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GRE Preparation 2024

July 2, 2024
GRE Preparation 2024

Created and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a graduate-level entrance exam used by business schools for fair and criterion-based admission decisions. Typically, as observed, the exam has three sections: verbal, quantitative and analytical writing. Here, we will primarily delve into the GRE exam preparation part of it to lower your preparation burden.

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GRE Test Preparation Tips: How to Prepare for GRE

Honestly, you cannot cram for your GRE. It is a test that requires prior practice in order to score well. GRE preparation is all about knowing and training for the test patterns with the right syllabus knowledge. Another important aspect to note is the best GRE test prep time estimate is between 5-15 weeks. Along with setting a realistic target and appearing for multiple mocks, below are a few vital points you must consider during your GRE exam preparation. 

1. Verbal Reasoning 

GRE verbal reasoning preparation is as important as the math section. It basically is a criterion to understand a candidate's ability to comprehend written material and give logical reasoning to the same. Below are a few pointers that can help with GRE verbal reasoning preparation.

1. Vocabulary Building: Enhancing your vocabulary will be a big beneficial factor in acing the verbal reasoning section. You can either try memorising or understading words with the context of the sentence. This section includes reading comprehension, text completion and sentence equivalence. Building your vocabulary around these aspects will definitely help.

2. Time Management: The verbal reasoning section of the exam comprises two sections, and a total of 41 minutes are allotted for its completion. You cannot afford to run out of time, and hence, it is important to manage your time meticulously. Get done with easy ones on priority to make time for the difficult questions. 

3. Take a Mock Test: Practice is something you should be consistent at. Taking a mock test on a regular basis will help you get quick at solving questions with completed comprehension. The scores you get on these tests will help you track your strengths and weaknesses; through this, you will know where you have to put more effort. 

2. Analytical Writing

Practicing analytical writing sections is a vital part of your GRE preparations. Here is the reason why AWA preparation GRE is important, especially for students whose first language is not English. It tests your critical thinking and analytical writing skills. The main aim here is to see how one can explain complex ideas clearly and logically. Below are a few points that can help with AWA preparation GRE.

1. Identify the Topic: First of all, you must clearly understand the topic in order to explain it easily. Typically, the content is about categories like Arts, Cities, Education, Government and Power, Intellectual Endeavors, Philosophy and Technology. 

2. Provide Accurate Examples: As and when you understand your topic, pick your side of the argument you would like to explain. With that, give relevant to-the-point examples and not general instances that won't satisfy your argument completely. 

3. Keep Practising: A good essay structure with apt grammar and vocabulary will any day fetch you good scores. For that, it is important to practice at least 2-3 essays per day by picking topics from different areas and timing yourself. 

3. Quantitative Section

Going through the basic mathematical skills will be a huge help with the GRE exam preparation for the quantitative sections. This section basically examines basic math skills, concepts, and problem-solving with quantitative methods. Below are a few points that can help with quantitative section GRE preparation.

1. Know the Format: Before you start preparing for this section, you must first go through the standard format of questions. Get to know the types of questions that are normally posed, the topics, time duration, etc. With this, map out your work and start practicing accordingly without wasting any time. 

2. Know Your Basics: Having a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic mathematical concepts will help you solve not only the easy questions but the tough ones as well. Topics like the number system, averages, percentages, and ratio-proportion, permutation-combination, probability, etc. Lastly, refer to the official guide to gather a list of topics that may appear. 

3. Consistency and Time Management: Practising the topics daily will help master the art of correctness. The thing with math is the answer is either right or wrong. With a good level of consistency, you will be able to grasp the topics perfectly, and along with that will come speed. It's like targeting two prey with one arrow. 

In conclusion, acing the GRE will definitely be of great help with your admission as well as analytical and math skills. Referring to the above tips for each section will help you ease up your GRE exam preparation.

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