Why PBSA Student Housing is the right choice for you?
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Why PBSA Student Housing is the right choice for you?

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Sep 10, 2021
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Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 10, 2021
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023

Europe has been a booming education sector because of the culture and values that are prevalent here that understand the importance of learning. Most of these courses are well curated and are offered for about a quarter of the price you can avail of them in the United States. There has been a continuous surge in the people who have migrated there mainly to fulfil their educational needs, and they have realised the market space.
Hence, we have now witnessed the birth of the PBSA or the Purpose Built Student accommodation.

What is PBSA?

Purpose Built Student Accommodation or PBSAs are housing specially designed for students by private developers, which include two major types of structure: 

  1. Studio flats, also called cluster flats, including a private kitchen and a shared living space. Private studios have leisure facilities like gyms, cinema rooms, swimming pools, games rooms and more. 
  2. Residence halls catering to students include a shared kitchen, dining and living room with en-suite bedrooms. 

What are the benefits of PBSA?

PBSAs come with a ton of benefits and pros, apart from providing luxury student accommodation and making a mark in the PBSA market. Let’s find out what benefits do PBSAs have: 


Safety is a basic necessity and the biggest concern of most students. Here, PBSAs are highly reliable as they provide 24/7 CCTV security and on-site security, and management teams which ensure the safety of students at all times. A survey of parents also states that they tend to trust PBSAs more than letting their children live in private homes.  

Essentials are a no-brainer

The majority of PBSAs have all bills included, So you won't have to worry about paying additional power, water, gas, or internet expenses as a result. Your student apartment will also include all the necessities, such as a closet, study area, storage space, and a kitchen and bathroom of your own.

Study lounge 

Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) offers a distinctive learning environment that can't be found in typical private rentals. Every PBSA provides students with everything they require and more, including contemporary study spaces with tables and dependable Wi-Fi or internet. Your ability to concentrate on your studies and maintain the drive to do your homework and research well is guaranteed by your student accommodation.

Proximity to University

Major colleges are conveniently close to almost all PBSAs. Many people also live near cafes, restaurants, bars, event venues, and shopping. Additionally, the transportation system's ease is evaluated so students can comfortably walk and wander around the city while travelling to and from their universities.


In addition to rent, there are additional expenses you'll have to cover if you want to live on campus. For instance, if you rent a private apartment or room, you'll also need to pay for utilities, meals, and other essentials. Because of the all-inclusive expenses and communal kitchen, living in a PBSA is the most cost-effective choice.

Find your social space

The shared social spaces found in PBSAs include common game rooms, rooftop patios, movie theatres, lounges, and shared kitchens. By doing so, you can find peers your age who share your interests and easily find new friends.

Decorate your space

When renting in a PBSA, you can pick from various rooms. You can either live in a one-bedroom flat or a self-contained studio and have your own private room while sharing a bathroom, kitchen, and living room with other students, have your own bathroom, or not share at all.

Why do students prefer PBSA?

Rent Factor

The rent for PBSAs is usually below 160 euros per week which should immediately make your jaw drop to the floor. Well, if that isn’t enough, then let us go further. These student buildings may be short on communal spaces, but they more than makeup for them in the high-end leisure activities they offer.

Prime Location

PBSAs are created for students, keeping in mind the daily needs of the students, which is why they are planned in a prime location where there is easy access to transport as well as your local stores and restaurants whenever you need a quick bite because after all you are a student and most of the times pending work can be so stressful.

Difference between PBSA and on-campus accommodation

There are many key differences between PBSA and on-campus accommodation, a few of which are mentioned below;

  1. Close to the university

When renting a PBSA, you can pick from various rooms. The university campus is where on-campus student accommodation is located. Therefore, you will be residing there among other students who are your academic peers and share a similar stage of life with you. On the other side, purpose-built student housing is not on the university's campus but rather close by. Most of them are conveniently located near transportation hubs, making getting to and from school easier.

  1. Amenities 

Both PBSAs and on-campus accommodation feature many of the same amenities and services, such as on-site housing staff, laundry facilities, exercise centres, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more. In addition, some PBSAs have game rooms and movie theatres, amenities that are uncommon on campuses.

  1. Rules and regulations

PBSAs and on-campus accommodations each have their own set of regulations. On-campus housing typically abides by the norms and regulations of the institution, while PBSAs typically have guidelines established by the corporation overseeing. Generally speaking, PBSAs are thought to offer more independence than on-campus housing. The majority of colleges have rules governing behaviour in on-campus housing.

  1. Light on the pocket? 

The general consensus seems to be that off-campus housing costs more than on-campus housing; however, PBSA rates vary depending on the amenities offered. There are both pricey and economical options. Additionally, while some PBSAs accept monthly payments, much on-campus housing only accepts semester payments.

  1. Summer vacays?

Students who intend to stay in the country over the summer and holidays must secure additional accommodations because many on-campus housing facilities close during those times. However, off-campus living enables students to remain for the entire academic year.

PBSA market overview, what's so hot about it? 

The PBSA market is a growing sector, with over 15,000 international students travelling annually, and the demand has increased. You can say that the PBSA market is a classic case of demand = supply. Let's find out more points about what is so new about the PBSA market.

  1. The study identifies three main factors that are causing change: growing prices, unrest in the political and economic spheres, and ESG and the push for net zero. 
  2. These have been picked out because they directly affect the fundamental principles of the PBSA sector, including how students perceive higher education and the function and accountability of accommodation providers within it.
  3. With an increase in student enrollment amid a period of economic turbulence, UK’s PBSA market has persisted in demonstrating that it is counter-cyclical.
  4. The demand for domestic students is at an all-time high, while the supply of accommodation in the private rental sector (PRS), like HMOs, is limited and declining. Owners of PBSAs can satisfy the excess demand by offering a good at a competitive price for domestic students.
  5. According to the most recent UCAS application data, local and high-value international student populations continue to expand.

Other types of student accommodation 

Students have various options for living arrangements. Regarding student accommodation options in 2022, there is a lot of diversity available, which might be a little perplexing if you are a novice. As long as your school approves them, each has some advantages and disadvantages but is still a good option. Only this will guarantee great standards throughout your entire stay. The different types of accommodations are 

  1. Private rented homes with the help of brokers.
  2. On-campus accommodation. 
  3. University halls of residence. 
  4. Homestays 
  5. PBSAs
  6. Private halls 

We have discussed at length as to what are the advantages of living in a PBSA and what facilities are provided. It would certainly be ideal for every student who wants a great college experience without worrying too much about finances, transport, or daily and weekly tasks such as groceries. To help your student accommodation hunt, amber, the leading student accommodation provider, is your rescue. You can always rely on us for safe and scam-free accommodation!