Cost of Living in Adelaide As A Student In 2023
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Cost of Living in Adelaide As A Student In 2023

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Cost of Living in Adelaide As A Student in 2023
The A in "Adelaide" is reserved for Additional Savings

Don't get me wrong, but money can buy you happiness! How? Did you ask? By planning and budgeting well, as students, we hear ourselves say, "I am broke," which makes us compromise on many things. Still, if you have a rough idea of where your money goes and keep track of your spending habits, there wouldn't be any rainy days, which would make you happy and less worried. If you are sooner or later making a move to Adelaide, then packing your suitcase isn't enough! So here we are to pack you some knowledge about the cost of living in Adelaide, with the latest figures, tricks, and hacks to make you save more on your expenses. 

About Adelaide 

Adelaide is a city in Southern Australia that is very much in the news and tabloids for its long surfing coastline, sporting events, music festivals, food, and wine, making it a perfect place for any student to reside. With so many international students making Adelaide their second home every year, the city is also making an impression to be one of Australia’s student capital with its reasonable rent prices, excellent accommodations, convenient transport, affordable groceries, and non-stop entertainment. While living here comes with a price, here is the breakdown of the different aspects of cost of living in Adelaide. 

Tuition Fees in Adelaide 

Tuition fees are at the top of your list of concerns and priorities when it comes to studying abroad at a university. Tuition fees account for a major chunk of your expenses and play an important role in determining the cost of living in Adelaide as a student. Below are some of the a-lister top universities in Adelaide that will give you a range of tuition fees in Adelaide and help you build a healthy budget.

University of Adelaide

If there were a hall of fame for Australian universities, the University of Adelaide would undoubtedly be towards the top. With high-ranking holdings, excellent mentors, and an unbeatable curriculum in varied subjects, the University of Adelaide is a great place to build your career and job credibility for the outside world. All these perks and resources come with an average cost of around $13,000. The University of Adelaide tuition fees are subject to change depending on your level of education and courses.

Flinders University

Like the University of Adelaide, Flinders University has also held a tight grip on its reputation for providing world-class education and a plethora of opportunities for its students to succeed in their desired industries. Jumpstarting your career at Flinders university as an international student would require you a savings of around $21,000 as your tuition fees. This amount can drastically change based on your courses and level of education. Even though Flinders university tuition fees might sound very exorbitant to some, they come with many perks and a high return on investment after completing studies. 

Torrens University

With so many campuses across Australia, Torrens University has also put its mark on the city of  Adelaide. Mostly famous amongst the International crowd, Torrens University has been seeing a spike every year in its students because of its increasing quality of education, and broad ranges of interests and opportunities it brings for its students. All the preparation for being a world class leader comes with an average fee of $22,800.   

How can you save on tuition fees in Adelaide?

As previously mentioned, tuition fees account for a chunk of your cost of living in Adelaide as an international student. Even though tuition is expensive in Australia, it doesn’t mean that you cannot negotiate your seat at the university. You can apply for various Australian government and university scholarships to aid your studies and save extra money. Here is a list of   Australian scholarships for international students and a guide on How to write a scholarship essay to help you increase your chances and secure your dreams. If the scholarship doesn’t align with your needs or requirements, try contacting your university and asking them for any financial aid options. 

Cost of student accommodation in Adelaide 

Now that we have covered your tuition fees, another important part of your cost of living in Adelaide would be booking your student accommodation. Students have options of residing on the university campus or choosing to live off campus. Moreover you are free to rent out a private rental, or opt for a better option like the PBSA. Never heard about a PBSA? Don’t worry you are not living under a rock. PBSA is a type of accommodation that is specially made and designed for the needs and wants of students. With fully furnished, ample amenities, utility bills included, and much more there is no such thing as inconvenience while living at PBSA’s. Fortunately, the city of Adelaide has such student accommodations at the best prices. Depending on your type of room and location your accommodation can range from $230- $350/ week. 

How can you save on student accommodation in Adelaide?

If you want to save money on rent and accommodation, you can use your network and find flatmates or urge your friends to move in with you. Moreover, you can look for student accommodations that might be a little further away from the bustling center of Adelaide and commute to your university.

Cost of Travel in Adelaide 

Adelaide is not synonymous with transport hassle, traffic, and low connectivity to different areas. The city has some of the best and most extensive modes of transportation that will ensure you reach your destination through buses, trains, trams, and taxis. Depending on your preferred mode, your cost of living in Adelaide will change. Adelaide's bus service is very generous; the city has a free city connector bus service that halts at the main attractions and spots of Adelaide. Even trams around the city are free and convenient to catch when moving across different parts of the city. Rails, however, might cost you around $4 for a single journey. Still, keeping convenience and efficiency in mind, students can purchase the MetroCard, which helps in commuting through the entire city with different modes of transportation at a subsidized and cheaper amount.

How can you save on the cost of travel in Adelaide?

As previously mentioned, most buses and tram services are free in Adelaide, so you don’t need to worry about spending a cent on transportation. But if you have a chance to spend but are hesitant, don’t worry about it! You can always choose to walk and lose some extra calories. If walking seems like a task, then avail the free bike scheme that runs around the city. Adelaide has a free bicycle scheme introduced by the city council at different locations to help promote fitness and decrease environmental damage through public transportation. 

Food and Groceries  

While doing your cost of living in Adelaide estimates, don’t forget to include the prices of food and groceries. With fresh markets like the Adelaide Central Market to a chain of supermarkets like Frewville and Pasadena food lands, the aisle for good quality and fresh food at bargaining prices is never empty. As students, it is normal to slack over cooking food, gulping down a bowl of instant ramen, or ordering a takeaway, but it is not economical in the long run. Instead of hurting your budget, you should buy weekly groceries that might cost you an average of $104 which will include eggs, bread, milk, cheese, meat, fruits, vegetables, and much more. The variety of groceries and cuisine pantry options is huge in Adelaide. Hence you will never run out of groceries and ideas for new recipes. 

How can you save on the cost of food and groceries in Adelaide?

As mentioned above, plan and make meals at home rather than ordering boxes of pizza or chinese takeaways. This is not only detrimental to your health but also shakes up your budget leaving you with spending more than required amount on food. 


Utilities also make up for a considerable chunk of one’s budget while deciding the cost of Living in Adelaide. While living in an accommodation basic utilities like electricity, water, WiFi, heating, cooling, are billed between the range of $60-80/ week depending on the usage of such amenities. But, these costs can be reduced to nil, if you decide to book with one of our student accommodation in Adelaide. Amber provides all these amenities in student accommodations with no extra charge. All of them are included in the rent, which leaves with no worry of using extra WiFi or an extra 10 minutes of heating during chilly winter months. 

How can you save on the cost of utilities in Adelaide?

In Adelaide, utility bills are never billed separately for each person, they are billed on the entire household irrespective of the number of people staying in the accommodation. The best way to save money is by equally splitting the share with your flatmates. Some of our accommodations like Scape Adelaide Central  start with an affordable rent of $239/- with utility bills included! What a seal deal? Isn’t it?

Miscellaneous Expenses   

Apart from all the big expenses of tuition fees, student accommodation, travel, groceries, and utilities, miscellaneous expenses are also bound to happen. Miscellaneous expenses would include your shopping days, concert tickets, gym memberships, books, stationeries or impromptu weekly trips to explore the city with your friends. All these costs do make a huge influence on your cost of living in Adelaide, so on an average a student living in Adelaide would grossly spend around $150-$200.   

How can you save on miscellaneous expenses in Adelaide?

One thing you must keep in mind is that miscellaneous expenses are not a necessity. So based on your priority and convenience, make sure you spend your finances wisely. The end fact is not about saving and being frugal during your university days; it is about having fun and being financially wise. For example, instead of spending money on new clothes, you can start thrifting, search for restaurant alternatives, look for second-hand books, or use free gym equipment in the park. 

In conclusion, this was our way of bringing you the best resources and tips to help you live in Australia’s mid-expensive city. Always remember to plan a budget that will give you a chance to prepare for your rainy days.