30 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Student

30 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Student

Uploaded on
Oct 20, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Oct 20, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
30 Ways To Make Extra Money As A Student
Students! Some extra money won't hurt!

It is not surprising that college tuition is expensive, BUT there are numerous ways to make extra money, especially in college. Stop coming up with excuses that you do not have enough time or do not know where to start! In this blog, you will get answers to all your excuses because we have listed every possible easy way to make extra money as a student. 
We have listed 30 ways to make extra money as a student in college. Several options are available, whether you desire a regular schedule, flexibility, or a place to study.

Entrepreneur jobs

Being your boss is very fulfilling and profitable for college students and new grads. Find some best extra income ideas grouped under this section.

1. Freelance writing

Many employers look for a writer with a quick typing speed. Business needs writers to assist them in writing marketing content. Some examples are technical writing, reviews, blog entries, scriptwriting, social media posts, brochures, emailers, newsletters, essays, and how-to instructions. You can take up this job as a side gig to make money.
The demand for skilled professionals who can write content for clients is vital. You can search for work openings on online job boards, freelance websites, or other platforms.

2. Become a graphic designer

Do you enjoy using unique photo editing techniques? If you prefer Picsart and Pixlr for retouching photos, graphic design can be an easy way to make money. Independent graphic designers for digital marketing agencies frequently produce memes and social media posts. There are numerous ways to make extra money for freelance design work. You need to have a basic knowledge of Canva, Figma and Adobe Illustrator.

3. Youtube vlogger

In this booming era of video content consumption, now is your chance to enter the YouTube market. Although you shouldn't expect to become well-known, you should explore this industry for side gigs to make money while you are still a student if making videos appeals to you.

4. Design & sell t-shirts

Making T-shirts that you can sell online is another easy way to make money as a student for your artistic endeavours. The beautiful thing about this is that T-shirts can have amusing sayings and sentiments in addition to images, which is fantastic. Online T-shirts stores include PrintShop by Designhill, Teespring, and Cafepress.

5. Launch an online course

If you have strong knowledge of interpreting and explaining abilities, tutoring will be an excellent option for freelance employment. One benefit of this employment is that you don't have to work long hours every day, making it the easiest side hustle; you only have to film your videos and leave the marketing to the platform. You can create your online course and publish them on sites like Udemy and Skillshare, or you can apply to be an online teacher and instruct students there.

6. Become a translator

Are you multilingual? In that case, you might work as a translator, which is an easy way to make money. There is a demand for translation work on various platforms, including spoken and written language. Anyone may register and start working as a translator on websites like Live Translation and Text Master.

7. Voice-over artist

Voice-over work is growing in popularity, especially with the popularity of podcasts and online videos. If you have a good voice and a basic home microphone setup, you might consider this a side gig to make money by providing voiceover services to individuals and companies. You may locate voiceover jobs on websites like Voices123 and Bodalgo.

8. Become an SEO guru

It is the best side gig to make extra money for those who are analytical, SEO, or search engine optimisation. You can earn $75 per hour or more if you're a little astute and analytical. Online SEO classes are widely available, so go to work and master SEO!

9. Become a calligrapher

Do you have calligraphy skills? On marketplaces like Etsy, your calligraphy could fetch a high price. Many people are looking for calligraphers for invitations and stationery for important events. In actuality, many calligraphers rely entirely on their Etsy shops to support themselves.

10. Start a blog

You should consider launching a blog or website if you're looking for easy ways to make extra money as a student. This serves as your base of operations for your internet activities and has the potential to generate enormous revenue on its own. You can launch your business by building a website on Wix or uKit.

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ways to make extra money as a student

Online jobs for students

Looking for easy ways to make extra money online would be best, as it helps you manage your time better. Finding an easy way to make extra money online will build expertise and make some additional cash to help you with budgeting.

11. Online paid surveys

Online surveys are the easiest side hustle to make extra money. Research organisations are constantly looking for additional participants globally to participate in surveys and test new products. You can easily earn a couple of pounds for a few minutes of form filling, which is given as cash or prizes. Some websites offering online surveys include Pinecone, Lifepoints, YouGov, Mingle, and Survey Junkie.

12. Searching the web

Are you interested in learning how to monetise your internet activities quickly? One of the easiest side hustle ways to make money online has to be this. Searching on Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, and eBay will earn you rewards on Finishing surveys are the best extra income idea.

13. Online market trading

Funding stock traders' yachts in the Wolf of Wall Street style is no longer necessary. With the aid of internet market trading systems, you can handle everything yourself. On the website, you can trade stocks online. Online market trading is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online.

14. Publish a kindle book

If there is anything that students excel at, it is writing and research. Anyone may publish an eBook through the Kindle shop and earn money on Amazon. You will receive 70% of sales on every book you publish. Writing non-fiction and adding value are the keys to success with eBooks and an easy way to make money.

15. Review music for money

Slicethepie lets you review unsigned bands and musicians online for money if you want to turn your passion for music into a business. Some website users assert that they make £40 each month. It does not drastically alter your life, but it shouldn't be difficult if you enjoy it. Although anyone can sign up and provide reviews, all earnings are US dollars.

Sell your stuff online

Students who work as part-time online sellers acquire experience, communication abilities and business understanding. This is another easy way to make money online and is the easiest side hustle.

16. Sell your notes

This is an excellent way to make additional money if you don't mind lending your notes to other students. You can upload your notes to numerous websites or get compensated when another student downloads them. You can list your notes for free on websites like Stuvia, Docmerit and Nexus Notes. They connect you with clients in exchange for a tiny percentage of sales. You can submit handwritten notes, but typing them up will earn you more money.

17. Sell your photos

Try posting your photos to stock image websites if you have a decent eye and creativity. If someone uses them, you will be compensated. Getty Images, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are good places to start. Sell photo subjects you believe have some demand but have fewer search results to earn more money.

18. Sell second-hand textbooks

One easy way to make extra money online for students is to buy discounted textbooks from other students near the school year's conclusion and then resell them right after first-year students' week. The demand for them will be greater at this time because the incoming students are aware of their need for them. You can list them on or the Amazon Marketplace.

19. Sell your clothes

Another easy way to make extra money online is by selling clothes on eBay has long been a favourite when it comes to purging your clothing for cash. Online auctions are a surefire approach to dealing with that sleeveless jacket for real money. Numerous more second-hand marketplaces, such as the applications Depop and Vinted, make it even simpler to sell your old clothes online.

Easy ways to make money

Pretty self-explanatory. If you do not want to spend too much time working, consider these jobs an easy way to make extra money.

20. Dog walking & sitting

You can find decent dog walking or pet-sitting jobs if you like working with animals. During the day, while pet owners are at work and concerned about their pets at home, most students have some free time. Numerous websites exist that link possible housesitters with homeowners. You can do this often or once to earn additional cash for education.

21. Make money by walking

In exchange for taking steps, Sweatcoin will give you PayPal credits, gift cards, and other goods. They guarantee not to sell your personal information while sharing insights with insurance and healthcare providers. Utilise the app for local walking jobs to increase your earnings. 

22. Watch videos

One of the simplest methods to make money has to be getting paid to watch videos online if making videos sounds like heavy work. Websites like WeAre8, Swagbucks, and InboxPounds are the most well-known. They pay you to watch films and advertisements in the hopes that they will become viral.

23. Answer questions

Are you a master of some topics? Did you know that answering questions might earn you money? Users of the service can communicate with experts and pay a modest charge to have their questions answered. This is a fantastic method to assist others and a way to make extra money at the same time.

24. Babysitter

Babysitting is a fantastic way to make extra money if you're responsible. The mean hourly wage for a babysitter is $20. Start requesting a night out from your friends and neighbours who have children! You can post your services on or comparable websites to find a family nearby.

Off-campus jobs

Of course, working while studying is always a way to make extra money. Due to their busy academic schedules, summer vacations, and other factors, young adults and college students are highly suited for off-campus jobs instead of on-campus jobs

25. Work in retail

Because the hours are typically somewhat flexible and different from when college students are in class, retail is a great way to make extra money for college students to work. Most college students can work nights and weekends because many retailers need workers during those times. Additionally, this off-campus job offers a reliable income.

26. Work as a temp

For temporary off-campus jobs, check with nearby employment offices. You can get assistance from agencies in finding temporary part-time jobs doing administrative activities or customer service work, such as taking phone calls or entering data. Looking for extra income ideas while in college, you can start writing for clients on a freelance basis. College students should begin by working at temp agencies because of the diversity of tasks they may expect to do there. If you sign up with the temp agency, they'll probably put you in touch with a company that only requires temporary help.

27. Become a tutor

Becoming a tutor is another fantastic option to make money while in school. If you excel in any college course, offer to assist those who don't. You can utilise a Facebook group for the class or a placard outside the lecture hall to advertise. You can quickly discover clients and charge a fair price to increase your income. 

28. Take up a part-time job.

There are many part-time jobs, such as Fast Food Attendant, Barista, Library assistant, etc. You can look for networking opportunities and develop your professional network in your part-time job. 

29. Get an internship

While you are still in school, thinking of ways to make extra money, get an internship. Depending on your business, you may be paid as an intern. You may strengthen your résumé and gain professional experience through training. Sometimes internships can result in post-graduation permanent positions.

30. Telemarketing

Businesses are constantly looking for employees to handle the phones and make calls because cold calling is still practised. Many companies do this internally, but others use telemarking specialists to staff phones. This is another easy way to make extra money for college students if you don't mind talking on the phone for several hours and getting cut off frequently.

Tips for balancing work and studies

  1. Start a schedule, and have a study planner to track your lectures to have a clear idea.
  2. Remember your schedule and be on time for your appointments.
  3. Always set time aside to spend with your family and friends.
  4. Remember that this is a side hustle, don't take on too many work hours.
  5. Use the holidays to your advantage, and get the experience you need to make extra money.

This was our list of ways to make extra money, hoping it motivated you to make extra money and save for your future, and you get to learn new skills; how cool is that? Now go ahead and make some money!