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How can an advisor aid a students career
2 min

How can an advisor aid a students career

Jun 15, 2021
2 min

It is fascinating to note, according to a survey conducted by Ellucian in 2019, 51% of students are not confident in their career path when they enrol into the university.

It is also fascinating to know that according to a survey conducted by India Today in 2019, 93% of students are aware of only 7 career options! That’s right! But so wrong at the same time because there are over 250 career options a student can choose both locally and globally.

So how can a student find out about different career options and which one would be the best one for them? One way that can surely help would be to seek guidance from an ADVISOR!

A recent survey conducted by Zoom Abroad suggests that 50% of students agree that they need an advisor and 33% said they could consider it. Based on your requirements, interests, and eligibility, an advisor can help you find the right career path. This is precisely what Zoom Abroad strives to do!

Zoom Abroad is a UK based Ed-Tech organisation providing a unique online marketplace for students to meet their best-fit advisor. Each student has different requirements. Some may prioritise a high-ranking university, while others might prioritise getting a scholarship. Zoom Abroad uses the latest Ai technology to match the student with the best advisor on their platform based on these requirements and their educational background.

So, why should a student choose Zoom Abroad? Not only does Zoom Abroad match the student to the best advisor, but they also help the student from application to enrolment! A student can expect guidance in applying to universities, refining their Statement of Purpose and Resumes, understanding the best scholarship and financial options, getting prepared for credibility interviews, visa application assistance and even pre and post enrolment support! In addition to this, Zoom Abroad conducts multiple mentoring sessions with industry experts for students to get more insight as well.

A student can also use the platform to explore different opportunities themselves. They can look for over 45,000 courses, compare universities, filter options based on their budget, look for accommodation and part-time jobs, understand general student life and check essential statistics to be able to make an informed decision.

Zoom Abroad is based in the UK, primarily caters to international students looking to study in the UK. However, if international students are keen to study in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any European country as well, Zoom Abroad is there to help them!