Cost of Living in Leeds: A Comprehensive Guide 2023
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Cost of Living in Leeds: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

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Nov 9, 2022
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Nov 9, 2022
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Cost of living in Leeds

Do you know what can't be purchased to make someone happy? What isn't the most crucial thing in the entire world? Or isn't everything, as they often say? Yes, as you might have suspected, we are discussing money. The goal is the same whether it goes by the name of dollars, pounds, euros, or pesos: to make your life simple and comfortable. For this reason, when it comes to the cost of living in Leeds, where money is a relatively important component, one needs to take a lot of variables into account to ensure they're staying in a location that most don't enjoy but must, that is, within budget. We have broken down the cost of living in Leeds as a student for you so that you can understand what to expect from the city because we know how draining logistics may be.

About Leeds 

Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, an English county. The town is a part of the West Yorkshire Built-up Region, which has 1.7 million residents and is the fourth-largest urban area in the United Kingdom. Leeds is renowned for having a wide variety of shopping centres, such as Kirkgate Market. Of all the UK's major employment hubs, Leeds has the most mixed economy. Its private sector job growth has been the quickest of any UK city, and its public-to-private sector employment ratio is the greatest of all the UK's Core Cities. Leeds' economy depends on tourism; in 2009, UK tourists ranked Leeds as their eighth-most-favourite English city.
Initially, it might not be simple to budget your spending and find ways to save money. Still, as you get to know the city, you'll develop a routine and discover your money management methods. The living cost of a student can vary from person to person. We've broken down the average cost of living in Leeds, so you can get a head start on this process and be prepared before you start your academic adventure.


Let's start with what will probably be your most significant outlay of money: tuition. Depending on your college and the course you've applied for, tuition costs will change.

University of Leeds 

The University of Leeds, founded in 1904, is a member of the esteemed Russell Group of research-intensive universities and has an international reputation for distinction in teaching and research. With 38,000 students now enrolled from more than 170 countries, Leeds is one of the most prominent colleges in the nation. Its single campus is 98 acres, approximately one mile from the busy city centre. Excellent classrooms, four libraries, a modern swimming pool, and a fitness centre named "The Edge" with a current performance area are just a few of the campus amenities.

Leeds Beckett University

The First Direct Arena, the area's primary shopping centre, is close to Leeds Beckett University's City Campus. Additionally, it has good access to public transportation. The Leeds Beckett University campus includes everything you need, including more time in the library, a place to eat lunch with friends, and a gym. More than 170 undergraduate and 200 graduate courses are offered by the university. In addition, it offers courses for distance learning. The institution provides instruction in a wide range of fields, including accounting and finance, the arts and design, business and management, engineering, law, film, performing arts, marketing, public relations, and journalism, nursing, and more.

The University of Law, Leeds.

One of the UK's oldest and most reputable institutions for specialised legal education is the University of Law. Gibson & Weldon, a tutoring company that was founded in 1876, is where ULaw got its start. In 2016, they inaugurated their prestigious Business School. With a long history, a reputation for creativity, and modern teaching methods, ULaw is always working to cultivate the top legal and business brains. The University of Law offers various courses from undergraduate to post graduate courses. Click here to get a detailed description of the course you want.

How can you save on tuition fees?

The schools predetermine the tuition costs, but if you wish to enroll in one of these colleges, you can apply for a number of scholarships. Applying for scholarships is a great way to minimise your total. Find out whether your university provides any scholarship opportunities to students by enquiring. You can also submit an application for a few government-sponsored scholarships. Some of the best scholarships in Leeds are: 

List of types of scholarships in leeds
Types Of Scholarships In Leeds

Undergraduate Programmes: Full-time students enrolled in undergraduate courses at the University of Leeds are eligible for the following scholarships:

  1. Topic-specific Scholarships: Students who succeed in a particular subject at the University of Leeds may also be eligible for a scholarship.
  2. The Undergraduate Science and Engineering scholarship, worth 2,000 GBP a year, is available to students pursuing degrees in science or engineering.
  3. UG International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships for Students in the Relative Branch in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Psychology International Excellence Scholarships for Students in the Psychology
  4. Scholarships offered by Laidlaw: There are 25 Laidlaw Scholarships offered each year, and they offer financial support so that you can engage in a variety of self-improvement activities while honing your leadership and research abilities.


Leeds is one of the most buzzing cities in the UK. There is a humble abode for everyone here! We will break down the accommodation prices further. Renting an accommodation can be a daunting experience but don’t worry we will make the process easier. 
Renting an accommodation in Leeds is relatively cheaper than London, on an average renting a 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre will cost you around 830£ and if you’re looking for bigger apartments it could go up to £1,500.

Student accommodation costs

It should come as no surprise that student accommodation is one of the most important factors in your budget. The cost of living in Leeds in the north of England is much lower than in the south. As a result, as compared to southern UK cities, lodging in Leeds is less expensive. Your weekly expenditures, including utility bills, will be between £150 and £300 if you choose to live in student accommodations near Leeds University. As you go further from the campus, the rent will considerably fall. By utilising the free on-site amenities offered by PBSA, such as the internet, daily meals, laundry, gym, and cleaning services, you may also save a tonne of money. 

How can you save on student accommodation costs?

You can lower your Cost of living in Leeds  by living with friends or renting a room for two people. The  living cost of student accommodation will likewise be less expensive the farther you are from the city centre. You can hunt for property in a neighbouring residential area and commute to your institution to lower the  living cost of a student in Leeds .

Travel costs

Student Travel in Leeds: 
Excellent public transit is available in this city, including a free municipal bus that travels to several sites. All of the important student residences in Leeds are easily accessible via the city's transportation systems. A vast train and bus network makes it simple to get to the institutions.
Metro: Young individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 can apply for an M-card from Metro in Leeds and West Yorkshire. With this card, you may take many buses and trains around Leeds, West Yorkshire, and the Yorkshire Dales without needing to buy separate tickets for each one.
Bus: You may get a single-day ticket at around $4.30; they also provide free student travel.
Train: Trains run frequently from Leeds Central Station to the popular student accommodation neighbourhoods of Burley Park and Headingley; use your 16–25 Railcard for cheaper fares.

How can you save on travel costs?

The fundamental goal is to walk, whether the phrase is "walk that talk" or "talk that walk." You may maintain activity by walking while simultaneously lowering your travel expenses. If you anticipate doing some trips very regularly, think about buying combo passes or special term passes.
Many public transit companies provide large travel discounts to university students. Check with your institution to see if there are any discounts you can take advantage of if you wish to minimise your cost of living in Leeds.

Food and groceries

Food and grocery costs are important to consider when talking about the cost of living in Leeds. These costs are more challenging to predict because they surely vary from person to person. A student, though, will generally spend £50-200 per month on meals. The following is a list of some of the most frequent meals and food prices for students:

How can you save on your food expenses?

This one might be challenging because, obviously, the cheapest method to reduce your food expenses would be to just stop eating. However, we are both aware that it is both unrealistic and wrong. You could start preparing healthy quick meals at home. You'll notice that dining out can significantly drain your finances. It could be challenging to fit cooking into your daily routine at first, but with practice, it will become a lot easier—and you might even start to like it! Take your choice from the easy recipes for college students on our blog if you're seeking some ideas in that area.


When estimating the Cost of living in Leeds, basic utilities are an unavoidable investment. Your home needs utilities to operate on a basic level. Depending on where you live and how much you use these commodities, hot water, electricity, heating, and cooling can cost anywhere from £180 to $200 each month. You may have to pay £25–30 per month for wifi depending on the package you take.

How can you save on utilities?

One word: Minimalism. You'll be shocked by how much money you may save after you adopt a minimalist lifestyle. This doesn't mean you compromise on your essentials; they're called essentials of life for a reason. You may try dividing the expense. Since utilities are charged per household rather than per individual, sharing a flat with friends will enable you to save money on these expenses. All utilities are included in the rent at Centurion House, which has starting rents of £160 a week.

Miscellaneous expenses

While you're a student, your leisure expenses will significantly affect your cost of living in Leeds. This will cover your spending on items like a gym membership, shopping, trips, seeing museums, and attending athletic events. These living costs might change based on your choices, but setting aside between £140 and $200 a month should be enough to pay them.

How can you cut down on these expenses?

If you feel like you need to lower your Cost of living in Leeds, you must be mindful of your expenditure on leisure and other miscellaneous expenses. You can try to replace some of these costs with less expensive options. For instance, you could wish to cut back on your gym membership, which costs £30 per month. You can research other reasonably priced gyms in the region or even inquire at your university, which is likely to have its own open exercise centre that you can utilise at a much lesser cost. Cut down on frequent visits to restaurants since they end up taking a huge chunk of your finances, instead start preparing home cooked meals.

We've made an effort to break down your Cost of living in Leeds to help planning your stay easier because managing your budget isn't always simple. We sincerely hope that you will find this information useful and can use it as a guide while creating your budget. Any student who has the opportunity to study in Leeds would be fortunate.

Psst! Unbeknownst to those who simply scroll to the end without reading, our guide to Leeds covers most of the topics discussed but not all. Give it another read if you think you missed anything above.

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