15 Best DIY Valentine's Gift Ideas

15 Best DIY Valentine's Gift Ideas

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Jan 31, 2023
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Mar 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 31, 2023
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Mar 10, 2023
15 Best DIY Valentine Gift Ideas
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Valentine's day is just around the corner, and this romantic holiday is all about expressing your love for your special someone. To show your love for them should not be particularly expensive or to be purchased from someone, you can make a DIY valentine's give for your special one! Because you put in your time and effort, your homemade valentines gift can be more meaningful. You don't need to be a skilled craftsman to create your DIY valentine's gifts, there are loads of options available for you to choose from, and nowadays, due to the accessibility of technology, you'll easily find DIY valentine's gifts tutorials for better explanations. We guarantee that regardless of your level of creativity, you can create something that your loved one will treasure; After all, it's the thought that matters. 

Best DIY Valentines Gifts 

Romantic Valentines DIY gift ideas

1. A Date-Night box

Nothing says heart-warming as a handmade gift, now, imagine there was a box full of them. Make a date night box for you and your valentine with some of the most romantic movies of all time, from 'The Notebook' to '10 things I hate about you'. You can add your preferred drinks and snacks, like cookies and chocolates, maybe some spicy munchies and some rom-com movie options. You'll be giving the best Valentine's day present thanks to your thoughtfulness and creativity. You can add marshmallows treats as the cherry on top. This DIY valentine's gift is perfect for a Netflix and chill date.

2. Reasons why I Love You Jar

This DIY Valentine's gift is by far the most romantic gift mentioned on this list. You can go full Taylor Swift on this one. This jar is a sweet craft that will undoubtedly bring you both to tears because it is loaded with handwritten lover letters. Reminding your lover of all the tiny things that make you love them so much is the sweetest thing you can do. It will surely be a sentimental, special and unique gift for your special someone. It's kinda a win-win because writing the reasons down will also help you remember how special he is in your life. It's a cheap DIY valentine's gift, but they surely will like it. 

3. Explosion Box

Love bomb them, literally! This Valentine's Day, express the depths of your love for your partner by gifting them an explosion box. A boxed greeting card is essentially what an explosion box is. The box opens up when the lid of the box is taken off, revealing customized messages and hand-crafted decorations in it. This DIY Valentine's gift will be a super artistic and original present for them. To make it more sentimental, you can fill it with photos, memories, love letters and some small gifts. 

4. Cookies

Nothing screams "Valentine's Day" like a sweet treat. And with some homemade valentine's day cookies, you can send a beautiful message to your loved one. You can choose to form a wide variety of cookies or make the ones that suit your partner's taste; all tutorials are easily available one web surf away. Trust us, putting effort counts, so this 14th Feb, try out this. 

5. Personalised Gift basket

You can go crazy with this DIY Valentine's gift idea. There are so many things you can add to a personalised gift basket. Brainstorm things that your partner has wanted in the past or something that you wish to gift them; now, to make the gift even more special, add some extra goodies like some rope heart coaster, homemade candles, bath bombs, maybe some personalised keychains, some polaroid photos of your fondest memories with them and pack it all in together to make the perfect DIY Valentine gift for him or her. 

6. Painting 

Paint them a picture of the depth of your love by gifting them a handmade painting; if you're an artist, gift your biggest muse your special creation. You don't have to be perfect at this skill; anyone can paint all you have to do is look up some easy painting ideas and your paint gear. Nothing is hard if you try, so give this DIY valentine's gift idea a shot and get your hands dirty.

7. Homemade Candles 

If you're planning on celebrating this coming valentine's day with friends, teachers or anybody else but are unsure of what to gift them, consider giving them some scented candles. A tip: you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive store-bought candles; you can simply produce a large quantity of your own DIY scented candles at once. All you need is wax, some red colouring to make them reddish pink for valentines day, a white string and some essence. 

8. Customised Clothing 

Make this valentine's a little funky and gift your other half with some funky personalised merch and have a themed Valentine's day. You can get help from the internet to look up some punny and romantic lines and print them out on a tee shirt, or if you want to get cosier, a hoodie is just perfect. These costume merch will be a bold reminder of your affection towards your special one. 

9. Keepsake Box

Nothing screams heart-warming as a handmade gift; now, an image there was a box full of them. Your partner will treasure a handcrafter valentine's gift, but it will be even more protected if you give it in a box. As a person in love, you wish to keep your lover close, you wish to spend time with them, and be a part of their day, so receiving a keepsake box will not only make them happy but be a reassurance that you trust them enough to give some of your special possessions.  

10. Spa at home 

Do you have someone who is recently really stressed? Send some love in the form of homemade bath bombs as a gift that will help them unwind. These lovely refreshers are packed with dried flowers and essential oil and can be packed with any fragrance, hue and flowers of your choice. These can be made in large quantities, and you can save some for yourself. Although it seems like something you'd get at a high-end spa, this lovely homemade DIY valentine's gift just takes 10 minutes to make. Surely anyone would gladly like this DIY valentines gift. 

11. A Valentine's day cake

Valentine's day is so heavily focused on creating the ideal romantic dinner, drinks and desserts, but what if, this year, you're celebrating love in a wider way? Making something homemade will show your sincerity, love and dedication towards them. After all, isn't willing to share dessert the ultimate expression of love? So to make this special occasion even more special, why not make Valentine's day cake? You can choose from a variety of flavours and sprinkles, preferably in shades of red and pink, keeping the romantic occasion in mind. 

12. Date night jar

The only thing better than guessing your next date night? A lovely homemade jar that expresses what you exactly want your sweetheart to know. It's quite easy to find tutorials on how to make such creative items on google or YouTube. Make a jar full of things to do and add some DIY funk to your date nights. Brainstorm some exciting activities that you can try, and every time you can't decide on what to do for a date night, just pull out this bad boy. Why only have one fancy date night when you can have several?

13. Polaroid Box

On such a romantic and special occasion, you ought to give your lover something unique, and this DIY Valentine's gift is perfect for you. You can print some of your fondest memories with your lover in a fun and romantic way. In this way, they'll be able to have all their favourite memories of you two close to them at all times, thanks to this gift. 

14. Pop-up cards

It's hard not to like cards that feature 3D pop-ups; now, an image receiving a lovely pop-up card from your special someone. Sounds wholesome, doesn't it? A DIY Valentine's day pop-up card is much easy to make than you might think; just look up a good tutorial video and follow all the steps correctly. Making a paper heart will almost complete it on such an occasion. All the material required to make a pop-up card is easily available anywhere, so why wait? Go ahead and gift them some pop-up cards. 

15. Sweet compliments 

Show your affection to your partner by showering them with sweet compliments packed in a jar. This Valentine's day, make an extra effort for your partner with the help of these sweet chocolate compliments. All you have to do is write short heartfelt notes on decorative paper, wrap them around your handmade chocolates and place them all in a box or a jar. You're free to decorate it however you want. This DIY Valentine's gift surely has the capacity to give your partner a sugar rush.

Heartfelt DIY gift ideas

Now all youhave to do is pick what you wish to gift them. Everyone's journey starts with a small step, so make this Valentine's day special by gifting your other half with DIY Valentine's day gift and fill the air with sweet notes and fragrant perfumes and have a bubbly night. If you are looking for more gift options, check out these Valentine's Day Gift ideas to choose your final pick.