Student Housing Guide: Melbourne 2023
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Student Housing Guide: Melbourne 2023

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Nov 15, 2022
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student housing guide Melbourne
Melt your student housing issues in Melbourne!

Many students consider studying in Melbourne; after all, it is a popular destination! A place to reside is one of the numerous things you must consider when thinking about studying in Melbourne! This student housing guide is designed for students seeking student housing in Melbourne but unsure where to start. Let’s get right into it!

When To Start Looking For Student Accommodation?

A basic Melbourne housing guide can't start without mentioning when you should start finding a house for yourself! Since your student accommodation plays a huge role in your university experience, we suggest these points:

  • Try not to wait until the last minute to book your student home to avoid any last-minute trouble, and secure student housing as soon as feasible.
  • Booking your Melbourne student housing early will get you the most terrific deal because rates may rise depending on availability, and discounts and incentives may also be available.

If you want to learn more about when you should start looking for student accommodations, you can read our blog on about why you should book your student accommodation early will greatly help.. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Accommodation

Regarding student housing, there are numerous factors to consider. Finding your home away from home is critical to having a fun university experience. Here are a few things to consider when looking for student housing in Melbourne:

  • Value for Money: Analyse your rent and assess whether it justifies all of the amenities listed in the property.
  • What is in the area: Take note of whether there are essential services you would regularly require, such as grocery stores, vegetable vendors, and so on.
  • Transport Nearby: We recommend that you always choose student housing near reliable transportation services so that you can be confident that if you need or want to go anywhere, you can do so without fear or spending too much money.

If you want more information about things to keep in mind when choosing student accommodations, we have got you covered.

Types of accommodations for students

There are multiple types of student accommodations to choose from that are available in Melbourne, currently called Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSA) which cost around AU$250-AU$510/week. You have entirely furnished rooms, high-speed WiFi, hot water and power 24/7. You also get laundry services, gym facilities, parking spots, and the security of your property! They have a few different room types:

  • Studios: Studios are available in single or multiple occupancies, with a private bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • En-suites: En-suites are designed for single occupancy and boast private bathrooms and even kitchen spaces for those who like to enhance their productivity by living independently.
  • Non-En-suites: Single or multiple occupancies, with a private bedroom, a shared living space, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom.
Types of student accommodations infographic

Best Suburbs in Melbourne

There are many areas to choose from while looking for student accommodations in Melbourne. This Melbourne housing guide is made for that! Here are a few best suburbs in Melbourne to live in:


Carlton is a north Melbourne inner neighbourhood. It is close to several intriguing restaurants, cafes, and leisure facilities. This region is well-known for its landmarks, heritage, art, and culture, attracting millions of tourists each year. Carlton is famous for its easy access to Melbourne's city centre via its public transit system.

South Yarra

South Yarra is a thriving suburb for bargain hunters and grocers. This neighbourhood is well-known for its exquisite working-class lifestyle. South Yarra was voted Melbourne's most livable suburb because of its proximity to the city centre, schools, cafes, and restaurants, accessibility to trains, trams, and buses, and abundance of green space and trees. It provides the neighbourhood atmosphere that outer suburbs do, but it also allows you to be close to events and in the centre of whatever you need.


Ashwood is located to the city's southeast and is bounded by the Princess Theatre, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Collins Street. The universities and colleges are among the greatest in architecture and education. Ashwood is famous among Melbourne students for its attractive rooms and economical accommodation.


Parkville is a popular choice for students looking for a great place to live. It is well-known for its multiculturalism and pleasant neighbourhoods. Because they mix rapid and slow-paced places, not all areas are quiet and friendly. This city region is near Baltimore County, where some prominent Melbourne colleges can be found, surrounded by magnificent greenery and distinctive towers. Several Parkville institutions attract international students.

East Melbourne

East Melbourne is also known as Melbourne's Central Business District. Many museums, institutional buildings, parks, public places, and antiques can be found here. Furthermore, it provides excellent accommodation alternatives to students from all over the world. It hosts various fascinating events, as well as public eateries and cafes.

If you want to know more about the best areas in Melbourne, you can read our blog on it!

Top 10 Student Accommodations In Melbourne

As an affordable city in Australia, Melbourne offers numerous student accommodation alternatives near every significant university, bus and train station, and famous market. You will be satisfied if you select any of the mentioned locations. This student housing guide has the best well-kept and affordable student housing alternatives in Melbourne to aid you with your research.

Scape Melbourne Central

The Scape Melbourne Central is a welcoming student housing in Melbourne starting at AU$199/week that provides students with an unforgettable experience. With The University of Melbourne and RMIT University only a short distance away and the Melbourne Institute of Technology only a minute away, you save a lot of money and time on the daily trip. 

Amenities: Air conditioning and heating, cinema room, pool table, iMac stations, and more!

Carric House

Carric House is a student housing in Melbourne home to numerous students worldwide while offering single rooms, twin share rooms, and four-bed en-suite dorms. The house, located on Howard St, is a 5-minute drive from Melbourne Institute of Technology and a 9-minute drive from the University of Melbourne, and it starts at AU$210/week.

Amenities:  Located on the edge of Melbourne CBD, BBQ machine, entertainment lounges, and more!

Unilodge @ 550 Lygon

550 Lygon is a lovely Melbourne student accommodation with a wide number of studio apartments and communal apartments. The apartment is excellent for students studying at The University of Melbourne, which is only a 12-minute walk away and a 10-minute drive away. This housing choice costs AU$220/week.

Amenities: Cinema, vending machine, laundry, mailboxes and more!

Unilodge on Cobden

Unilodge on Cobden is one of Melbourne's greatest student hostels. There are several studio options available at the property. The best aspect about this housing is that it is only a 10-minute walk from the Melbourne Institute of Technology and a 5-minute walk from Danford College, and it is only AU$257/week.

Amenities: Community programs, laundry room, bike space, and more!

Dwell Village Melbourne City

Dwell Village Melbourne City is ideally located on Flemington Road, on the northern outskirts of Melbourne's Central Business District, in a well-established education precinct, only a 7-minute drive from Kent Institute Australia and just across the road from the University of Melbourne. At AU$289/week, it has a variety of apartments and studios, making it a suitable student accommodation.

Amenities: Large outdoor courtyard, gym, music room, heated outdoor pool, and more!

Scape Berkeley One

Berkeley One, located in the heart of the city, is stunning student accommodation in Melbourne, offering studios and 2-bedroom apartments while being only 10 minutes away from The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Institute of Technology, making it an excellent student housing option for only AU$299/week.

Amenities: Social lounge, events and programs, laundry, and more!

Student Village Melbourne

Get the best of both worlds at Student Village Melbourne, a Melbourne student accommodation with 1, 2, and 4-bedroom apartments and studios. The Melbourne Institute of Technology is a 12-minute walk away, while The University of Melbourne is a 16-minute walk away. Amazing amenities make it a suitable student accommodation for AU$299/week.

Amenities: Heated swimming pool, recreation room with pool table, basketball court, BBQ zone, and more!

Lincoln House

Lincoln House is a student housing. Melbourne is a one-of-a-kind purpose-built student residence located on Bouverie Street, only a short 300m walk from The University of Melbourne's southern entrance on Grattan Street, and is surrounded by several others, including the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, which is only a 4-minute ride away. You can choose from a variety of fully-furnished en-suite rooms at the resort. Because the city campus is so accessible, you can stroll to morning lectures and still have time for coffee. The price of this accommodation is about AU$299/week.

Amenities: Lounges with TV and games room, theatre/cinema room, rooftop garden terrace, and more!

Scape Swanston

Swanston can be your best bet if you seek a pleasant and trendy student apartment in Melbourne! It costs AU$299/week and offers a variety of shared apartments and studios. It is a 4-minute walk from the Melbourne Institute of Technology and a 9-minute walk from Charles Strut University.

Amenities: Outdoor terrace, gym, lounge area, study area, communal kitchen, and more!

Scape Berkeley 2

Berkeley 2 is an excellent Melbourne student apartment. The resort has private and communal studio apartments available for AU$299/week. The University of Melbourne is only a 13-minute walk away, and the Melbourne Institute of Technology is also a 13-minute walk away, making this the ideal student accommodation.

Amenities: Social lounge, TV and games room, gym, study rooms, and more!

top 10 student accommodations in Melbourne infographic

Questions To Ask Before Finalising The Accommodation

This student housing guide has everything covered. We have listed all the essential questions you should ask before finalising your student accommodation.

  • Security Deposit: Ask about the security fee that is paid to the landlord.
  • Application Fee: Ask what will be the application fee while renting out accommodation.
  • Waiting List Charge: Ask if there is a charge lock your request for an apartment.
  • Lease: Ask about the lease and the breakdown.
  • Documents: Ask about all the required documents you need to submit.

Check out this video for more about student housing Melbourne.

Moving In Checklist

You may find it difficult and daunting to determine what you require for the next year or longer that is why this Melbourne housing guide exists! Here are some items that should be on your checklist:

  • Documents like your passport, licence or official ID, and university documentation. 
  • Bedroom Items like duvets, your favourite pillow and more.
  • Bathroom items like soap or body wash, toothbrush, loofah and more.
  • Toiletries like allergy medicines, lotions and more

If you want to know more about all the items you should carry, we have a blog about the packing checklist for college.

Avoiding Rental Scams/Frauds

Being safe from scams and fraud in all aspects of your life is essential. Student accommodations scams might not seem real, but they are. That is why this student housing guide has a list to tell you about rental scams and frauds.

  • Non-existential rentals: The scammer lists a non-existing/phantom property.
  • Hijacked advertisement: The scammer hijacks the posted rental advertisements and poses as the landlord.
  • Clickbait Apartments: The landlord attempts to persuade you to sign a lease or pay a deposit for a home other than the one that was listed

If you want to learn more about rental scams and how to avoid them, you can read our blog on how to avoid rental scams.

This was the Melbourne student housing guide; perhaps you learnt something new. Since you are moving to Melbourne for studies, you will undoubtedly explore the city. our student city guide will be of great assistance.

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