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Why PBSA Student Housing is the right choice for you?
4 min

Why PBSA Student Housing is the right choice for you?

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Sep 10, 2021
4 min

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Make it all easier with PBSA

Europe has been a booming education sector because of the culture and values that are prevalent here that understand the importance of learning. Most of these courses are really well curated and are offered for about a quarter of the price for which you can avail them in the United States. There has been a continuous surge in the people who have migrated there mainly to fulfill their educational needs and they have realized the market space.

Hence, we have now witnessed the birth of the PBSA or the Purpose Built Student accommodation.

PBSA and its Importance in a Nutshell:

a well furnished bedroom

• Student Centric Spaces

The demands of students are quite different from those of a regular working-class tenant due to various circumstances. In view of such demands, Amber student has really great PBSA options available to students who are looking for a hassle-free and amazing college experience as well as getting out there and experiencing life as it is. It also seems that students have taken really kindly to this as the market has expanded in recent years and there are almost 6,27,000 bed spaces in The UK itself that are PBSA’s.

• Increasing student population

Currently, these spaces outweigh the number of students who occupy them by 3 to 1 but according to the trend, there will be a tremendous number of students who will shift into such facilities that are built especially for them. It is predicted that the number of students will grow by at least 2,20,000 which is a great reminder that student accommodation will be in great demand in the future. Hence, amber student is adapting to the new conditions and landscapes of the hour, especially in these volatile times and the need for student accommodation is certainly here to rise.

Why are these Spaces Preferred by Students?

• Rent Factor

The rent for these spaces is provided through Amber is usually below 160 euros per week which should immediately make your jaw drop to the floor.  Well if that isn’t enough then let us go further. These student buildings may be short on communal spaces but they more than makeup for them in the high-end leisure activities that they offer.

• Prime Location

Amber has created most of these facilities for students keeping to mind the daily needs of the students which is why they are planned in a prime location where there is easy access to transport as well as your local stores and restaurants whenever you need a quick bite because after all you are a student and most of the times pending work can be so stressful. Now I know what you must be thinking. This sounds too good to be true and there is no way that these people are making any profit on it so why should I trust their services.

• Future Planning

I certainly wouldn’t blame you for thinking in such a manner. It is true that they may not be making any immediate profit but with amber student any emerging market, we see an opportunity in the long run. This is why they plan on expanding it to more and more student accommodation spaces and many of these private developers are also in talks with the universities as to how they can make the stay of the student more comfortable and appealing.

Why is there an Increase in Demand for PBSA?

• Catering to What the Student Wants

These PSBA’s or Purpose Built Student Accommodation will have a general combination of studio apartments, cluster flats, en-suite and non-en-suite rooms. This is an especially booming space in the UK as they have the second-largest student population with over 500,000 students. The PBSAs through amber student are also touted to have great social rooms and have special social events throughout the year to help all the students in the accommodation to get along better so that everybody has a pleasant stay and a greater experience.

• Emerging Markets

Right now the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK are the most prominent market for these specially made student accommodations for a multitude of reasons ranging from the rising student population to the immigration to the booming industries that need more and more skilled labour to run it smoothly. The cost of living has also increased in recent years which is why this is a really great option for the students as it is relatively pocket friendly.

Difference between PBSA and private rental flats

We are confident that nearly all of you are currently confronted with a significant challenge. That is, should you go for a private student residence or private rental housing? Whether you're a first-year student or a current student, you'll discover a plethora of alternatives in both! There are so many that you may become perplexed! To clear up any misunderstandings, we've compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks of both forms of student housing.


Now that you're living independently, you'll have to handle your bills and budgeting. This is especially concerning if you intend to share a private rental property with friends. Where students living in college dorms are care-free of the additional bills and enjoy wholesome bills annually or monthly, private room takers need to emphasize more towards their budget allocation. But as many exercise, you can also minimise your secondary bills like electricity, water and gas bills as per your requirements, but not the similar way if you're in a college dorm.

In addition, we also say this because you and your flatmates (if chosen to live with) will be spreading the bills somewhat which ultimately lowers down your monthly spending far lower than college rooms. However, doing so frequently leads to confrontation, and you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation with your pals as a result. In addition, you can end yourself paying a late rent with a penalty.


You can get lucky and locate a lovely private house to share that immediately makes you feel at home. It's understandable because it'll be more like your own house. However, not all of your flatmates will be students. Imagine having a working professional who doesn't want to stay up late and despises the thought of a house party. What a nightmare! That's the end of your university ambitions. Private houses, on the other hand, are generally not designed for students.


Regardless of where you live, you may experience unanticipated plumbing, electrical, or other problems. However, if you rent a private residence, you can expect maintenance to be delayed! You'll first contact your landlord, who will dispatch a tradesperson to resolve the issue. It appears to be a time-consuming process that you can avoid. Imagine having to wait days for that bothersome leaky shower to be fixed, keeping you awake all night!

Social Life

Friendships will be everything to you in university. And trust us, as long as you have them with you, you'll be set to go anyplace! Although working for the same company will become tedious after a while, you will yearn for a change. You can't always go out or continually calling various folks around to do this! Living in a private flat or a rented house may limit your opportunities to interact with a diverse student population. Also, because you'll be so far away from the university, most students will stop bothering to come over after a few visits.


We have discussed at length as to what are the advantages of living in a PBSA and what facilities do amber provides. It would certainly be ideal for every student who wants to have a great college experience without having to worry too much about finances, transport, or even daily and weekly tasks such as groceries.