Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne
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Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne

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Sep 20, 2022
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Mar 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 20, 2022
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Mar 10, 2023
Part-time Jobs in Melbourne
Being broke is no joke

Two pennies met after a long time. So, one penny said to the other, "Let's get together and make some cents".

Finally, you packed your life in your suitcase and flew to Melbourne to study at your dream university. Now that you’ve settled in your accommodation in a new city, did you find yourself googling how to fight loneliness? Because come on, making new friends is not easy. Or did you google how to handle student finances because paying the rent and tuition fees makes your bank account cry? You don’t need bob the builder to fix your finances; you can do it yourself. 

A part-time job can solve both problems. This blog will guide you to everything you need about working as a student in Melbourne.

Why work a part-time job?

Why work a part-time job?

You may be thinking, why add stress to your plate when academic life in a new city is stressful enough? But, working a part-time job has its own benefits. 

1: Manage your Finances: Working a job can help you fix those burnt holes in your pocket. An income source can always mean well to the party animal inside you. You will also be able to save money. This means you wouldn't have to sacrifice your fun outings. You can check out this blog to learn how to manage your student finances. 

2: Time- Management: Time is Money and it is precious. Another life skill you’ll imbibe is time management. Managing and efficiently handling your time is vital in all directions of life. 

3: Career-Related Skills: If you choose to work in a company linked to your career goals, you’ll be dipped into the ocean of knowledge. You will be imbibed with the skills which be helpful for your career. Time management, organisationals skills, team- work, etc are some of the skills you can learn while working.

4: Improve your Social skills: Meeting new people and connecting with them is one of the fun perks while working a job. You might be able to meet your maid of honour or your groomsman at your work; who knows? 

5: Improve your Resume: Resume is a important tool to show any employer about your work experience and your skills. Gaining practical experience can add stars to your resume and make it shine. 

What is the minimum wage in Australia?

The minimum wage for part-time workers has been set at AU$ 18.93 by the Fair Work Commission. 

Part-time jobs you can look for in Melbourne


For all the knowledge seekers, this can be a perfect job. You can tutor online at any education service provider, work as a freelancer tutor or give private one-on-one tuitions. Your knowledge will come to your rescue here. You can also tutor at call centres if you have knowledge of the English Language. You can earn AU$33.80 per hour, more or less.

Administrative Assistant

If you like being organised and like managing and organising, this is where you shine and show off your skills. Even if you aren’t that equipped with organising, don’t worry, you can still work here and improve your soft skills. This job profile requires you to perform administrative and operational activities that will help you learn while working if you work smartly. You can earn AU$25.83 per hour, more or less.

Pet sitter

If you’re a dog lover or a cat whisperer, you will love this job. You get to play with these fluffballs and earn! Pets are just like babies, but with fur, you have to handle them with care. You may have to visit the pets’ parents' house, or the floofballs may visit your place. This job screams FUN all over! You can earn AU$22 per hour, more or less.

Cab Driver

Now we know this won’t be as thrilling as the movie baby driver, but this can be one of the highest-paying part-time jobs. You can work during the hours you can spare at your own will and convenience. You can work as a rideshare driver for companies such as uber or other private transport companies. 

Some of the perks of this job are flexibility and independence. You can earn AU$35- AU$40 per hour, more or less. 


You will be getting coffee which will not be even for you. But, you will be making artisanal coffee surrounded by its robust aroma. This job will help you connect and talk with new and different customers every day. This fun and rewarding job will always keep you high on energy and engaged. You can earn AU$28 per hour, more or less. 

Retail Sales Assistant

If you like interacting with new people, this job might be perfect. You can strike wonderful conversations with customers while helping and assisting them. The local retail stores hire many students for part-time jobs, so this job shouldn’t be hard to find. Working as a sales associate will also help you polish your customer service skills and people skills. You can earn AU$21 per hour, more or less. 

Waiter/ Waitress

Ensuring that the customers have a good dining experience falls on the shoulders of waiters and waitresses. You can work at a cafe or a restaurant nearby your accommodation which will not require you to travel a lot. Even this job will require you to interact with new people. Also, generous tips can be one of the biggest perks of waiting at a restaurant. This will help you manage your student finances easily. You can earn AU$28per hour, more or less. 

How many hours can you work as an international student in Melbourne?

Coursework students who have just started their degree can work 40 hours per fortnight when their course is in session. There are no restrictions on working hours when the course is not in session. 

Graduate researchers who have started with their degrees have no restrictions on working hours, even when the course is in session. Student visa holders who are in a Master's or Doctorate have no working hours restriction. 

Your working hours on a student visa will not be affected by hours put in for internship subjects that are a requirement of your degree. 

Where to look for jobs?

Part-time jobs for students are found in abundance in Melbourne. There are a number of offline and online jobs you can look for. Even many university campuses provide part-time jobs for students. You can use different platforms to widen your searches, such as Gumtree, Quest, or Adzuna. While your visit the local supermarkets, you can always ask there. 

Make sure to pay attention to the town boards and shop windows for the posters of job seekers. You can also contact your university’s office for any vacancies.Networking is a great way can help you find jobs by letting people know you’re looking for something. You might always know someone who knows someone who is hiring. Another way is to knock on the employers' door and submit your proposal respectfully; maybe you can get lucky! 

It is great that now you have decided to take charge of your finances. We hope this blog helps you choose your part-time job in Melbourne.