Masters in Data Science UK: Top Universities, Eligibility, Costs

Masters in Data Science UK: Top Universities, Eligibility, Costs

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Jan 7, 2023
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Mar 12, 2023
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Jan 7, 2023
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Mar 12, 2023
Guide To Masters in Data Science UK
Crunch the numbers!

Do you understand numbers more than words? Data Science is the course you are looking for! It is the collection, storage, separation, and analysis of data as a useful resource for organisations to use in data-driven decision-making. Highly experienced computing experts frequently use it with superior technical knowledge and ability. In this blog, you will learn all about studying masters in data science UK, as it is a popular study destination for students interested in data science, with over 40 universities offering masters in data science UK.

Why study masters in data science UK?

As fascinating as data science is, it is the gem of the future as many industries are pushing physical boundaries, and software-driven applications are taking the spotlight! Various businesses rely on data and information as essential resources. Computers and digital storage development have opened up many new professional opportunities.

To meet demand, universities have increased the number of master's degrees in data science and research analytics. With potential employers competing for them, university graduates are now in a good position to demand high wages. Your possibilities improve even more if you have a postgraduate degree. That means that obtaining a masters in data science UK effectively doubles your job opportunities in the industry.

Top Universities for masters in data science UK

1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London offers a one-year full-time degree focused on Data Science and includes theoretical and applied statistics training. The modules will cover topics such as scientific data handling at scale, data transformation and representation, data visualisation, and so on. Imperial College London is considered one of the best colleges in the United Kingdom for studying data science. The university collaborated with Le Wagon, an educational technology platform that organises data science boot camps. This collaboration seeks to provide students with practical data science skills.

2. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh provides full-time and part-time Data Science programmes. Students will complete project work, lectures, and written assignments over the course of two semesters. This course covers all the necessary knowledge for pursuing a career in Data Science, such as research experience, technological background, etc. The institution provides several master's degrees for graduates who seek to advance their knowledge of data science or related subjects such as artificial intelligence.

Masters in Data science UK

3. University College London

UCL is a world-class multidisciplinary university in London that is consistently ranked among the top 20 in the world. This course is offered at UCL for one year, allowing students to acquire problem-solving skills. The curriculum primarily focuses on training in two areas: statistics and machine learning, with various optional modules providing you with additional data science skills and expertise.

4. London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE is a renowned institution in the United Kingdom noted for teaching real-world concerns such as economics, politics, and law, as well as sociology, anthropology, accounting, and finance. LSE's MSc in Data Science programme teaches you various technical and practical skills. The powerful Data Science methodology will be used to conduct the courses. Students will benefit from LSE's most advanced computer lab sessions and up-to-date teaching and learning methods.

5. King’s College London

The prestigious King's College provides one of the best MSc data science courses in the UK. The curriculum provides students with advanced technical and practical skills in data gathering, collation, curation, and analysis. The university provides a wide range of courses, including a Master of Data Science (MSc). 

Check out the blog to learn how to apply to UK universities.

Eligibility Criteria for masters in data science UK

These are some common eligibility criteria for masters in data science UK.

1. International students must have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or a related area with a minimum of 60%.
2. IELTS and TOEFL score of 7.0 and 100.
3. Personal statement of a candidate, which should be between 300 and 500 words long
4. 2 Letters of recommendation.

Check out the blog to learn more about the UK grading system.

Application Process of masters in data science UK

You must know the application deadlines before applying for masters in data science UK. The following is the application process for a masters in data science UK:

1. Make a list of the best universities in the UK that offer MS in Data Science programmes.
2. To apply, go to the official website.
3. Double-check all eligibility criteria and procedures.
4. Complete and submit the online application form and all required documentation.
5. Make payment for the application fees.
6. Wait for the university to respond.
7. Finally, accept the offer and apply for a student visa to the United Kingdom.

Cost of studying masters in data science UK

Tuition Costs for masters in data science UK

The annual tuition fee at the university covers the cost of instruction, exams, and graduation. Fees are due at the beginning of your programme. Your tuition is decided by your course of study and the level you enrol in. The annual tuition cost will be included in your offer letter if the institution extends you an offer. The annual tuition expense for an MSc in data science in the UK ranges from £25000 to £40000.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the UK for an international student includes housing, transportation, meals, and other personal expenses. Personal costs such as food, rent, internet, leisure activities, stationery, and travel should be budgeted for at least £1000 - £2000 each month. Make an informed selection about the location of your student accommodation in the United Kingdom. You can always make use of discounts cards in the UK and budget to save money,

Scholarships for masters in data science UK

Here is a list of MSc. Data Science Scholarships to study in the UK 

1. College of Science & Engineering Scholarships by the University of Glasgow.
2. GREAT Scholarships by the British Council
3. Birmingham Masters Scholarship Scheme.
4. Chancellor’s Scholarship by the University of Sussex.
5. Commonwealth Shared Scholarships.
6. King’s International Scholarships.
7. John Fisher High-Performance Scholarships by the University of Edinburgh.
8. Think Big Post-graduate Scholarship by the Univeristy of Bristol.
9. Sheffield Post-graduate Scholarships.
10. University’s Masters Scholarships by Lancaster University.

Top Data Scientist Jobs in UK

The job titles you will come across are as varied as the responsibilities you will have. If you are a specialist who can "crunch the numbers," you will be a useful team member in many areas of an organisation. 

Data scientist jobs in UK
  1. Advanced Analysts - £38,000/year
  2. Analytics Managers - £45,000/year
  3. Data Analysts - £30,000/year
  4. Data Systems Developers - £27,000/year
  5. Functional Analysts - £25,000/year
  6. Data Architect - £60,000/year
  7. Data Administrator - £26,000/year
  8. Statistician - £40,000/year
  9. Big Data Engineer - £51,551/year
  10. Data Scientist - £61,450/year

The UK has been a favoured student destination for studies and is one of the most preferred countries for international studies, and the UK will ensure you do not leave the country unemployed. Graduates in data science are in high demand in the country, and a degree from one of the country's best colleges will undoubtedly be helpful in the job market with attractive salaries.

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