Cost Of Living In Glasgow As A Student
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Cost Of Living In Glasgow As A Student

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Aug 1, 2022
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Mar 14, 2023
Uploaded on
Aug 1, 2022
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Mar 14, 2023
Cost of living in Glasgow
Save up the Scotts' way

Whoever said money couldn't buy you happiness has clearly never been to Disneyland. As much as we would like to appreciate the smaller joys of life, deep down, we all know that a little extra cash would just make life so much easier. Moving to a new city always comes with an adjustment period and in all the chaos, your wallet takes a big hit. To save you the trouble, we’ve broken down the cost of living in Glasgow so you can get a head start planning your life in the city. 

About Glasgow

Glasgow began as a small rural settlement on the River Clyde and has grown to become Scotland's largest seaport and city. It is now one of Britain's leading transatlantic trade hubs with North America and the West Indies. It is no surprise that the city is fourth on the list of the most visited cities in the UK, with museums, galleries, and unique attractions like the Clydeside Distillery. 

Tuition Fees in Glasgow

More than 20,000 international students live in the city. Since your cost of living in Glasgow will be heavily affected by your tuition fees, we have provided an estimate of fees from different universities. Keep in mind that your cost of tuition will change based on your course and whether or not you are pursuing a part-time or full-time plan of study. To help reduce your cost of living in Glasgow, you can consider pursuing a part-time or online course to cut down on tuition. 

University of Glasgow tuition fees

The University of Glasgow is one of Scotland's four oldest universities and the fourth oldest English-speaking university in the world. It was established by Papal Bull in 1451. To help understand the cost of living in Glasgow here is a breakdown of tuition fees. 

University of Strathclyde tuition fees

Established in 1964, this university is located in the heart of Glasgow and welcomes students from over 100 countries every year. It is the city’s second-oldest university. Here is a break down of the university’s tuition fees so you can better understand the cost of living in Glasgow.  

How can you save on tuition fees in Glasgow?

The university decides fees, so it's not like you can walk in and bargain your way to a discount. But there are still several ways to reduce your tuition fees and save on your cost of living in Glasgow. Applying for a scholarship is the best way to cut down on your cost of living in Glasgow. There are many different scholarships available to students studying in the UK, like the Chevening Scholarship, which can help reduce the burden of tuition fees. 

Cost of student accommodation in Glasgow 

Student accommodation will be a significant factor to consider when thinking of your cost of living in Glasgow. As a student, you have several housing options to choose from, like on-campus or off-campus accommodation and private rentals or PBSAs. PBSAs or purpose-built student accommodations, are properties made exclusively for students. They are often fully furnished and are located close to universities to increase convenience for students.

 To cut down on your cost of living in Glasgow, you can choose a range of reasonably priced accommodation options in Glasgow. The cost of student accommodation in Glasgow will depend upon the location of housing. For example, student accommodation near the city centre will likely be more expensive than accommodation near the suburbs. The cost of living in Glasgow will also vary according to the room type that you choose. There are 3 main room types for you to choose from which are:

  • Studios: A multipurpose living space that can be dual or single occupancy. 
  • En-suites: A dual or single occupancy room within a house or flat with a private bathroom. 
  • Non-ensuites: A dual or single occupancy room within a house or flat. 

Some approximate values of the cost of living in Glasgow by room type are:

How can you save on student accommodation costs?

Living with roommates or opting to share a room can help you cut down on your cost of living in Glasgow. Housing will also be more affordable further away from the main city centre. Finding housing in a suburb will also help you reduce your cost of living in Glasgow. The city also has a range of affordable PBSAs like MyPad Paisley that will help you cut down on your cost of living in Glasgow. 

Cost of Travel in Glasgow

Glasgow is a well-connected city which makes travel within and around the city very convenient. The city has some of the best public transport networks in Scotland and their systems are very well organized and easy to use. Glasgow has many coach and bus operators, of which FirstGroup is the most well-known. People between the ages of 16 and 18 are eligible for various bus discounts and concessions, which will help them travel around the city at affordable rates. 

Glasgow bus fares

First Bus Glasgow operates over 80 routes across the city and has a variety of tickets to choose from, including day tickets allowing unlimited travel in your selected area all day or a weekly ticket if you're staying longer.

Glasgow train fares

The subway is one of the easiest ways to get around the city centre, west end and south side of Glasgow and is the best way for students to avoid on-road traffic. Glasgow’s underground train network is the third oldest in the world and it services 15 different stations around the city. 

How can you save on travel costs?

Finding accommodation close to your campus, or wherever you need to regularly commute, can help cut down on your cost of living in Glasgow. As mentioned above, students are often offered a range of discounts on travel passes. To avail of these, make sure to check with your university or at local bus or train station to help reduce your daily travel expenses.  

Food and Groceries

The cost of food and groceries will likely vary significantly from person to person and is an important component of your cost of living in Glasgow as a student. The amount you spend on food per week will also depend upon whether you eat out or cook at home. 

Cost of eating out  

Your cost of living in Glasgow will vary depending on the restaurants you frequent. To help you get a rough idea of how much eating out will cost you, here is an estimate of different types of meals from some famous restaurants in Glasgow. 

Cost of groceries 

Depending upon how much time you get off school and how quickly you consume your food, you’ll need to shop for groceries at least 3-4 times a month. Since dietary needs and preferences are very varied, it would be difficult to provide an exact estimate of your expenditure on food. Instead, here is the cost of basic necessities so you can better estimate your cost of living in Glasgow. 

To reduce your cost of living in Glasgow, you can even use your student ID to get student discounts at certain grocery stores. Some affordable supermarkets in Glasgow are: 

  • Lidl
  • Roots, Fruits and Flowers
  • Babylon Supermarket
  •  OAKA Supercity
  • Polish Taste
  • Solly’s African Village 

How can you save on your food expenses?

We know that Glasgow's top restaurants are hard to resist, but To lower your cost of living in Glasgow, you should make as many meals at home as possible. Eating out may be fun, but will prove to be very costly very quickly. Cooking with friends can also be a fun way to pass time and is an important life skill to learn - after isn't that what college is all about?


Basic utilities are an unavoidable expense when calculating your cost of living in Glasgow. Utilities are required for the basic functioning of your home. Hot water, electricity and heating and cooling are usually billed together and will depend on where you live and how much you use these utilities.

How can you save on utilities?

Since utilities are charged per household rather than per individual, sharing a flat with friends will enable you to save money on these expenses. To reduce the cost of living in Glasgow, you can also choose student housing that includes all of your utilities in the rent. All utilities are included in the rent at Kyle Park House, which has a starting rate of £119 per week.

Miscellaneous Expenses

As a student in the city, there’s no doubt that you’ll incur a few additional expenses over and above your “necessities.” Tuition isn’t where spending on your education ends. You’ll need to buy books, stationery, and laptop accessories and depending on what your studying you may even need art supplies, lab equipment and who knows what else. If your college has great resources, they could take of these expenses for you, but more often than not, you’ll be financing these things yourself which will likely increase your cost of living in Glasgow. 

You also need to set aside some money for recreational activities while you calculate your cost of living in Glasgow. After all, college is all about making new friends and having new experiences. This means going to events, concerts, shopping for a new look and getting in shape to shed the extra college weight.

How can you cut down on these expenses?

If you’re looking to cut down on your cost of living in Glasgow, these will be the first expenses to go. If you find that your funds are running low, you may need to cut down on the retail therapy you’ve convinced yourself that you need. Looking for cheaper alternatives like shopping at thrift stores,  exercising at home, and renting textbooks can help you reduce your cost of living in Glasgow.

Planning a budget, managing your finances and allocating your funds are all admittedly boring, but important parts of your student life. We’ve broken down the cost of living in Glasgow so you have an easier time planning out your journey. We hope you’ve found this blog helpful and wish you all the best with your student journey in Glasgow! 

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