Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for GRE

Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for GRE

Uploaded on
Oct 14, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Oct 14, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023
Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for GRE
The OG GRE guide!

Are you planning to give a GRE test? You’ve done the right thing by clicking on this blog because we have prepared this ultimate guide to preparing for the GRE just for you. To attain the intended aim of performing well, you must follow a sound preparation method. Read the blog till the end to know how to start and ace your GRE test prep. 

What is GRE?

Are you an aspiring business student? If yes, then you will have to pass a GRE exam, also known as the graduate record examination, which is a crucial stage in the admission process for graduate school or business school. The GRE is a multiple-choice, computer-based, international exam frequently needed for MBA and graduate programme enrollment.
For graduate and business schools to compare applicants' qualifications and readiness for graduate-level academic work, test manufacturer ETS created and offered the GRE. To determine if you are prepared for the demands of graduate academic study, graduate admissions committees and business school admissions committees consider your GRE score, academic record, and supporting papers. What should we remember? A strong GRE score will directly and favourably affect your graduate or business school applications. 

Structure of GRE

On the GRE, you will be tested on the following parameters: Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The following sections produce scores based on the following:

  • Section 1 of the Analytical Writing Assessment
  • 2 sections for verbal reasoning
  • two portions of quantitative reasoning. 

6 Ways to prepare for GRE

GRE preparation takes a while, but proper planning and execution are key to success. The GRE General Test is required by graduate programmes in most areas, much as the SAT is a common admissions requirement for undergraduate programmes. Although the GRE does not focus on any academic field, it measures your executive functioning abilities. The GRE exam writers aim to measure how well your executive reasoning performs in terms of processing data, solving issues, and thinking critically. It functions like the CEO of your brain.
You can follow the below GRE tips to ace the exam:

1. Keep yourself updated on analytical non-fiction 

Do you believe it is possible to lose weight without avoiding foods that provide more calories than nutritional value? The same idea underlies properly nourishing the mind, and a balanced reading diet is the best treatment for the well-being of your GRE preparation skills. If you don't read further analytical non-fiction in your free time, studying for the GRE will become too much of a job. Studies reveal that individuals who perform very well on the verbal portion of the GRE frequently major in philosophy or liberal arts, which exposes them to a wide variety of narratives and academic writing during their undergraduate studies. Even though reading about topics unrelated to your primary interests might not be your favourite pastime activity, the effort will be worthwhile. The reading passages on the GRE tests your ability to read a wide range of texts. Thus, students who are familiar with a wide range of texts have a significant advantage.

2. Practice tests are the way to go.

One of the biggest obstacles to taking the GRE is stress. Taking the entire test (3 hours and 45 minutes) in one sitting is equivalent to running a marathon, even though you might think each segment is manageable. You need to be ready, make sure you stretch, work on your weekly GRE mileage over a few months, and make sure you exercise. Low results are a danger for students with limited stamina. Additionally, taking practice exams will teach you how to pace yourself. These will be helpful as baseline references, and taking practice exams is an excellent method to increase testing stamina. You can finally complete the entire GRE with assurance and effectiveness if you practise the full test enough to understand the test's mental and physical demands. When taking your practice exams, make sure the environment is as similar to the GRE administration as feasible. You want your brain to become used to taking the test in actual-world circumstances.

3. Track Your Progress 

Employers looking to hire candidates want to see examples of candidates' contributions to work initiatives throughout the interview process. They always value numerical, verifiable evidence of success (such as an increase in sales of 5% or a halving of operating costs). Clear performance standards can be beneficial for GRE preparation as well. You must keep a progress log since it will show you how your scores have improved and allow you to objectively evaluate your study methods.

4. Make a GRE vocabulary for your reference

The GRE Verbal sections still heavily rely on vocabulary. Reading reputable sources like academic journals or some of the more esoteric newspapers and periodicals will help you become familiar with much of the vocabulary that will appear on the GRE. Add additional words to your collection as you come across them on practice exams or practice tasks. They have already been utilised on the GRE and possibly could be employed once more. 

5. Be aware of your weaknesses and actively work on them

The GRE sections that you struggle with the most are likely the ones you detest the most. For arithmetic whizzes with little use for verbose writing on arcane subjects, wading through dense prose will feel like wading through a swamp. No matter what, stress is not going to do any good to you. Here are some tips on how to deal with exam stress

6. Be prepared for the type of questions asked in the GRE exam 

While you start your GRE preparation, you should be aware of the type of questions and content that will be in front of you. You will be measured in the GRE examination in three areas: Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. 

Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning examination strategies

Have a clear understanding of the response required, as the questions in this section have a variety of formats, including:

1. Multiple choice questions 
2. Select one or more answers 
3. Enter a numeric answer 
4. Make use of the mark and review feature
5. Answer each question
6. Keep an eye on the time 

Analytical Writing examination strategies

1. Keep a track of time 
2. Revisit answers for errors
3. Use a rough sheet
4. Take scheduled breaks 

In contrast, those who find exponential characteristics and integers tiresome frequently struggle to understand arithmetic ideas. You may create a balanced pace of study by being aware of your areas of weakness and how to work on them. Make every effort to organise your study schedule so you can more successfully focus on your areas of weakness. It may be terrible initially, but it will get less stressful with time. You could also check out our guide on how to prepare for an exam

What is the GRE preparation time?

We are aiming to address the complete planned procedure that a student would need to stick to while building a timetable for their GRE preparation in order to get a goal score. To earn that score, you would have to put in an equal amount of work based on your skill level. Always remember that everything is accessible if you set a goal and work hard to achieve it. You will need to study for the GRE for ranging from 5-6 hours per week to 2-3 hours per day. Again, your score on each of the three GRE components is definitely important. If you are short on time and want to know how to study MS in the USA without GRE, then check out this blog. 

What study materials are used for GRE

For your GRE preparation, you can refer to the following books:

This article is a comprehensive guide to the GRE General Test. It will help you for your GRE preparation, which is a crucial stage in the admission process for graduate school and business school. If you want to know more about the GRE exam you should check out: All you need to know about the GRE 2023 exam. We wish you all the best for your GRE exam!  If you are looking to give any other competitive exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT, we got you covered. 

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