Masters of Finance in USA: Top Colleges, Deadlines, Admission, Fees, Scholarships, Jobs
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Masters of Finance in USA: Top Colleges, Deadlines, Admission, Fees, Scholarships, Jobs

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Feb 4, 2023
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Masters of Finance in USA
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Are you thinking of doing your higher education in finance in the USA? In the USA, an MS in Finance or Masters in Finance is a one to two years program. International students who desire to begin a finance career find it quite popular. Graduates of the programme should be capable of managing investment banking, capital markets, risk management, behavioural finance, econometrics, investment management, and other areas of corporate finance and financial institutions.
66 colleges in the USA offer an MS in Finance, according to QS Top Universities. Some of the top colleges, including MIT, Columbia University, and the University of California, Berkeley, are placed as high as #1, #22, and #44 in their respective categories.

Why study Masters of Finance in the USA

The Masters in Finance program, which typically lasts 12 to 18 months, is well-liked by students who want a more affordable and expedited way to become a finance expert. Unlike the MBA program in the USA, MS in Finance in USA admissions typically do not require job experience and places a strong emphasis on financial planning and risk management.
The Financial Planning & Advice market is expected to reach a value of 57.8 billion USD, and the US financial industry itself anticipates growth of 1.4%.

Top Universities in USA for MS in Finance with Fees

There are numerous top universities for MS in finance in USA that are available to international students. These colleges provide this course with the top teaching methods, a well-designed curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, etc. We currently have five such top universities in the USA for an MS in Finance, therefore when it comes to selecting the best from this list:

  1. The University of Texas at Austin
    The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin provides a Masters in Finance program in USA. The university is ranked first for having a strong pre-experience in finance courses. In terms of the best classroom experience, it is ranked sixth. The average tuition fee at the University Of Texas at Austin is $53,000 (Three terms)
  1. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    The Anderson School of Management is where UCLA's Masters in Finance programme is offered. It is currently third in the US. There are four students for every teacher. They provide pupils assignments, so they can work with their teachers to solve challenges for a brand. The average tuition fee for MS in Finance in USA at UCLA is $81,216/year.
  1. University of California, Berkeley
    The Berkeley Haas School of Business is where UCB offers its Masters in Finance in USA education. 85 students signed up for this programme alone in 2022. In the same year, full-time job offers in this industry were extended to 99% of pupils. The average tuition fee at UCB is $78,142/year.
  1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    The Sloan School at MIT has a course of Masters of Finance In USA. They can choose to finish their 18-month stem programme in a single calendar year. From the standpoint of the stem programme, the former has been rated first. The average tuition fee at MIT for MS in Finance in USA is $86,300/year.
  1. University of Florida
    At the Warrington School of Business, the University of Florida provides an MS in Finance in USA degree. Since the programme began in 2021, students can finish their undergraduate degree requirements and this Master of Finance program in four years. The average tuition fee at University for MS in Finance in USA is $17,394/year.

What Are Stem Finance Programs In the USA?

Many international students choose to pursue stem designated MS in Finance in USA as this course provides valuable education in the core subjects. Different MS in finance in USA stem programs have different course duration like 16 months or 1-2 years, totally based on the university’s choice. These stem-designated MS in Finance in USA are offered full-time, part-time and even online.  This program mainly offers the same courses as the Master of finance in USA.
The possibility for F1 visa students to ask for a 24-month extension to perform optical practical training is another factor contributing to the demand for Stem degrees in the United States. They will be able to collaborate with the top minds in the field, which will advance their career.

Eligibility Criteria For MS in Finance in USA.

Several requirements must be satisfied in order to be approved into the list of colleges offering an MS in finance USA. There is a common method that all universities follow, even if these criteria can vary depending on the university.

  • A Bachelor Degree - Students applying to a Masters program are required to have an undergraduate degree or a bachelor’s degree.
  • Relevant Skills - International students are expected to possess a certain set of skills, including proficiency in English communication, mathematics, computer programming, etc., especially if they plan to pursue an MS in finance at one of the best colleges in the USA.
  • Coursework - Universities in the USA encourage applicants who have completed coursework in a variety of topics, including algebra, computer applications, C++, python, and numerical methods.
  • English Language Proficiency Test - Students from other countries must take and pass the English language competency exam. Most students take the TOEFL or IELTS exams since they are widely accepted in the USA, especially for those applying there.
  • GMAT/GRE Score - Your application procedure will be impacted by your GMAT or GRE score. While some universities require these examinations, some, including the University of Florida, University of Texas, etc., admit students for MS in finance in the USA without GRE OR GMAT scores.
  • Work Experience - Although it might not be required, this is a recommended requirement for an MS in finance in the USA. Your online application may benefit from having work experience.

Admission Process of MS In Finance In USA Universities

Follow these admissions processes precisely to be admitted to the top universities for MS finance in the USA:

  1. Figure out which American university has the greatest MS finance in USA
  2. Visit the university's official website to learn more about the admissions requirements
  3. Fill up the online application and pay the application cost
  4. Make sure to send all required paperwork prior to the application deadline.
  5. Go for the interview if you have got any invitation to attend one
  6. Apply for a US student visa as soon as you're accepted, then start making financial arrangements

Documents Required For MS Finance In USA

There are a number of documents that international students must provide to the university in order to be considered for the MS in finance programme in the USA. Check the following boxes:

  • CV/Resume
  • Online Application
  • English language proficiency test proof
  • GMAT/GRE test proof
  • Work Experience
  • All Official Transcripts
  • Video Essay
  • Application fee payment proof ( 155 USD- 275 USD)
  • Visa Status Poorf
  • Two-three letters of recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose

Cost Of Studying MS In Finance In USA

The cost is the most crucial consideration for overseas students who want to pursue an MS in finance in the USA. Your funding choices for this course will be influenced by two areas tuition fees and the cost of living. The cheapest MS in Finance in USA and the highest cost of the program range from $30,138 - $86,300 a year. However, the cost of living is slightly flexible depending on how you deal with you expenses while pursuing the program. The cost of living in USA ranges from $10,000 - $20,000 a year for a student.

Scholarships of MS in Finance in USA

International students no longer have to suffer from the cost of the MS in finance in USA. Scholarship opportunities today make it simple to pursue a degree overseas. Fortunately, students like you can now take advantage of the ready-made scholarship opportunities offered if they want to pursue an MS in finance in USA. Here is a list of Scholarships that you can explore:

  • Quad Fellowship - Sponsor Indian students who want to take stem courses in the USA for a master's or doctoral degree. This Scholarship provides up to $50,000.
  • The Chengchun Arthur ‘Qi’ Book - Studying at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. This Scholarship provides up to $1000.
  • Dean’s Scholarship Program - Continue your education at Questrom School of Business. This Scholarship wave off a portion of your tuition fees. This Scholarship provide upto $100,000.
  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation - Enroll in a Masters programme full-time in the USA
  • Global Study Awards - Must be accepted into a graduate school in the USA and have a strong IELTS score. This scholarship pays for tuition, living expenses, and travel costs in a 50/50 loan/grant ratio.

Career Opportunities After Pursuing Best MS in Finance In USA

According to the BLS, there are around 64,200 job vacancies for financial managers each year. Since the nation is home to reputable financial firms like FedEx, Northern Trust, etc., pursuing a career in France after completing your MS in Finance in USA at one of the best universities might lead to a variety of lucrative employment options. The career opportunities starts from Senior Financial Analyst to Accounting Manager after doing MS in Finance in USA with a good pay that ranges from $83,682 - $85,072.

Masters of Finance in USA

The financial sectors account for the majority of US economic output. International students have a fantastic opportunity to enrol in the top MS in finance in USA because the nation is home to some of the biggest financial companies in the world. Also check this out if you are a student who are planning to complete you further studies in USA and confused about the visa process. Also walk through this and know everything about getting a scholarship in USA in order to increase your chances of getting one!

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