12 Budget Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Dorm Room
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12 Budget Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Dorm Room

5 min
Uploaded on
May 3, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 26, 2023
Uploaded on
May 3, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 26, 2023
budget bedroom decor ideas
Bring your Pinterest boards to life!

After finally getting into your dream university and experiencing life away from home, it is time to bring all your Pinterest ideas to life! We know you have created around 100 boards visualising what your dream room would look like. It is time to work on it. However, budget bedroom decor ideas have limitations, and you don't want to break dorm rules. We have listed some budget bedroom decor ideas that are gender-neutral and more than just fairy lights!

Aesthetic Student Room Decor Ideas

1. Add lights

For lights, go for LED strips, neon lights or a string light around your posters or the full-sized mirror for your student room decor. Fairy lights are your thing, go for it; we suggest sunset lamps that give a dreamy look. Place it in one corner and see it lighten up your mundane dorm room.

2. Hidden storage

Hidden storage is where the clutter goes; you are closer to the student room decoration on a budget look. A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind, be realistic with your needs. It is essential to have breathing space when going for minimal room decor. Always look for tips to organise your room or make it look as clean as possible. 

3. Get plants

Use Recycled Pots if you can; got jam? Don't throw away the jar; use it as a vase or pot to keep your jewellery or succulents for a lively student room decor. Adding a few plants will add colour to your minimal student room decor, and it also has various health benefits, like making the air cleaner and helping you study effectively. Monstera, Spider Plant, Hedgehog Aloe Vera and ZZ Plant are all really easy to care for.

4. Add bedding

You can always add dimension by layering with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a decorative blanket; remember to choose colours pleasing to the eye. Skip the bright and choose cool, eye-pleasing colours for your minimal student room decor. We have heard of accent walls, but another way to amp up your dull student room is with pillows, and one accent pillow works wonders.

5. Add curtains

As we have certain limitations in a dorm room, try investing in curtains of different textures and patterns, such as lace and mix and match. Colours like sky blue, lilac, beige, and soft pink are ideal!

6. Invest in rugs

A tiny rug will completely change the look of your room. You can look for carpets in your nearest furniture store and neatly place them near your bed. Invest in a beige or cream-coloured rug to bring your vintage room decor together. You can also paint a rug to make your own personalised one; you will find many affordable rugs in thrift stores.

7. Add wall art

For the wall art,  get posters with fewer colours for a soft look. Either place it above your bed or your desk. You can also buy a rack where you can wall-hang necklaces, a dreamcatcher, a shawl, and a bohemian blanket, we do not want to annoy our landlords, so it is suggested to purchase hooks instead of nailing the walls before hanging anything. 

8. Add a headboard 

Keep your bedding simple with monochrome or linen with many elements around the room. A bedframe will complete the look, head to the nearest hardware store and get a plank of wood to decorate with lights, tapestry or anything you like.

9. Use washi tape

Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape that is removable and reusable, which will surely damage the walls and save your deposit! Use can use washi tapes for decorating photo frames or making wallpaper; go crazy with it!

10. Decorate your desk

Be it your side table or desk, dress it up! Display your perfume bottles, candle holders, mirror and jewellery. Either buy a jewellery box or a ceramic tray and make your table match your room by adding vinyl sheets that are easy to remove you can buy vinyl sheets online and stick them to your table.

11. Use a pinboard

Use pinboards to display your work assignments, pictures, quotes and postcards without damaging the wall. This is your chance to get out of the box and stick your notes on the pinboard, be it a timetable, a very complex diagram of your writings or notes. Get a pinboard that suits your style; there are many to choose from.

12. Invest in a mirror

Ensure to cross-check with your landlord if you can hang a mirror; if you cannot, buy a full-sized mirror. Since your room will be filled with posters, wall hangings and rugs, a full-size mirror will balance the space and make it look bigger. 

Find your aesthetics

Our room depicts our personality; everybody has a particular style or aesthetics they go for when decorating a room. If you still have not figured out what suits your style, we have listed down a few sections which deal with different aesthetics; find yours!

1. Minimal student room decor

Suppose you like a simple, clean, crisp and clutter-free approach to styling, whether your room or your outfits. You can experiment with this approach to room decor. It does not need much, so it's probably the easiest budget bedroom decor idea. Minimal room decor deals with a cohesive colour and empty space to create a sense of zen with areas for your eyes to rest.

2. Soft room decor

Soft Room Decor deals with a very soft, pastel and high-comfort environment. It represents a place for you to rest and get a mental break. A hint of pink and plush materials and organic objects will brighten your student room decor.

3. Grunge room decor

With grunge room decor, you achieve a classic look on a budget. If you like to mix and match, there are no limits, only the budget and your journey to find your aesthetic. Grunge room decor is a mix of rustic, ethnic and hippy feel. 

4. Dark academia room decor

If you like earthy tones with a touch of colour, you might want to go for dark academia aesthetics. You would want a home where you feel comfortable sitting down and letting go after dealing with exam stress.

5. Cottagecore room decor

In the digital world, do you still prefer letters and writing poems? Instead of watching a series, do you like reading a book? You might be a part of the cottagecore room decor aesthetic. Experiment with woody browns, floral pastels and sage green for this style.

6. Vintage room decor

To beat the loneliness of living abroad, you need to create a space where you feel welcomed. This style is self-explanatory. Vintage room decor experiments with furniture, fabrics, and colours that were popular decades ago and that sense of nostalgia can make you feel at home.

DIY hacks for bedroom decor

  1. Cord Holder - got a bunch of cords lying around the desk? For this DIY hack for the bedroom, do not throw away your toilet tissue rolls instead, use them to hold your cables in place neatly. You can paint the rolls or decorate them with washi tapes.
  2. Hanging pictures without nails - if lighter things like paper, poster boards and smaller frames, buy command strips and command hooks to hang heavy stuff like mirrors or racks for student room decor.
  3. Wall Art - add some colour to your wall by making your own tissue paper flowers. You need paint, scissors, and tissue paper, and get crafty!
  4. Wallpapers - but not for the walls; for this DIY hack for bedroom decor, you can redecorate your mirrors and picture frames according to your room's aesthetics.

We hope the budget bedroom decor ideas helped you find your aesthetic and envision your potential bedroom. Your student accommodation should be a room where you can rest after a long day studying and working n the new city, so get creative and make your home away from home!

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