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7 Amazing Places for Students to Live in Melbourne
6 min

7 Amazing Places for Students to Live in Melbourne

Housing Tips
Jan 18, 2022
6 min

Amazing night line area in Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne is named among the world's most liveable cities. Read why!

Visiting Melbourne this semester? Well, you ought to be. The city of Melbourne is becoming the next hotspot for international students in Australia. It is located around coastal land and is the capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria, adding the best living experience for newbie students.

According to a statistic, over 200,000 students visit Victoria from 170 different countries every year, and experts believe the numbers are prone to rise in the coming months. Welcoming culture, lively food and sports events, and a great environment allow you to explore a wide array of career opportunities as well. But how does a fresher roam around in this massive area?

That’s why we put the thought on wheels and found out everything you should know about living in Melbourne as a student. From living costs and work options to best student accommodation in Melbourne, here is our takeaway guide for Melbourne for students in 2022.

How is Melbourne for student living?

The city council takes immense pride in delivering the best amenities to over 300,000 students at any given time. Extensive safety, full access to leisure facilities and a keen sense of belonging contribute to why large flocks of students prefer living in Melbourne suburbs.

A large part of the total population (estimated 183,756 people live in Melbourne) is engaged in the service industry. Be it studios, 1-bedroom apartments, or PBSA properties, student housing in Victoria are in a great deal of favor for students.

Many of the top universities in Melbourne have strategically-situated student rooms, which helps students to travel in and out of the campus at any time. However, before settling for one, you should consider essential elements like cost of living in Melbourne, suitability of the lifestyle, and the ease of traveling around in review.

In every case, amber brings a wide selection of student accommodation Melbourne. Here are the best places to live in Melbourne for students –

Best areas to live in Melbourne for students

1. St Kilda West

St Kilda West is undoubtedly a popular destination for students to live. The area has a fantastic beach on its doorstep and boasts a healthy student environment. The site is also a short commute to Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) and 13-minutes from Charles Sturt University. With an abundance of cafés, live music, cinema and festivals, there will always be a moment of joy and happiness for you at St Kilda West.

2. Albert Park

Albert Park is located three kilometers south of Melbourne’s CBD and is one of the most serene areas of Melbourne. The area is a 17-minute drive to the city centre and inhibits all public transport facilities nearby. Due to its Victorian-era architecture, Albert Park exhibits a plethora of universities and colleges of similar aesthetic architecture. Asia Pacific International College, The University of Melbourne, and Torrens University are present in the vicinity of Albert Park, making it a superior choice for sophomore students.

3. South Yarra

Third on our list is the thriving area for bargain shoppers and supermarkets, a.k.a, South Yarra. The location, known for its lavish working-class lifestyle, has brought significant changes in the living conditions for medium-range apartments. At South Yarra, you’ll find exclusive student housing like Urbanest Melbourne Central, Atiba La Trobe Street, and Scape Swanston offering the best amenities at the most affordable prices.

4. Brunswick

Brunswick is often stated as the younger side of Melbourne. This is easy to deduce because the major live music events, upbeat pubs, QSR joints and many public attractions are located at Brunswick. Additionally, the place also leverages the younger generation and provides affordable student accommodation covering 6 Balmer Street, 209 Brunswick Road, and 6 Peers Street.

5. Spotswood

When it comes to living near Yarra River, Spotswood is often the best choice for students. Surrounded by lavish greenery and unique landscapes, the city area is near Parkville, where you can locate numerous notable universities. SAE Institute, Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Melbourne City College are, to name a few, attracting global students and the land majority of them at Spotswood.

6. Williamstown

Williamstown is a common name among city mariners and port builders. The area is Melbourne's first port settlement and is filled with exclusive marine museums and artifacts. Besides, you can always spot various exciting events, public restaurants and cafes and affordable student housing in Footscray and South Melbourne.

7. Seaholme

Students craving utmost peace and natural habitat are bound to choose Seaholme. This bayside area covered with natural lavishness (Cherry Lake Reserve) is located 13 kilometres southwest of Melbourne’s CBD. Despite being an enclave of the giant suburb, Seaholme covers some notable colleges and universities, such as Victoria University and Greenwich English College. So, for you to live a modern lifestyle at the heart of nature, Seaholme is the place to be.