Clubs In Edinburgh For A Student Night Out
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Clubs In Edinburgh For A Student Night Out

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Jan 5, 2023
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Mar 14, 2023
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Jan 5, 2023
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Mar 14, 2023
Clubs in Edinburgh For A Student Night Out
TGIF Nights in Edinburgh!

Do you want to enhance your college experience more? What’s better than exploring a city’s nightlife. Luckily, if you are deciding to move your life to Edinburgh, your life is going to be extra fun and lively. Even though the city of Edinburgh is famously known for its historic aura, but at night it is known for its streets with blaring music, dance scenes, and well lit clubs. 

10 Best Clubs In Edinburgh

With so many clubs around the city, it is a hard choice to choose the best clubs in Edinburgh but we managed to get our hands on a few to give you the best student partying experience. Here are the names of a few clubs in Edinburgh that you should go to party till the sun goes down 

1. Liquid Room

Location: 9C Victoria St, Edinburgh 
Timings: 11pm-3am 

Among all the clubs in Edinburgh, Liquid Room has been one of the most popular spots for students to grab a drink. This club has never had a quiet night; it is always packed with partygoers and party animals. With its high selection and low priced drinks, this entertainment hub hosts a lot of student nights that you should definitely experience for once when in Edinburgh. If you are a little bit particular about your music taste don’t worry the club has got you covered by playing all sorts of genres throughout the night. Lastly, the club can accommodate a large crowd on two floors and a balcony, making it a great spot to P-A-R-T-Y!

2. Club Tropicana    

Location: 23 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh
Timings: 10pm- 3am 

Do you want to experience the best night of your life while being in Edinburgh? Then you should head towards Club Tropicana. With a stunning 80’s vibe, this club is definitely worth a trip down the memory lane. Even though you might not find a lot of energetic student crowds dancing along to the tunes of the DJ, you can trust this place for a good soiree evening with your friends. One of the highlights of this club are its insanely affordable drinks, with shots and cocktails starting from £1.50. To wrap it all, you are guaranteed a good time and environment at a low price.

3. Sneaky Pete’s

Location: 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh 
Timings: 7pm-3am

Loud music, crazy night, and full of people- these are the three words that are used to describe every night at the Sneaky Pete’s nightclub. Known as one of the most liked and visited clubs in Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s is made for people who love to dance their hearts out on loud blasting music. Compared to other clubs in Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete is comparatively a bit small and can accommodate only a few guests every night, so make sure you get yourself in the venue before it gets extremely crowded. Many people crowd into Sneaky Pete because of its vibe, amazing production, DJing, and music. So, if you are just looking to groove your feet, this is the ultimate place for you. Additionally, the club also hosts a lot of touring acts making it a solid entertainment spot for everyone in Edinburgh. 

4.  The Hive Nightclub & Venue

Location:15-17 Niddry St, Edinburgh 
Timings: 10pm- 3am 

The Hive Nightclub & Venue is one of the cheapest clubs in Edinburgh, making it a good place to go if you want to go drinking on a budget or have very little in your loose pockets. With a free entry for everyone from Saturdays to Sundays and all time high drinking deals, this club has won the hearts of many students. Apart from its affordability, the club is also praised a lot on its diverse music playlist. With pop, RnB, Indie rock, etc. this place has every tune for everyone to dance to, making it an overall fun place for clubbing activities. Lastly, the Hive exclusively has a membership programme for student clubs which enables them to get fancy discounts and rates on drinks and food! Don’t worry about a grumbling stomach in Edinburgh! We have a list of 15 best restaurants in Edinburgh or Best Breakfast Places in Edinburgh  for you to try!

5. The Bongo Club

Location: 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh 
Timings: 10am- 5pm

The Bongo Club is one of the clubs in Edinburgh that have a completely different vibe and atmosphere than the others. With the reputation of being Scotland’s most notorious nightclub, the Bongo club is a very well known name among students for its themes. The club runs on different themes on some nights funk, disco, house, boogie, to name a few. With the best DJ nights in the town It is a pure haven for music and entertainment at its best. The Bongo club is also a welcoming host for different sorts of workshops on dance, fitness, comedy, and drama. 

Clubs in Edinburgh

6. Lulu 

Location: 125b George St, Edinburgh
Timings: 10pm-3am 

Clubbing in Edinburgh isn’t complete without visiting Lulu! This nightclub is a thriving place with vibrant interiors and shimmering decors making it a perfect place for your Instagram stories and pictures. You can dance with your friends to the beats and tunes of the best DJ sets in Edinburgh along with some flavorful cocktails that will make you go for a round two. If you are looking for a night with some good RnB music playing in the background and a drink or two to chug, don't think any further Lulu is the “right” place meant for you.  

7. Cabaret Voltaire 

Location: 36-38 Blair St, Edinburgh
Timings: 7pm- 3am

Cabaret Voltaire, located in the centre of Edinburgh, is one of the best underground clubs in the city, and was previously a part of the city's underground vault systems. It has always been a popular venue with locals, with a number of popular DJs playing sets to packed dance floors. It was one of the top choices for most clubbers in the area due to its welcoming atmosphere and fantastic music. It ticks all of the boxes for a wonderful night out, with a network of huge caves, a multitude of cosy booths, surprisingly cheaply priced beverages, and a great chill-out space. It opens at noon and provides a trendy bar environment, with club nights lasting until 3 a.m.

8. CC Blooms

Location: 16a George St, Edinburgh 
Timings: 11am-3am 

CC Blooms is one of the oldest and trendiest gay clubs in Edinburgh, this club is a serving restaurant in the day and a sound raging loud nightclub in the night. Regarded as one of the best gay hotspots in Edinburgh, CC Blooms has never left anyone disappointed especially with its wide range of cuisine and recommended cocktail. Are you looking to visit Edinburgh? Check out our Top 30 things to do Edinburgh blog to explore all the wonders in the city

9. The Wee Red Bar 

Location: Lauriston Architecture Building, 74 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh 
Timings: 7pm- 3am

The Wee Red Bar is a small club located in the Edinburgh Art College is a worth visiting club in Edinburgh. With a good mix of live performances and indie nights, this club is very student friendly and student tailored with affordable prices to everything in the club. If you try to enter the club before the clock turns 12, you will get very cheap and discounted entry rates. Moreover, Wee Red Bar is also known to host some spectacular club nights and regular events to keep your entertaining mind flowing.

10. 4042

Location: 40-42 Grindlay St, Edinburgh
Timings: 6pm-3am 

Don’t confuse 4042 to be the pincode of any area! It is literally a club named after 40-42 Grindlay Street. Just like any other clubs in Edinburgh, 4042 is rated to have an excellent taste in playing music which is mostly R&B and hip-hop along with some house and disco to heat up the dance floor. Along with this, the club also has a dance floor and a strange addition of ping pong tables. So, if you are looking for an excuse to not dance, you can give your shot at playing drunk games at the table. Lastly, coming to their drinks, they have absolutely nailed it by having a unique and innovative spin to their drink menu which makes people want to not be sober for the night.

To put it in a nutshell, Edinburgh is a very lively city in terms of its nightlife. With so many clubs in Edinburgh, clubbing is definitely a fun activity to do on the weekends to destress yourself from your university work. If you are moving to Edinburgh, make sure you check out our blog on Student City Guide Edinburgh  to help you get more insights about the city.

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