Student City Guide: Edinburgh 2023
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Student City Guide: Edinburgh 2023

7 min
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May 12, 2021
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Dec 2, 2022
Uploaded on
May 12, 2021
Last updated on
Dec 2, 2022
Edinburgh city view from bus
A Cultured City to Live In

Welcome To Our Student Guide: Edinburgh City

One of the most exciting cities of the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is a famous and the oldest student city rises from the Wide Firth of Forth to a high. The city is a centre of arts and culture, offering a plethora of cultural attractions to students and tourists. Every year, millions of tourists travel to the town to discover the best sites and places.

Students can explore the biggest Edinburgh International Book Festival, which welcomes more than 1000 authors to the Edinburgh Fringe and the Christmas Markets. If you’re a fan of Art and Culture, students will love to relish the World's biggest arts festival. Moreover, international events, including the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, include exciting things to do with your connections.

The Top Universities in Edinburgh:

With top-ranked Universities in the city, there are a plethora of doors waiting to welcome you in! So let's take a look at what top-notch Universities are there in Edinburgh to choose from:

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt is one of the premium and famous universities that fall under truly global University providing excellent education opportunities to the students coming across the World. The main campus of the University is in the city, and the other is in Orkney. Others are in Dubai, Malaysia, etc. Heriot-Watt University is known worldwide for the proud history of world-class teaching and practical, leading-edge research dating back to 1821.

The University of Edinburgh

Likely the most popular of all Edinburgh colleges, it is viewed as one of the World's top colleges and is universally perceived for exploration, advancement, and excellent education. Accordingly, it gets more than 65,000 applications every year, drawing in a portion of the World's driving masterminds to work and concentrate here.

Sovereign Margaret University

Sovereign Margaret University is probably the littlest University, which means more modest class sizes and a more associated environment among understudies and staff. Nevertheless, it was positioned interestingly by QS World University Rankings in the top 68% of colleges on the planet (2021).

Regal College of Surgeons

The Regal College of Surgeons is situated in the true heart of Edinburgh downtown area. Set up during the 1500s, it is the World's most seasoned - and generally regarded - clinical foundation.

With a 500+ year history, it has taught students about the World's most influential clinical specialists. It proceeds to improve and raise individuals describes dental practice guidelines through short clinical and non-clinical instructional classes and expert assessments for specialists and dental specialists.

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University has fantastic associations with the universe of innovation and is broadly viewed as a massively creative university. It flaunts cutting edge grounds with reasonably constructed offices brimming with the most recent creation; it serves just about 20,000 understudies from 140 distinct nations and the overall organisation of companions and business contacts.

If you're amazed with these prestigious universities of Edinburgh, check out these Top 5 cities to study in Europe having the most affordable universities in the world.

How much can it cost you to live in Edinburgh?

Living in Edinburgh is an exciting thing as you get to explore different famous things and make your experience unforgettable. On the other hand, living in Edinburgh can be expensive as well, majorly for someone who is an international student, not a local. However, you can spend smartly on different amenities and if you get a smart credit card. Moreover, you can find convenient and affordable student housing options in Edinburgh.

It becomes a bit challenging for an international student to find affordable student accommodation options, whether you’re choosing London or Cardiff as your ideal destination. However, being a famous student city called Edinburgh, there are reliable options for students to look for. In addition, Edinburgh has different living expenses, which illustrates that students can spend this much on Student studios and private halls properties.

The main cost of living as a Student in Edinburgh

This part of our student guide in Edinburgh will help give you a brief overview of where you can save your money as a student in Edinburgh, whether it is hunting for cheap accommodation in Edinburgh or Inexpensive places that can fulfil your hunger.

Different Kinds of Accommodation in Edinburgh

Without discussing different options for student accommodation in Edinburgh, the student guide would remain incomplete.


If a student wants a cheap and small apartment just for himself, he can choose a studio apartment for himself which would be the best choice for a person with such needs. A student can find a number of safe options for Studio Apartment in Edinburgh including, 200 Cowgate, Edinburgh, 8 Roxburgh, etc.


For people who do not like to be disturbed by others and for whom it is important to have a private toilet to do daily tasks, En-suite is an excellent option. It will help them to secure time. Thus, they can devote themselves to their work. Some of the famous en-suites are Lady Nicolson Court, Edinburgh, Canal Point and iQ Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

Sharing Accommodation

Renting an apartment in Edinburgh could be costly, particularly in the inner-city region and travelling from an outer city could increase a burden. So, renting an apartment with fellow students or flatmates could be a good idea; also it will reduce the student's burden.


PBSA became an ideal alternative for the students in Edinburgh. It provides convenience to the students as per their needs and affordable prices make this the best option for the students to have in a present time. We can also provide you with a list of Student accommodation and private halls in Edinburgh.

Which are the Famous Food markets of Edinburgh?

If you’re a big foodie, you must know that you’re in the best place on this planet. Get ready to explore the romantic cobblestones of Scotland’s capital. Whether you wish to have an adventure fusion or an indulgent grilled cheese, there is everything to enjoy and to add in your lifetime unforgettable experience. Here is a great street food guide so that you can have a look at each worldly cuisine.

The Pitt Market

The Pitt market is one of the famous markets, known as street food truck in Edinburgh city. Peppered with punchy flavours and infused with addictive aromatics, this foodie dreamland is seasoned with both sweet and savoury options courtesy of the cream of Scotland’s street food crop. The garnish offers live local bands and local brews like Barney’s Beer, Solid Liquids and Smith & Gertrude. Open until 10 pm; this trendy street food market showcases a rotation of over 40 vendors.

Waverley Market @ Platform 2

It is one of the most unexpected places that brings the greatest of joys to the people. The Waverley Market @ Platform 2 is a wondrous showcase of independent Scottish vendors. Over 40 stalls transform Waverley train station every Friday with an ever-so tempting array of eats from delectable cakes and artisanal breads to cold-pressed juice, more-ish pastries and hot food galore. The array of gift ideas from independent local business owners is the cherry on top of an already delectable ordeal.

Street Food Fridays

Yet another reason to celebrate ‘Friyay’, Street Food Fridays is the one to watch out for. Hosted every Friday at Fountainbridge at Union Canal just behind Akva, this gastronomic adventure entails the best food gurus Scotland has to offer — think Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Steampunk Coffee, French Connection Creperie and Barnacles & Bones, to name a few. With each week comes to a new tribe of street food stalls, so make sure to mark this one in the foodie calendar.

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How to explore Edinburgh in Budget?

Exploring Edinburgh is so fun; you already know that there are endless attractions to discover. But, as a student, you must be thinking about how to save and travel as well, so here is what we have prepared for you to travel hassle-free as a local in Edinburgh city:

Take a hike

If you’re looking for the best place to tease your friends through your Instagram photos, then make sure you spend your afternoon on Arthur's seat. Friendly and Picturesque on the wallet, it's the best opportunity to take views of the city's beautiful sights. You'll recognize the Dugald Stewart Monument from every lecturer's desktop background.

Join a society

To know the culture, you must join a society. It's the best way to get involved with the people who share the same interests. The famou names of the society including the Dirty Weekenders society at the famous The University of Edinburgh will take you to many places across the city such as Roslin Glen and Dalkeith , at no cost.

Go on a coffee crawl.

A coffee crawl beats a bar crawl for a few reasons: it’s cheaper, The drinks are better, and you get to skip the hangover. In addition, Edinburgh is full of independent coffee shops just waiting to be discovered, so pack a book – or even your textbooks if you’re feeling productive – and wander the city in search of the cosiest cafes. Fans of Harry Potter may want to check out The Elephant House, where JKR famously penned the first of the Harry Potter books. Top tip: be sure to check out the bathroom while you’re there for loads of messages from fellow fans.

Check out the National Museum of Scotland

If you’re looking for something completely free, the National Museum of Scotland will not be missed. Although donations are welcome, there is no charge for admission, so you can spend all the time you like exploring the exhibits. The museum is home to the world’s most famous clone, Dolly, the  sheep, as well as a 12-metre-long T. rex skeleton and other various artefacts from across the globe. Be sure to take advantage of the temporary exhibits before they disappear!

Relax on Portobello Beach

The most famous spot to enjoy with waves is Portobello Beach. It is one of the loveliest beaches of Edinburgh city. It is just 30 minutes away from the City Centre if you take a bus, and by car it becomes a perfect spot to enjoy. The University of Edinburgh (Holyrood Campus) is a University which is near to this beach. If you’re studying in this University, you can have great fun here.

You can enjoy a mini picnic over there with your University friends and splash out on the British tradition of eating fish and chips by the sea. The best to relish in winter days, if you love wintery delights, this place can be a huge fun for you. No matter what place you choose, you’ll stick to the city centre.

How do students travel to Edinburgh?

When you travel to Edinburgh, some Scottish Government rules should be in your mind to travel safely. It includes wearing masks when using taxis and public transport services, maintaining good hygiene, and maintaining social distance.


Cycling is an easy way to get around Edinburgh city. You can go to different places through bicycling. If you don't want to buy one, you can ask for the rent. Many service providers provide services for a cycle on rent majorly. You can have a look at them in Edinburgh city. Moreover, Eat Cycles is giving Students a "Back to Study" Pass. You get access to unlimited one hour- for the price of just £10


You must avoid using cash while paying the fares for the Buses. Usually, locals and tourists follow oyster card services. With the help of this service, you can find out what amount a person is required to pay for the whole month.

The central bus operators for Edinburgh city include First Edinburgh and Lothian Buses. Lothian Buses is providing different kinds of fare tickets to the people,

· Day Ticket (Unlimited Travel for one day)

· Single Fare

· Ridacard (Unlimited Travel for one week-one year)

Airlink Bus

It is known as a 24-hour Express service between the city centre and Edinburgh Airport. It takes approximately 35 minutes. Students can find lower fares on this service.

Skylink Bus

This service of Buses is three extra buses which are linked directly to the Airport.


Trams are also a transport service which is linked directly to the Edinburgh Airport with the city centre. Your journey through Trams will take approximately 35 minutes.


The famous train station of Edinburgh is Waverley Station. You can easily purchase tickets, go for reservations and get access to travel data for Edinburgh Rail Travel centre authority for Waverley Station. You can get the information for fare and the schedule of trains through the site of Edinburgh trains.


You must be safe and wear a mask while travelling in taxis. Make sure you avoid paying through cash and follow card payment. Edinburgh taxis colour is Black, which can be hailed in the street, booked through phone, and found at one of the main taxi ranks. You can book a private taxi as well, through your mobile phone.

Best Places to Stay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is not just known as Scotland's capital city, but it is also recognized as one of the famous cities of the United Kingdom. The city has a very distinctive look because of the offerings it gives to the students. You must know that Edinburgh city is a beautiful mix of Victorian, Medieval and Georgian Architecture.

It's a gorgeous city that you’ll always fall in love with. If you are a history lover, you’ll get amazing opportunities to explore various monuments, buildings, sites, which describes the rich history of Edinburgh city. Here are some places to stay:

Silk Mill

Silk Mill is a famous place to stay, which is named after the Old Castle located alongside the canal. Edinburgh has plenty to offer its residents. There is an on-site gym to help you stay fit and healthy. You can also find a lot of attractions near this place. You can grab a taxi as well, if you want to explore nearby attractions.

Located west of the main city centre, alongside the union canal, Silk Mill is only a few minutes away from the famous Edinburgh Waverley, which is a great place to eat.

Brewer's Court

It is a beautiful student accommodation designed with a great aim of providing worthwhile experience to students. Located less than a 5-minute walk to Edinburgh University Holyrood Campus, and the iconic Royal Mile, Brewers Court offers the very best in student living. Sitting on a quiet street in the city centre you can enjoy the best of both worlds, taking in all that Edinburgh has to offer, including the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival for those that want to stay with us all year.


Situated directly opposite the University of Edinburgh, and surrounded by restaurants, bars, shops and scenic views, Potterrow is the perfect student home in the city.  It is one of the famous student accommodation proprIt is also just a short walk from Edinburgh College of Art, and a bus ride from Edinburgh Napier University and Heriot-Watt University.

Earning Opportunities for International Students

Do you know that it can be expensive sometimes to find a studio that matches your requirements? A studio department is usually expensive because it covers every expense, including electricity bill, Wi-fi charge, that you may be thinking to pay in divisions.

Well, worry not, you still get the opportunity to earn in Edinburgh city. There are a number of part-time jobs in Edinburgh available, which is a great way to get money in your pocket for affording a beautiful studio apartment for you. Ensure your resume and portfolio of work are ready to use in some of the great companies in Edinburgh city.

Part-time online tutoring

Tutoring is becoming a famous form of income for a long time because it usually depends on your skills. However, your degree won't make this an eligible source for almost everybody is out there. You can go for online classes for the younger grades in your leisure time to increase the chances of getting high payment and thus, gives you a fantastic experience.

Part-time market research

Part-time jobs are a fun way of learning about the culture and earning some extra money for your pocket. It can be an ideal job for you, as a student or young professional. Different places offer up to £5 for every survey that you complete, and you need no prior experience.

University application mentor

The easy job can be to become a University Application mentor. You can help applicants with their process. Get the opportunity from your University so that you can earn some money through the internship. The role of this job is to answer the questions related to admission tests, university selection, extracurriculars, academics/courses, university life, etc. In addition, you can share your personal experience and key learnings through the University application process to help the ones to get an excellent experience.

Student Ambassador

Become a student ambassador of your University. It can be huge to get a role associated with your University. You can help the candidates with the queries they have for the University. You don't require knowledge, good leadership skills, but the ability to work under pressure. Make sure you make a great bond with your campus student union with different societies and active clubs.

Paid online survey

This kind of job doesn't ask you for any qualification. You require a good connection to the internet and your laptop to work harder on this. You can fill out a number of surveys, and you can have a great weekend every once a week. International students never see these opportunities seriously, but it is important to do every job respectfully and in-kindly.

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