30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

Uploaded on
Dec 6, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 6, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
Christmas gifts
It's beginning to look a lot like Gift-mas!

Surely, you’ve heard the bells jingling and noticed colourful lights lighting up the streets in the dark. Christmas is in the air, but the bubble of stress is keeping the festive spirit away from you as you realise you haven’t bought any gifts yet! We’ve got you covered with this long list of 30 Christmas gift ideas for students. 

DIY Christmas gift ideas for students

Nothing says holidays like handcrafted gifts! Not only are handmade gifts priceless, but they are also usually affordable and easy to make, making them a perfect fit for students’ budgets. 

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

1. Handmade cards

Sticking with a traditional gift idea this holiday season, you could make the recipient a personalised greeting card. This is easily one of the best DIY Christmas gifts one could get. 

2. Handwritten letter

If a greeting card is too small to contain what you wish to express, you can instead opt for a longer letter to pour your heart out into. Handwritten letters are lovely gifts that the recipient is sure to cherish. 

3. Reward Coupons

For a personal gift, you could create a small book of coupons that the recipient could use. The coupons could be for anything from a spontaneous movie night to free food that the recipient could redeem for a favour, no-questions-asked.

4. Photo Book

Trying to capture the moment? Maybe a book of cherished memories is what you are looking for. Simple to create, a photo book will keep the elf on the recipient’s shelf company. 


With just a pair of scissors and some stationery, you can achieve everything - or, well, at least, some great bookmarks. Perfect for bookworms, bookmarks make lovely gifts and can be christmas-themed or fit the recipient’s likes and dislikes. 

Holiday-specific Christmas gift ideas for students

To truly capture the festive spirit in your gifts, you might want to stick with something that sticks to the theme of Christmas. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for students that fit this category: 

Holiday-specific xmas gift ideas

6. Xmas ornaments

The Christmas tree holds the spotlight during the holiday season and decorating it is a much-anticipated bonding activity. With customised Christmas ornaments, you can make this time even more special and add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. 

7. Christmas collage

Easy to design and make, there’s nothing better than a photo collage except a Xmas-themed photo collage! If you plan on going the digital way, you’ll be happy to find several ready-made templates and elements that match the theme!

8. Advent calendars

The holidays last all month, and an advent calendar will let the recipient savour every bit of it. Spice it up by creating a custom advent calendar and adding a meaningful message or gift in each slot. 

9. Box of Christmas goodies

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a foodie? Put together a box filled to the brim with some popular Christmas treats and goodies such as minced pies, candy canes, and Christmas cake. Decorating the box to make it even more festive is the cherry (or star) on top!

10. Custom Christmas sweater

The festive spirit arrives on a chilly breeze that isn’t all that pleasant at times. To make sure the recipient stays warm throughout the winter, you could get them a Christmas sweater. Even better yet, knit it yourself, making it one-of-a-kind!

Fun Christmas gift ideas for students

There’s no rule declaring that Christmas gifts have to be holiday-themed. If you can’t think of anything Christmas-themed, don’t worry, you can opt for one of these fun Christmas gift ideas for students!

Fun Xmas Gift Ideas

11. Playing cards

Who isn’t a fan of card games? Replace the traditional back of the cards with a personalised design to make the gift more memorable. You could add some pictures or meaningful elements to the design. Why stick with regular playing cards? You could build your very own expansion deck of cards against humanity by swapping out a few words and phrases with inside jokes.

12. Board games

Another equally fun Christmas gift idea is board games, especially if they are young in age. Even if they aren’t, this is a great way to rekindle the recipient’s inner child! It also guarantees a night of fun and that the gift gets used straight away. 

13. Photo Puzzles

If the recipient is a fan of puzzles, getting a personalised puzzle is sure to be at the top of their Christmas wishlist. There are plenty of websites that make pulling this off simple. 

14. Scratch-off bucket list

If making memories is your goal for this Christmas, you could put together a list of festive things to do and join the recipient as they go about scratching items off the list throughout the season!

15. Quirky trinkets

A visit to the antique store could help you find a unique and quirky trinket to gift this Christmas! Your gift could become a permanent addition to the recipient’s home or collection. 

Useful Christmas gift ideas for students

Who said gifts are solely decorative? Pick a gift that the recipient can use throughout the year and not just during the holiday season. Here are a few of the top picks:

Useful Xmas gift ideas

16. Gift cards

If usefulness is your main concern when gifting someone, gift cards are your safest bet! This gives the recipient the power of choice since they can redeem your gift cards for whichever product they want, whenever they want. You can pick gift cards from general brands like Amazon or Netflix or instead pick a little-known brand catering to the recipient’s individual interests.

17. Streaming subscriptions

With the digital streaming world enveloping us day by day, a subscription to services like Netflix and Hotstar is no doubt one of the best Christmas gift ideas for students. Even if the recipient already has their own subscription, they’re sure to be grateful for the additional credit.

18. Magazine subscriptions

With a magazine out there for each and every type of niche you could possibly imagine, a subscription to a magazine catering to an individual’s interests is an apt gift to get someone this Christmas. 

19. Household gadgets

With a machine to help with everything imaginable, you could make the recipient’s life easier with a gadget that improves their daily routine, such as a portable phone charger, a virtual assistant (such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home), or noise-cancelling headphones. 

20. Eco-friendly gifts

Why waste this perfect opportunity to go green? If gifting a plant doesn’t seem festive enough, you could choose a sustainable product. Some popular sustainable gifts are reusable water bottles, plantable stationery, and plastic-free phone cases. If you can’t select just one, build an eco-friendly gift basket. This might inspire the recipient to add “being sustainable” to their New Year’s resolutions. 

Custom Christmas gift ideas for students

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind Christmas gift ideas for stduents that will be priceless to the recipient, look no further than customised gifts. The uniqueness of these gifts definitely is held dear by the recipient. The recipient will surely hold these gifts dear because them being unique and personal to the individual. 

Custom Xmas Gift Ideas

21. Mug

Great for sipping hot chocolate in the holiday season and coffee on a regular day, a mug is useful and affordable, only missing a personal element, which can easily be added through a custom design, maybe related to something the recipient adores. 

22. Blanket

Although expensive, a soft blanket can be the perfect Christmas gift for the recipient to snuggle into. You can customise it by adding a design or quote they admire or something that will remind them of you. 

23. Tote bag

A stylish addition to any outfit, a tote bag is a popular gift idea as it is quite helpful and can easily be personalised with an aesthetic design or creative quote. 

24. Notebook

The perfect gift for any writer or student, a notebook can be used for whichever purpose the recipient deems fit. You could add elements to the cover and even throw in a handmade bookmark. If the recipient likes to travel, a quote or design indicating the same could be a good fit, such as ‘Experts at Adventure’ and ‘Time to Travel.’

25. Hobby-specific

The best gift you could get someone you know well is something that goes with their hobby. You could gift them a custom pick if they enjoy playing the guitar. They’ll undoubtedly appreciate getting books or video games if they are bookworms or gamers. 

Quality Time as Christmas gift ideas for students

Some people prefer time well spent rather than getting something materialistic for Christmas. Several websites offer experience day deals, so you’re bound to find something that the person you’re gifting will enjoy. Here are some ideas for a day to remember:

Quality Time as Xmas Gift Ideas

26. Spa day

An oldie but goodie, a spa day is the best way to relax with the recipient after a long and busy year. Getting pampered is the way to go this Christmas!

27. A day of fun!

Yes, we really do mean an entire day of fun! You could do thrilling activities and try out something new, like skydiving, escape rooms, and paintball fights. If the year has been especially cruel to the recipient, maybe smashing things in a rage room might help relieve them of anger!

28. Food and Drinks

Treat the recipient to their favourite meal or dress up and grab a fancy dinner together! The options for this gift are limitless. 

29. Out exploring!

Not keen on purchasing an experience day deal? Plan your own day of Christmas adventure. You can even start off by renting bicycles or, better yet, hoverboards to travel by if you plan on traversing long distances. If you live in the UK, you could embark on a road trip adventure!

30. Away from home

This year has indeed been the busiest for many, and if that applies to the recipient, a getaway might be the perfect gift for them this Christmas. Based on your budget, the getaway might be across the country or just a hidden gem nearby. 

Wrapping up

In the end, the gifts are just a tiny part of the holiday experience. You don’t have to buy the person a materialistic gift. One lesser-known unconventional alternative is donating to charity in someone’s name. You could donate to charities like GlobalGiving or get them a bracelet from 4ocean, who remove a pound of trash for every bracelet purchased.If you’re still a bit behind on decorating for Christmas, here are a few tips for decorating without burning a hole in your pocket! Here are a few tips for dealing with the blues this holiday season. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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