The Ultimate Guide To Money Earning Apps For Students
5 min read

The Ultimate Guide To Money Earning Apps For Students

5 min read
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Sep 27, 2022
Last updated on
Feb 14, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 27, 2022
Last updated on
Feb 14, 2023
Earning money using online apps.
Holla for a Dolla!

When pursuing your studies overseas, you can find it quite challenging to manage their funds. Due to the unfamiliar surroundings and way of life in a different country, things become more difficult if you are an international student. But given how quickly technology is developing, it is safe to argue that everything is currently available as an app. Yes, this also includes money online earning apps. Even though there are countless apps that promise to make money for you, not all of them are reliable. Do you want to know which ones are the best and most genuine? Check out our guide to learn about some fantastic online earning apps for students.

The Ultimate Guide To Money Earning Apps For Students

It is undoubtedly risky to balance a part-time work and school at the same time because your marks could be on the line. It is advised that international students invest their additional time in researching online and working a few part-time jobs to raise their scores. The best applications for students to make money while studying are listed below. You might use online earning apps for students to make money and gift cards between classes or while you're just hanging out in your dorm.

1. Freecash

One of the websites to make money online with the quickest growth is, launched in 2020. They guarantee you not only the biggest payouts, rapid cashouts, or low minimum withdrawals, but also a simple, contemporary, and user-friendly design, active direct support, highlighted offers (deals that have dependable payouts), and worldwide signups. By performing chores, signing up for offers, completing surveys, and playing games, you can start earning money. Over $19,000,000 has already been earned by users.

You may instantly withdraw your money using PayPal, digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Doge, and gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, Play Station, and Xbox. They also provide a number of additional withdrawal options, such as purchasing skins for the most well-known titles, including CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL, or Valorant.

2. Toluna

This app's concept is to pay you money for completing surveys. Gaining points for completing surveys is the first step in this procedure. Your response to each question determines how many points you receive, not how important the survey is to you. Even up to 2000 points can be earned in some significant polls. You can use your points to buy a wide variety of gift cards, coupons, and prizes. 

Payments can be made with Starbucks gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or straight PayPal transactions. By utilising mobile app platforms that pay you for work done on their platform, students can benefit from learning how to generate money with their phones.

3. Canvera

Canvera is a site where photographers may start selling the photos they have taken. This software offers a great environment that makes it possible for all aspiring photographers to get jobs and be paid. It's one of the best earning apps for students earn money because you can also build a portfolio here and share it with others.

4. Notesgen

One of the best earning apps for students to make money is Notesgen. This is the site where you can get paid for your lecture notes if you have a habit of doing so. All you need to do is upload or share your thorough notes on a subject that many other Notesgen users are also studying. 

These individuals can download your handwritten notes from the app if they think them to be helpful to them. You can upload any easy presentations or other notes for competitive examinations that are available and in demand among other users because there are no topic limits. The amount you are paid depends on how many people download your notes. The best part about it is you basically make money while studying.

5. Fronto

This app takes up space on your lock screen and places advertisements there. You receive points in exchange for viewing the adverts. Fronto takes up very little space on your phone, so you may use it without worrying. The disadvantage is that you must use the programme constantly for at least a year in order to earn a sizable chunk of money.

6. Survey Junkie

While you wait for the bus, over lunch, or even while lounging on the couch, you may earn additional money with Survey Junkie. As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, you can make money using Survey Junkie while doing your morning chores. Signing up for Survey Junkie is simple and entirely free.

Once you've registered (which takes less than a minute), you may use your phone to take surveys while you're on the move. Compared to many other sites, Survey Junkie allows you to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time thus making it one of the best earning apps for students.

7. Job Spotter

Even though the name "Job Spotter" could be a little deceptive, it doesn't really assist students in directly finding jobs. It's an app that rewards you for assisting, the app's founding firm, in finding employment in your area. Simply take images of any job postings you come across in your neighbourhood, such as those in the newspaper or at the grocery store, and upload them to the app. A computer algorithm will assign you points for each advertising you submit. 

Typically, each contribution is worth between 5 and 150 points. These points will be given by the algorithm based on how creative the job posting is.When you are actively looking for them, you could be shocked by how many job adverts circulate. You can basically start earning money while doing your day to day activities because all you have to do is keep an eye out for those adverts! Thus making it one of the feasible and best earning apps for students.

best money earning apps for students

8. Pocket Bounty

An individual can engage in dozens of activities on their phone. Any activity might be on the list, including watching movies, downloading apps, and perhaps even completing surveys. If you read and abide by the terms and conditions, the programme Pocket Bounty will provide you money for performing the same actions. These coins can be used to purchase gift cards from Google Pay or Amazon.

9. Google opinion rewards

You can receive payment via the Google Opinion Rewards app in the form of Google Play or PayPal credits. Unfortunately, you cannot use this money to purchase tangible goods, but you may download music, applications, books, and other things with it. Simply set aside some time for online earning tools like these, do surveys, or let Google to spy on you even more than they already do to begin making money.

10. Ibotta

Ibotta is a fantastic app that we also included in our list of best earning apps for students. This is how it goes: After you shop, you upload a picture of your receipt to the app, and it searches for rebates on your behalf. Only after you reach the predetermined threshold of $20 can you cash out. While you may have already looked into ways to save money by reading up on the best tips for grocery shopping on a budget, you can also use Ibotta to make money for some extra cash.

11. Receipt Hog

With this app, you get paid to photograph your receipts. You can also upload images of receipts that members of your family or friends have. Depending on the value of the purchase, you can earn between 5 and 20 coins for every grocery or health & beauty store receipt. The only drawback is that you can only make $100 a week.

12. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the final app on our list of best earning apps for students. This programme will once more pay you generously for performing chores that you have already been doing. You can earn points by doing things like shopping, taking surveys, or watching videos. The only drawback is that gift cards are the sole form of payment, despite the fact that there is no minimum payout. However, this could be advantageous if you plan to buy accessories or give gifts to loved ones.

We hope this money earning guide was helpful. You can try them all and find the one for you kinda app for making some extra cash.  Buckle up , you got loads to print! Ka Ching!