10 Ways On How To Organise Your Room

10 Ways On How To Organise Your Room

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Nov 22, 2022
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Apr 4, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 22, 2022
Last updated on
Apr 4, 2023
10 Ways On How To Organise Your Room
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We all know how cramped dorm rooms are, and on top of that, you have to share them with at least one roommate! However, these tips on how to organise your room will improve your dorm storage and make the most of your space. Try our tried and true room organisation ideas to help your student stay organised in your dorm room! 

Room organisation Ideas

Your room has to be a place that is fun but makes sure it is functional. To make that happen, follow these tips on how to organise your room.

Rolling cart for a side table

Instead of enormous side tables, a good room organisation hack uses a rolling cart that makes an excellent bedside choice for dorm rooms of any size. The cart's shelves may contain a small fan, books, and an alarm clock, with space beneath for additional storage. You can also use this in the bathroom for extra towels and toilet paper. 

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Desk organisers

Using dorm desk organisers or trays to keep extra pens, pencils, notepads, rulers, and other objects neatly arranged is an excellent room organisation idea. Mason jars are a cheap and stylish solution if you don't have desk drawers to keep your writing equipment! Drawer dividers and organisers are always popular, but in college dorms, where drawers are multi-functional, walls are essential to segregate school supplies.

Hold your cords with binder clips

Did you know you can use binder clips for more than just keeping your documents together? To keep cables accessible and orderly, add a couple of binder clips to the side of your desk and the chargers through the loop. Because most dorm rooms don't have many outlets, getting several outlet converters that transform a double outlet into six is a good idea. These are not expensive, are quite helpful to have on hand, and are another great way to keep track of your cords.

Command Hooks for the rescue

In a college dorm room, Command Hooks or Mounts are essential! Because students are typically not permitted to use nails or anything permanent on the walls or in the closet, temporary hooks and mounts are necessary to make the area more customised and valuable. Ideal for displaying any lightweight framed photos, umbrella, or towel brought from home. Hang your backpack or purse with a heavy-duty Command Hook.

Make a charging station

Another excellent room organisation idea is to keep all of your electronics organised and in one accessible location. Many cords can make the station look messy, so you can use binder clips to keep it organised. You can also make the station look good by matching each charger to its respective smartphone with decorative washi tape. This hack not only prevents your charging cords from getting tangled, but it also adds style and colour!

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Bedroom Storage Ideas

Following these tips increases your dorm room's little-to-no space.

Increase under-the-bed storage

Utilising hidden storage space under your bed is a good room organisation idea. Many dorm room mattresses can be raised to accommodate storage bins, drawers, or boxes. You may even elevate the bed to accommodate a desk, dresser, or mattress underneath. Consider getting bed risers if your dorm room bed needs to adjust. If you're concerned that the space under your bed will appear cluttered, add a bed skirt to conceal your storage, and it looks pretty too!

Make use of the space above the bed

Looking for ways to maximise your floor space? You can try this room organisation idea of storing above your bed rather than under it. Add shelves to keep your things off the floor and out of the way! You can use above-the-bed storage to store your shoes and books or light it up to make it look less clobbered.

Use your vertical space

A tried and true room organisation idea; given the modest size of the standard dorm room, floor space is limited, so you must think vertically. The back of a door and available wall space are also excellent ways to store items vertically. Using slim hangers helps to save room in small closets. Another alternative is using vertical hangers, which allow several things to be hung on a single hanger.

Make use of your closet space

Another room organisation idea is to add a closet rod extender that allows you to add a second rod to your closet, which is ideal if you have short garments and don't have enough hanging space. Alternatively, utilise the space beneath your hanging goods to store shoes or a quick wash basket. Use lightweight felt hangers that take up as little space as possible. Alternatively, a hanging closet organiser can keep sweaters, pants, and shoes. Make room for a hamper and washing supplies such as detergent and dryer sheets.

Save dresser space by rolling clothes

This is called "file folding", which means folding the clothing "stand on end" in a line, one item after another, saving room in your dresser drawers. This innovative folding method allows you to store twice as many pants and shirts in a single drawer while preventing unsightly wrinkles!

Toiletry storage ideas

Get creative storing things if your dorm room has a bathroom. Small stacking bins are ideal for amenities such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, styling products, and prescriptions, and they fit well beneath sinks or in small cupboards. For additional bathroom storage, hang wire baskets or small baskets from cabinet doors.

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Room Organisation Tips

room organisation tips

1. Make it a daily habit to declutter your dorm room.
2. Add a wall organiser to add notes, to-do, essential papers, monthly calendars and more.
3. Leave your off-season clothes at home.
4. Loft your bed to free up the space underneath.
5. Add a multi-pocket organiser on the back of your doors, be it closet, bathroom or central doorway.
6. Recycle your shoe boxes as a tool kit, sewing kit or first aid box.
7. Buy a lightweight tray if you will be eating in bed.

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We hope you found this blog about how to organise your room. With these room organisation ideas, we hope you can keep your space organised so it is much easier to find the things you need. Now get organised!

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