How to apply for permanent residence in the UK
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How to apply for permanent residence in the UK

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Dec 28, 2022
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Mar 11, 2023
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Dec 28, 2022
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Mar 11, 2023
UK Permanent Residence
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The UK Permanent Residency is called Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The ILR status will allow you to work, study and live in the UK permanently without any immigration restrictions or any limitations on the amount of time you can stay for. Many people from all over the world, especially students, aspire to come to the UK to study and work and eventually settle down there, and for that, they will need UK Permanent Residency (ILR). If you're interested in applying for the UK Permanent Residency, the application process, requirements, cost, eligibility and more, keep reading to find out in this ultimate guide to the UK Permanent Residency.

Why should you get a UK Permanent Residence?

A person that holds a UK permanent residency is not subject to the immigration controls and can travel in and out of the country on their own terms. There are many benefits of holding a UK permanent residency that is mentioned below:

1. Easy entry into the UK

Having the UK Permanent Residence will make the administrative formalities or dealing with the authorities easier and smoother as you may not need to prove your job status, sufficient resources etc. 

2. Applying for British Citizenship 

Just 1 year after you obtain the UK Permanent Residence, you can apply for British Citizenship. Without the UK Permanent Residence, you are not eligible to apply for British Citizenship.

3. Social Security Benefits

Social services and social security are highly invested in by the UK Government, and to take advantage of the benefits, you have to have a UK Permanent Residence. Many schemes like family tax benefits, basic pensions, subsidies, unemployment insurance and more are available for people holding UK Permanent Residence.

4. Family can live in the UK

The family of the person having a UK Permanent Residence can live with them in the UK even if they don't qualify for one themselves. Children, parents, spouses, and other dependent family members of the person holding the UK Permanent Residence can live in the UK. 

5. Healthcare Benefits

A person with a UK Permanent Residence can get a lot of benefits, and it helps appropriate health costs and even be exempted from them if applicable. If you register with a GP you can get the benefits of Dental and Optical Care. The National Health Service (NHS) can also be used for any kind of hospital treatment.

6. Helps child become a British Citizen

There will be a benefit to the person holding the UK Permanent Residence‘s child’s citizenship application if both the child’s parents have a UK Permanent Residence and are in the UK or are moving to the UK with the child. They have sole responsibility for the child.

7. Housing Benefits

Having a UK Permanent Residence gives you many housing benefits. You can apply for homelessness assistance if you need it and it will be generally easier to find a place to rent if you have a UK Permanent Residence.

 8. International Education benefits for children

UK Permanent Residence allows you to get student support if you have been ordinarily resident in the country for 3 years. After 3 years, even the children holding the ILR statutes are allowed to go to school and are eligible for the Skills Funding Agency(SFA) funded courses.

Who is Eligible for a UK Permanent Residence?

There are a few eligibility criteria you have to pass to be eligible for a UK Permanent Residence, which are as follows:

  1. Tier 1 and Tier 2 work permit - 5 years
  2. A married or unmarried partner who is a British Citizen  - 2 years
  3. Lawful stay on any basis - 10 years
  4. Ancestry - 5 years
  5. Sportsperson, artist, investor or business owner - 5 years
  6. Unlawful stay - 15 years
  7. A statement from the employer after receiving the UK Permanent Residence stating that the employment and ability to meet the pay criteria. The employment should pay the person more than the minimum wage, which is more than  £25,600 per year, an hourly rate of £10.10. The ‘Standard wage’ for your task.
  8. A “Life in the UK” test for anyone between the ages of 18 and 64.
  9. A degree taught in English or an English language certificate of at least level B1 of the CEFR.
uk permanent residence eligibility

Documents required for a UK Permanent Residence

The documents needed for a UK Permanent Residence need to be submitted on time and accurately, and there cannot be any missing documents. The documents needed are

  1. Proof of address which is a lease or rent contract
  2. Council Tax letters
  3. If the person applying has any other income sources, the proof of the calculations.
  4. Proof of financial status through the bank account statements
  5. Currently valid Pay Stubs
  6. An appointment letter with a signatory authority stamp and the date by the employer.

If applying for Legal Relationship Status for Set (M):

  1. Birth and Marriage certificate
  2. Photo and video evidence of the family member

If applying for Set (0):

  1. Passport-size pictures taken recently with your full name on the back
  2. Recent Pay Stubs to show your income or that it is above the required amount to qualify to settle in the UK. 
  3. Listed on your personal bank account or building society statement should be the name, account number, transactions by the sponsor, financial institution name, and statement date.

What does the application process look like for a UK Permanent Residence?

  1. After the applicant graduates, they should examine the criteria for UK Permanent Residence.
  2. Find the application you qualify for and fill out the online form.
  3. The UK Permanent Residence application needs to be filled out at least 28 days before the expiration of your qualifying term.
  4. The application for the Biometric Residence Permit needs to be filled out.
  5. The personal history part needs to be properly filled.
  6. Sign the declaration form once you have read it.
  7. You will get a statement on your application within 6 months if you have used the standard services.

How to get a UK Permanent Residence

1. Getting into a university

Getting into a university in the UK is the first step to getting a UK Permanent Residence. The higher education there is one of the best in the world, and a degree obtained from one of those universities will surely give you a great foundation for your career.

2. Get a Student Visa

After you're admitted to a UK University, a student visa application is necessary. This student visa will later help with a UK Permanent Residence.

3. Internships Matter

The internship will help you build up a great resume and also help financially. Tier - 4 visa-holding students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week when the school year is in session and full-time during holidays and vacations. This is a very important step in getting a UK Permanent Residence. Get to know more about how to get an internship and the benefits of online internships, and how to write your first resume.

4. Get a Job

After graduating, a student can apply for a post-study work (PSW)  visa that will allow them to be employed in any job for the first 2 years before it is converted to a normal work visa. Overseas students that have enough funds to start their own organisation can apply for The Entrepreneur Visa. Tier 1,2 and 5 visas can be obtained by students who want to on their own startups.

Cost of UK Permanent Residence

The application charge for one person's UK Permanent Residence is £2,389, and for the Biometric data is £19.20. If you apply in person, there will be a higher fee, but the statement will be given on the same day, and they won't have to wait for up to 6 months for the request to be processed. If you opt for the Priority service then the statement will be delivered in 5 working days, but you will have to pay an additional £500 which will bring the total to £2,899. If you opt for the Super Priority Service, you will get the statement the day after you provide the biometric data, which will cost you an additional £800, which will bring the total to £3,189.

There you go, that is how you can obtain a Uk Permanent Residence, and once you're all settled in, you can plan a fun road trip with your friends or check out the best theme parks you can visit to celebrate and don't forget to check out the ultimate guide to public transportation in the Uk that will help you get around.