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Kingston University: Best Courses, Rankings, Eligibility, Fee
6 min

Kingston University: Best Courses, Rankings, Eligibility, Fee

6 min
Uploaded on
Jul 20, 2023
Last updated on
Dec 3, 2023
Uploaded on
Jul 20, 2023
Last updated on
Dec 3, 2023
Kingston University: Best Courses, Rankings, Eligibility, Fee
Become a King of Kingston

Your dream of studying at one of the UK's prestigious universities is about to come true. The only thing left now is to apply to  Kingston University. We know it could be challenging to understand the complex process of the applications. That is why we bring you this blog, where we’ll be addressing your doubts and questions. So, let us get started right away!

About Kingston University 

Located in South West London, England's Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Kingston University London is a public research university. Its foundations date back to the 1899 founding of the Kingston Technical Institute. Before 1992, when it was granted university status, the organization was known as Kingston Polytechnic. This University was founded in 1899 and first offered courses in chemistry, electric wiring, building construction, nursing, dressmaking, and clay modeling. Kingston University’s ranking in QS world university rankings is between 601-650.

Types of Degrees and Courses offered at Kingston University

Types of Degrees and Courses offered at Kingston University

Kingston offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes, many of which are included in The Guardian University Guide 2021 as among the best in the nation. The Fashion programme here, one of only two in the UK to receive the maximum number of "Badges of Excellence" from the top influencer website Business of Fashion, is a top destination for fashion studies worldwide. Degrees from this institution are respected by businesses and academic institutions all over the world, and alumni from this university may be found in important positions everywhere.

Undergraduate Degrees

This university offers numerous popular undergraduate programmes to students. Following is a list of some of them.

  1. Art and Design
  2. Biological Sciences
  3. Business
  4. Creative Industries
  5. Drama, Dance and Music
  6. Environment
  7. Forensic Science
  8. Law
  9. Psychology

Postgraduate Degrees

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Aerospace Engineering
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Cancer Biology
  5. Clinical Leadership
  6. Criminology
  7. Data Science
  8. MBA

Research Degrees

  1. Business
  2. Dissertation
  3. Philosophy
  4. Education

Short Courses

Kingston University courses are also offered as a selection of short courses that are arranged for personal and professional growth for both individuals and groups. These programs are open to all students and frequently have no formal entry criteria.

Part-time Courses

Kingston also offers part-time courses to its students. A selection of short courses that are arranged for personal and professional growth for both individuals and groups. These programs are open to all students and frequently have no formal entry criteria. They have well-established part-time program options for science, arts, and social sciences degrees.

Foundation Courses

If you wish to study at Kingston but lack the prerequisites, their foundation programs might be ideal for you. Most of them are created for those who learn best in non-traditional ways and are a fantastic place to start if you're thinking about going to college. They are all focused on developing a skilled labor force.

Degree Apprenticeships

At this university, degree apprenticeship programs debuted in 2017. Apprentices are given the opportunity to gain the professional skills necessary for improved employability and advancement thanks to Kingston’s strong emphasis on teaching excellence and industry-focused learning.

How much does it cost to study at Kingston University?

The fees for Undergraduate Degrees for home students and international students are mentioned below.

Kingston University scholarships are available to home students and international students too. Some of the course-specific scholarships offered by this university's faculties are open to international and EU students.

1: International Scholarships: The Kingston University International Office provides successful applicants with scholarships for their first year of study, £5,000 (designated as "overseas fee status") for September and January.

2: Loyalty Bursaries: International students who have previously completed a degree or exchange program at this university or who have a family connection to Kingston University are eligible for a 10% tuition fee discount.

3: Faculty Scholarships: Some of the course-specific scholarships offered by Kingston's faculties are open to international and EU students.

4: External Scholarships: International students have access to a variety of funding options from outside organizations.

Eligibility criteria for Kingston University

The eligibility criteria for the applicants are as follows- 

  1. Good English Language skills. They accept IELTS and PTE.
  2. On September 1st of your first year, you should be at least 18 years old (there is no upper age limit for admission).
  3. For more course-wise information, you can check their course description pages.

Kingston University Acceptance Rate 

Kingston University is a university that places an emphasis on business and workplace learning. It is a diverse and multicultural university with an acceptance rate of 20-30%. The high Kingston University acceptance rate is one of the reasons why students regularly wish this school on. The University has a supportive and welcoming community and is home to thousands of international students.

Kingston University Rankings 2023

Here are some of the Kingston University Rankings of 2023:

  1. 581-590 in QS-World University Rankings
  2. 800-1000 in Times Higher Education University Rankings
  3. 85 in The Complete University Guide-University Ranking(UK)
  4. 45 in The Guardian University Ranking (UK)

Kingston University Top Courses

Here are the top courses offered at Kingston University:

How to apply to Kingston University

Kingston University’s acceptance rate is  20-30%. Like other UK universities, you need to apply through UCAS applications. The UCAS code for Kingston University is K84.

How to apply to Kingston University

To apply for an undergraduate degree, you need to

  1. You need to choose a course and check its requirements.
  2. You can apply online for each of their undergraduate programs the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).
  3. Make sure you have all the documents and the supporting documents ready.
  4. You might also be required to submit additional documentation, such as a personal statement, a resume, a portfolio, and/or translation tests, depending on the course you enroll in.
  5. Your teacher(s) or other referees will add their references after you're confident that your personal statement is the best it can be.
  6. Then, the university goes through your application and processes it.
  7. You can learn more about UCAS now.

To apply for a postgraduate degree, most of their postgraduate pages have online application forms available on the course page.

Documents required to apply at Kingston University

  1. Your complete and evaluated application.
  2. English Language Proficiency results of IELTS or PTE.
  3. Copies of certified translations of qualification records.
  4. Two references, at least one of which should be an academic reference.
  5. Two references, with at least one of them being an academic source.

Life at Kingston University

When you enroll at Kingston, you become a member of a friendly, inclusive community. Regardless of who you are, where you're from, or your background, this university will feel like home to you, and your time there will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.

  1. The university has over 90 student societies, covering a wide range of interests including sports, arts, politics, and more. Joining a society is a great way to meet like-minded people and get involved in extracurricular activities.
  2. This university also has a variety of sports teams and facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, and sports hall. There are also fitness classes available, such as yoga and spin.
  3. It also offers a range of support services to help students with their academic and personal needs. This includes career services, academic support, and counseling.

Overall, the student life at Kingston University is diverse and exciting, with a range of opportunities available for students to get involved and make the most of their time at the university.

Future Opportunities and Job Prospects at Kingston University:

At Kingston University, they are committed to providing our students with the skills and opportunities to succeed in their chosen careers. Their commitment to employability is reflected in the many services and programs they offer. The Careers and Employability team at Kingston University works closely with students, providing guidance, workshops, and one-on-one career consultations. They assist in developing key employability skills, including CV writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies. Kingston's location in London is also beneficial for future work. The city is a thriving commercial and industrial center that offers students many opportunities to work in a variety of fields. A strong and diverse labor market ensures that Kingston graduates are prepared to enter the workforce and make a positive impact on their careers.

Campuses at Kingston University

Kingston University has several campuses, each offering a unique learning environment and unique facilities.  In addition to our main campus in Kingston upon Thames, we have campuses at Roehampton Vale and Penrhyn Road.

  1. Roehampton Vale: Roehampton Vale Campus is home to our renowned School of Engineering, which provides engineering students with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. It provides a supportive learning environment where students can have hands-on experience and collaborate on new projects.
  2. The Penrhyn Road: The Penrhyn Road campus is the largest with a variety of academic and study opportunities. There is a House of Business, a House of Health, Nursing and Education, and a School of Science, Engineering and Computers. The school has modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries and social facilities to facilitate quality learning.

These campuses provide students with a conducive environment for academic growth, collaboration, and personal development. Whether it's engaging in cutting-edge research, participating in industry-focused projects, or taking advantage of the extensive resources, students at Kingston University can expect a well-rounded education that prepares them for future success.

Why should you apply to Kingston University? 

Kingston University London is committed to improving students' chances in life by assisting them in making the most of their educational opportunities and providing them with the information and skills necessary for the competitive workplace of the 21st century. Every faculty member at Kingston is top-notch. World-class facilities are available at King's School of Art, including a 3D materials workshop, a digital media workshop, and a hackspace. Additionally, printmaking studios and workshops for photography exist. Kingston offers courses that will help you acquire the skills, abilities, and contacts you'll need to succeed in your career, together with comprehensive careers and employability support. To know more about business schools like Kingston University, read our blog on top 10 business schools in London.

Notable Alumni

The alumni of Kingston are a representative sample of the many disciplines that have been taught over the years, including engineering, art and design, architecture, surveying, business, accountancy, law, and geology. Some of the notable alumni include-

  1. Ben Barnes: He is an actor who has starred in movies such as Killing Bono, The Chronicles and others. He graduated with a Drama with English Literature BA(Hons).
  2. Jonathan Asherson: He graduated from Kingston with a BSc(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and HonDSc. He is not the Chairman of Rolls Royce Singapore.
  3. Glenda Bailey: She is the Editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar, US. The university awarded her a BA(Hons) in Fashion and HonMDes. 
  4. Lawrence Dallaglio: He is an international rugby player.

This blog is intended to make the application process to Kingston University easier for you. We hope that you get through the application process and your dream to study at Kingston and study in the UK is fulfilled. Make sure to enjoy your college life to the fullest and pack a big bag of memories with you when it ends. Do not forget to book your student accommodation near Kingston University beforehand and if you are confused about what to do in UK then read our blog on top activities to do in UK to make sure you never get bored in the city.

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