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What is GRE? Overview, GRE new Syllabus, Eligibility & More

January 13, 2024
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The GRE is one of the most used standardised tests among international entrance exams. For 70 years, it has been a reliable source of understanding a student’s knowledge level across thousands of universities worldwide. Each year, more than 800,000 students appear for the GRE entrance exam in 180 countries.

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That coveted admission from a top global university seems out of reach with some foundational academics. But what if you could showcase your true potential and make your graduate school dreams a reality? This is exactly what is GRE titled blog aims to do.

Unlike grades, this single standardised exam gives you the power to prove your mettle across verbal, quantitative and writing skills - capabilities that reveal readiness for the rigours of higher academics and research. Intrigued to know more? Read this definitive guide to unlocking all you need about what is GRE for global graduate school admissions and the opportunity to upskill at world-class institutions. Let’s get started!

What is GRE?

The GRE is one of the most used standardised tests among international entrance exams. For 70 years, it has been a reliable source of understanding a student’s knowledge level across thousands of universities worldwide. Each year, more than 800,000 students appear for the GRE entrance exam in 180 countries.

Through the article, we will explore the different dimensions of the GRE. You will learn about its importance, the types of GRE, GRE examination dates, and scores. You will also learn about the syllabus and pattern alongside some expert tips on GRE preparation. Sounds fantastic already? Let us get you on the right track for the future, awaiting you with the GRE overview. 

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Sit For The GRE Exam?

GRE exam is what every student needs to enter the world of top-tier higher education and secure their career. The GRE is often treated as a gateway to gaining admission to top master's and research programs. Earning a graduate degree like an MBA from the London Business School, a law degree from top law schools in the USA or getting into institutions across top countries like the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia requires a good GRE range of score. 

The GRE evaluation is divided into two main types and further segmented into verbal, quantitative and analytical. Would you like to deep dive into the GRE further with us? Let us do it! The following are the reasons why you should take the GRE:

1. Worldwide Acceptance

The GRE is the basis for evaluating applicants for admission to more than 1,300 business schools. Premier law schools in the USA and Australia, such as Harvard, Brooklyn Law School, University of Melbourne, and University of Sydney, among many other top-ranking universities. GRE can also get you a seat in world-renowned universities like the Hamburg University of Technology and the University of Cambridge for engineering courses. In addition, you will be eligible to apply to colleges worldwide that offer programs in economics, psychology, and English literature.

2. User-Friendly Test Methodology

The GRE has features like editing, skipping, marking, and reviewing your answers during the test. Once the scores are out, you can decide which scores to send to the universities with the score select feature. The flexibility of appearing five times each year is a very useful feature. There is also no upper limit for the exam.

3. GRE Weightage During Admission

The exam tests your ability on multiple fronts, including the analytical, verbal, and quantitative sections. In the GRE subject tests, your scores reflect your expertise in the subject area you want to pursue further studies. The better scores you get, the more weightage you get. GRE gets a 20% weightage. A good GRE score range also puts you ahead in the race for scholarships.

What Are The Two Types Of GRE?

The GRE exam is divided into two main types: the GRE General and the GRE Subject Tests. Both formats have their orientation and are designed for different reasons. Let's learn more about both parts of the test with the table below: 

What are the New GRE General Test & GRE Subject Test Formats?

New GRE Syllabus & Pattern 2024: GRE General Test

New GRE Subject Test Syllabus & Pattern 2024

GRE Home Edition 2024

The ETS recently launched the GRE at-home test format as a result of the shift of preferences during the pandemic. The organisation allows you to take the GRE exam at home instead of at the test centres. However, the GRE General Home is the only format where the GRE at-home edition is applicable. 

GRE Eligibility 2024

The Graduate Record Examination does not define strict eligibility criteria. Any candidate meeting the below broad requirements can take the exam:

1. Age Limit

  • No upper or lower age limit to appear for the Graduate Record Examination.
  • Both fresh graduates and working professionals can take it.

2. Academic Prerequisites

  • ETS mandates no minimum qualification.
  • Usually taken by those completing their bachelor's degree to apply for master's programs.
  • Candidates without a bachelor's degree can also take the Graduate Record Examination and apply for graduate programs if the eligibility criteria of the university applied to permit it.

3. Identity Proof Required

  • Candidates must possess a valid passport to provide as ID proof at the exam centre.
  • Passport details are captured during the Graduate Record Examination registration process.
  • Without a passport, candidates cannot register for the exam as per the guidelines.

However, those wanting to pursue master's degrees in universities abroad are expected to take the exam after finishing their bachelor's. In some special cases, exam scores from candidates without a bachelor's degree are also accepted. Our detailed guide on eligibility criteria for the GRE test may help you with further insights. 

GRE Registration

The Graduate Record Examination conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) can be registered online via their official website. Below are the key steps involved in GRE online registration:

Step 1: Create an ETS account 

You can visit and create a user account. You may use the ETS ID for all future interactions and to check your scores in the database. 

Step 2: Schedule Your Test

Check for the available GRE exam date and select your test centre based on the availability shown for you to choose from

Step 3: Pay The Registration Fee

Pay the GRE General Test fee of $273 (approximately) through a debit/credit card or PayPal. Once scheduled successfully, ETS sends a registration confirmation via email to your ETS account

Note: The admit card to take the test can only be downloaded from the ETS account 2-5 days before the scheduled test date. Candidates MUST carry this admit card along with valid ID proof (passport) on exam day. Online registration via the ETS website is the only option provided by ETS currently to schedule and pay for the computer-based General Test globally.

GRE 2024 Exam Pattern

The Graduate Record Examination General Test conducted by ETS follows a predominantly computer-based test pattern globally. A paper-based format also exists but is only available on select dates in limited regions like Mainland China and Iran. The following sections form part of both the computer and paper-based examination:

1. Analytical Writing

A. Assesses critical thinking and analytical writing skills

B. Appears first in sequence

2. Verbal Reasoning

A. Tests ability to analyse and evaluate written material

B. Comprises reading comprehension, critical reasoning and textual completion questions

3. Quantitative Reasoning

A. Covers high school level maths concepts

B. Involves interpreting data, solving problems using methods like arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics

GRE 2024 Result

The GRE in 2024 is expected to be administered in a computer-based format at designated test centres. The GRE tests are conducted in September, October, November and April. You can schedule your GRE entrance dates and even re-schedule them by paying a nominal fee. Good scores for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections in 2024 are anticipated to be around 160, while 4.5 out of 6 is likely to remain a competitive Analytical Writing score. Of course, desired scores vary by graduate program. The official GRE 2024 results with precise test calendars, format options, and score reporting timelines will be published closer to the actual exam season by ETS (Educational Testing Service) GRE entrance test. Read our blog to check GRE results more effectively and on time for better academic opportunities.

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