Do's and Don'ts of Luggage Shipping

Do's and Don'ts of Luggage Shipping

Uploaded on
Feb 7, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 7, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023
Dos and Don'ts of Luggage Shipping

With advancing shipping technologies and better security checks, luggage shipping has become widespread among international students. When done correctly, shipping luggage internationally can take away one of the hassles of moving away for higher studies. If you are a student and are shipping your luggage internationally for the first time, knowing the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping can help you big time!

So, why do students opt for shipping their luggage over taking it with them on the move? What are the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping? Find the deets right here in this blog! 

Is it a good idea to send luggage through international shipping?

Before discussing the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, let’s find out why you should even consider the option of shipping internationally in the first place. If you are an international student and are shifting to a new country for the first time, it is only fair that you deal with as few hassles as possible. Since there’s already so much going on, handling a lot of luggage while travelling may become anxiety-inducing. 

So, to make sure your transit is as smooth as possible, travelling light is the best way to remove the additional stress. And to travel light, it is better to send luggage through international shipping services.  

Here are some solid reasons to opt for shipping your luggage internationally: 

It’s convenient

Opting for student luggage shipping makes you physically less burdened while travelling. You can have just a small handbag of essentials that you will need when you reach your destination. The extra mobility you can get with limited luggage will make your travel experience smoother. 

It saves a lot of time 

If you have shipped most of your luggage already and don’t have much to carry on the plane, you can completely eradicate the hassle of luggage check-in. This can help you save time and effort at the airport. 

Eradicates chances of losing luggage 

Forget the stress of losing your luggage or the rare luggage exchanges with strangers by shipping your luggage beforehand. Make sure you choose from the best and most reliable shipping companies

Pretty compelling, right? Now let’s understand the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping! 

Certain things must be considered to ensure your luggage is shipped correctly without delays or returns. So, if it’s your first time with student luggage shipping, here are some crucial dos and don’ts of luggage shipping to keep in mind: 

Do Pack Appropriately For Shipping Internationally

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, packing appropriately is one of the most crucial things to do. Make sure you pack appropriately to ensure a smooth shipping experience and that none of your luggage is damaged in transit. Avoid just stuffing everything into plastic bags hastily, and use the right kind of material for everything you are packing. Make sure you don’t over-pack or under-pack. Pack the right amount of luggage in the bags or boxes tightly and securely. 

To understand the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, it is essential to know how packing your luggage, boxes, and special items differs. 

Here’s how you can pack everything appropriately: 

Packing Luggage

  • Make sure to use a sturdy bag or suitcase with a double-walled body. 
  • Use packaging material like bubble wraps to protect your fragile goods inside the luggage. 
  • Secure the pull handle of the suitcase well with lots of tape. Tuck away everything and secure it with tape. 
  • Pack the suitcase tightly to make sure everything is secure inside. 
  • If you’re packing toiletries, keep them in a separate bag before packing them into the suitcase. 
  • Keep your suitcase unlocked in case the customs officers need to check the luggage. In case it’s locked, the suitcase is held by the custom and returned, delaying the whole process of your shipping. 

Packing Boxes 

  • Use only sturdy cardboard boxes with a double wall inside while shipping internationally.
  • Securely shut the top and bottom of the box to ensure it doesn’t open up during transit. Make sure you ‘H’ tape the top and bottom. 
  • Use lots of packaging material to tightly and securely pack your goods. 

Packing Special Goods 

  • If you have particular things, like a bicycle, musical instruments, or sports equipment, to be shipped, make sure you pack them up separately. 
  • Research the right way to pack these items and ensure you follow the best practices. 

Don’t Ignore The Restrictions And Regulations 

Discussing the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping means knowing what NOT to pack. Packing any restricted material can land you in unnecessary trouble and delays. Research the limitations and make sure you are packing accordingly. Know the shipping rules and regulations of the places you are shipping to. Ensure your luggage's weight and packaging are according to the rules. 

Do Paste The Correct Labels

Another crucial dos and don’ts of luggage shipping is proper labelling. A lot of times, the process of luggage shipping gets unnecessarily complicated and delayed for simple mishaps like the label getting damaged or displaced. While packing your luggage for international shipping, make sure you label your luggage correctly. Ensure the label you are attaching is not wrinkled or has the bar code, details, and tracking number.

Let’s find out more: 

Labelling Luggage 

  • Use a luggage tag to label your luggage correctly. 
  • If you don’t have access to a luggage tag, secure the label onto your luggage by taping it 360 degrees with plenty of clear tape. 

Labelling Boxes

  • Don’t put the label on your box's corners or edges. 
  • Stick the label on the side of the box. 
  • Seal the sides with thick scotch tape and cover the top surface with enough clear tape to make the details visible.  

Don’t Miscalculate The Timing Of The Luggage Delivery 

Among all the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, miscalculating your timing is the biggest no-no. Make sure you calculate the timing of your luggage shipping correctly. Get a tentative date of when you will be receiving the shipped luggage. Plan your move accordingly so you are available during the luggage delivery. 

Do Ask For A Tracking Code 

Considering all the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, DO NOT EVER forget to ask your shipping company for a tracking code for your international luggage shipping. The tracking code will allow you to keep track of your valuable luggage at every step till the luggage delivery. The feeling of extra security that tracking your luggage can bring to the table with help you keep your peace of mind. 

Don’t Hesitate To Check For Student Luggage Shipping Discounts

Since we are discussing the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, here’s a fabulous tip!  Why miss on the chance of saving some money on the shipping when you can avail a great student discount? Many shipping companies have lower rates of international shipping available for international students. So, check with your shipping company for any such student discounts. 

Handling your luggage while moving away becomes more manageable with a thorough knowledge of the dos and don’ts of luggage shipping. All your luggage is picked up for you, shipped, and dropped off at your student accommodation so you can enjoy your journey rather than worrying about the luggage. With the proper measures, precautions, and dos and don’ts of luggage shipping, the ascension to your dream life becomes smoother than ever!