criminology as one of the majors offered at the university.

  • QS ranking: 90
  • Notable alumni: Bob Hawke (Prime Minister of Australia), H.C. Coombs (Governer of the Reserve Bank)
  • Application fees: AU$ 100
  • Fees for the courses: The fee of 1 year for a postgraduate Juris Doctor is AU$30,000, a master's degree is AU$ 40,000, and a bachelor's degree is AU$43,500
  • Scholarships provided:

Australian Development Scholarships

Churchill Fellowships

Forest Research Foundation Scholarships

You can view the complete list of scholarships here.

The University of Adelaide

Adelaide Law School is a university emphasising academia and student life. ALS has excellent research units in International Affairs, Government and Citizenship, and much more. 

The Law Students’ Society at Adelaide University strives to improve student life in the school. You can participate in various club activities and be a part of the lively environment. Five free legal consultation services are offered by Adelaide Law School to the general public in South Australia by final year students.

ALS will help you build a strong foundation in your legal career through its well-established networks. 

  • QS ranking: 109
  • Notable alumni: James Crawford (International Court of Justice's judge), Christopher Pyne ( Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Application fees: AU$110
  • Fees for the courses: The fee of 1 year for an undergraduate degree is AU$ 43,500, and for a postgraduate degree is AU$45,000
  • Scholarships provided: 

Adelaide Access Scholarship
Adelaide Graduate Research School- Travel Grants

APR Internship Opportunities

You can check out all the other scholarships provided and details here.

Best law schools in Australia

We know Harvey Spectre is the best goddamn lawyer in the city, but you can be too! Hence, we have provided you with the best law schools in Australia to help you become the next Harvey Spectre. We hope that this blog helps you in your need.

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