Job-Hunting Tips For Fresh Graduates
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Job-Hunting Tips For Fresh Graduates

5 min
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Jan 10, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 11, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 10, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 11, 2023
Job-Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates
Dream jobs wait for no one

Job search is always challenging; the exercise can be extremely daunting when you are a fresher just entering the job market. Job seekers who wish to make the best use of their time will find these job-hunting tips useful for fresh graduates. 

You may often wonder about the best ways to job hunt. There are several challenges, from the demands listed in job descriptions, alignment of interests, and skill sets to salary negotiations, so resorting to job-hunting tips for fresh graduates can help boost your chances of securing your dream job.  

There are also specific challenges, such as how entry-level roles infamously ask for experience. In short, navigating the job market is challenging, and job-hunting tips for fresh graduates can be a great help. If you are just entering the job market, here are some job-hunting tips for fresh graduates to help you. 

10 Best Job-Seeking Tips And Techniques

If you are wondering how to job hunt effectively, here are the 10 best ways to job hunt. For fresh graduates, job-hunting can be challenging. Experience usually contributes to these challenges. However, these job-seeking tips and techniques will surely make it easier for you.

Understand the market

One of the most important job-hunting tips for fresh graduates is research. You must know as much as possible about the market you wish to work in if you want to know how to job hunt effectively. The job market in each country looks slightly different, so job-hunting tips for fresh graduates may differ. So one of the best ways to job hunt is to understand the market in the desired country. It will also help you gain awareness and prepare for job interviews.

Learn about the working culture

Now that you know about the market you are entering, the next thing you need to know is the acceptable working culture. How employers and recruiters looking for potential candidates, the hiring and application process, and the interview preparation stages differ from one country to another, from one employer to another. 

For example, video interviews and assessment centers are fairly common in the UK. In India, using WhatsApp as a means of professional networking is considered normal, which may raise eyebrows in Europe. This is one of those job-hunting tips for fresh graduates that will surely help you be one step ahead of the competition. 

Network with industry professionals

One of the most incredible job-hunting tips for fresh graduates, networking is an art and science that can help boost your career in more ways than one. Reaching out to professionals and conversing with them helps you build relationships. These relationships can lead to job opportunities, partnerships, speaking opportunities, help you find a mentor, etc. 

Make good use of LinkedIn

Using your LinkedIn profile is the best way to network and one of the most effective job-hunting tips for fresh graduates. There is no better way to get in touch with hundreds of people other than social media, which makes this one of the best job-hunting tips for fresh graduates. 

You can start by sharing your original content if you like going the extra mile. Still, you can always start by engaging with others' posts, commenting on them, and reaching out to them over private messages to start a conversation. Regarding job-hunting tips for fresh graduates, networking is an under-utilised tool. It is also a great way to learn how to write your resume

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Add details about your past work experiences, right down to some anecdotes about your work, or some lessons you may have learned in your jobs. Along with that, you can optimise your profile picture with your current employment status. You can also add an ‘about me’ section where you can mention your skills, hobbies, and interests, along with the kind of job you are applying for; these LinkedIn profile tips will make your job hunting journey easier and will also make your profile stand out. 

Don't wait to graduate

As the saying goes, don’t wait for tomorrow if it can be done today - similarly, waiting to graduate to begin your job hunt is perhaps one of the worst job-hunting tips for fresh graduates. There is no time like now, so if you want to be one step ahead, here are simple job-hunting tips for fresh graduates now. 

As an international student, time is of the essence for your career journey, which is why resorting to job-hunting tips for fresh graduates at the early stages of your journey is important. Many graduate schemes open up a year before the role is supposed to start. So if you want to work in a graduate scheme in September 2024 in the UK, you need to start applying in September 2023. 

Most jobs hire on the basis of your projected grades. If you delay your application process, you risk losing out on opportunities that get filled on a rolling basis! So, don’t waste time reading job-hunting tips for fresh graduates without actually implementing them.

Target relevant job postings

The more specific you can be i n your job and company research, the better. As an international student, you also need to find jobs where employers are willing to work with international graduates and potentially sponsor your work visa. This is where platforms like Student Circus can help you save time, as the jobs board exclusively lists opportunities and job-hunting tips for fresh graduates who are vetted and assured to sponsor your visa if you are selected.

Feel free to ask for help

Most universities and educational institutions have a separate careers department or a career cell. Career advisors and counsellors are available to you for help with your CV, cover letters, applications, career exploration, interviews, tests, and any other job-hunting tips you may need. They can guide you about the country's job market, provide insights on the application process for different roles, and help you write a CV from scratch. 

Highlight your soft skills

Ask any employer for job-hunting tips for fresh graduates, and they will tell you they are looking for evidence of soft skills in your application. Soft skills are interpersonal, non-technical skills that help you get better at your job. These skills, like communication, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, and critical thinking, help in smoothly planning and organising work across teams and departments in any organisation. If you have displayed soft skills in academic projects, volunteer work, or internships, be sure to highlight these skills in your CV and application. 

Attend career fairs and events

Career fairs are events where many employers come together to interact with students and graduates. In the UK, most universities organise career fairs in order to provide support to students from the university to help them get placed in well-ranked companies and organisations, that are pre-approved by the university. 

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