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Highest Paying Jobs in the UK 2022
5 min

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK 2022

Feb 11, 2022
5 min

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Learn about the highest paying jobs in the UK and how to get them!

Personal motivations come first in our list of top lifetime priorities when choosing a job career, but financial profits must also be considered. We don't want to put all of our efforts into our education and professional qualifications only to find a job that only pays enough to cover the bills.

Career opportunities abound in the United Kingdom, and salaries are competitive enough to meet your financial goals. However, if you're wondering which one might be particularly profitable for you, the highest paying jobs in the UK and highest paying jobs in the world based on weekly salary are listed below.

1. CEOs and Senior Officials

Chief executives are in charge of organising and coordinating a company's financial activities. They are in charge of ensuring that the company meets its financial objectives by making critical decisions ranging from daily to long-term financial planning strategies. Their responsibilities also include appointing senior managers and heads of specific departments within the company and mentoring their activities.

If this is the path you want to take, you've made a wise decision because chief executives are among the highest-paid employees in the UK.

A chief executive and a senior official are expected to earn around £1,725 per week.

A business degree, related subjects, and at least three years of experience are usually required to become a chief executive. Employers look for individuals with personal and leadership skills in addition to degree qualifications.

Annual salary: 90,000 GBP

2. Marketing & Sales director

Marketing strategies are critical for businesses to expand and maintain their market prestige. Individuals with the professional abilities to design and organize marketing campaigns and work with sales are thus in high demand.

Marketing and sales directors are among the highest and easy high paying jobs in the UK due to their importance in a company.

According to official figures, a marketing and sales director earns £1,397 per week. It would help if you had a bachelor's degree in business or a related field to be considered for this position. On the other hand, other types of degrees are acceptable if a certain amount of relevant experience is included.

Annual Salary: 75,631 GBP

3. Legal Professionals

A law degree opens up a plethora of job opportunities in various fields, best paying jobs in finance and is one of the highest paying careers. Aside from a wide range of job opportunities, such a degree will help you land a gratifying job career. A law graduate is expected to earn £1,349.3 per week on average.

A bachelor's degree in law is typically required to enter this job market.

You will almost certainly find a better job and earn more if you pursue a higher degree in law.

Annual Salary: 76,522 GBP

4. Medical Practitioners

The United Kingdom boasts one of the best medical systems in the world. Universities maintain strong ties with hospitals, and as a result, medical graduates have a high employability rate after graduation.

Even though it is a challenging profession, medical professionals are among the highest-paid in the UK. There are numerous roles available in this industry, and as a result, the salary range is vast. Health care at home professionals are estimated to earn around $1,220 per week on average.

You will not work in medicine unless you have a world-class education. Typically, you'll need a bachelor's degree in medicine that took at least five years to complete, as well as relevant experience.

Annual Salary: 64,504 GBP

5. Advertising and PR directors

How a company presents itself in the market has a significant impact on its ability to achieve its business objectives. Thus, advertising and public relations agents are in charge of targeting their target audience and using various advertising methods to create a positive image of their company.

Advertising and public relations are among the top ten highest-paying jobs in the United Kingdom. If you are hired as an advertising and public relations agent in the United Kingdom, you can expect to earn around £1,160 per week.

A Bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, or communications is typically required to land a well-paying job in the Advertising and Public Relations industry.

Annual Salary: 64,641 GBP


You should select a job wholly aligned with your field of interest. Not everyone aspires to be a CEO, just as not everyone aspires to be a train conductor. It's all about finding a career that makes you happy while also allowing you to live comfortably.