Student City Guide: Bristol 2023
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Student City Guide: Bristol 2023

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Jun 23, 2021
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Dec 16, 2022
Uploaded on
Jun 23, 2021
Last updated on
Dec 16, 2022
Student City Guide Bristol 2023
Bright and Beautiful Bristol

Bristol is one of the most unique and upscale cities in South West England. Bristol, the tenth-most populous city in England, is one of the most visited cities in the UK, just behind Manchester, Edinburgh, and London. Bristol is one of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the UK, so we brought you a detailed Bristol city guide. In this blog, you will learn about living in Bristols as a student.

About Bristol

Bristol is a city, a local authority, and a historic county in England. Bristol was one of the top three English cities for tax receipts from the 13th through the 18th centuries, behind London. The creative media, electronics, and aerospace sectors are the foundation of Bristol's modern economy, and the city centre docks have been transformed into hubs of history and culture. Bristol earned the European Green Capital Award in 2015 and was chosen as the most fantastic city in Britain in 2014 and 2017.

Geography of Bristol

Bristol is situated on River Avon and surrounded by the ceremonial counties of Somerset to the south and Gloucestershire to the north. Bristol is located at the junction of the Rivers Avon and Frome, some 120 miles (190 km) west of London. The Avon drains into a channel of River Severn about west of the city, and 8 miles northwest, in the Bristol Channel of the Atlantic Ocean. Bristol is a significant business hub and seaport. Forty-two square miles in size (110 square km).

Population of Bristol

The population of Bristol in 2022 is 701,000 residents, a rise of 1.01% from 2021. Bristol's metro region had 694,000 residents in 2021, up 1.17% from 2020. Bristol had an area population of 686,000 in 2020, an increase of 1.03% from 2019. This city is populous as it has more than 30,000 students. 

Weather in Bristol

The weather in Bristol is categorised as warm and temperate. Bristol receives a lot of precipitation each year. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification classifies this climate as a subtropical highland climate. The typical yearly temperature in Bristol is 10.4 °C (50.8 °F). Every year, there is about 32.4 inches of precipitation.

Study in Bristol

As a student, you should know about student life in Bristol and let us tell you that you will not be let down in this Bristol city guide. Students from 150 different nations attend the universities in Bristol, all situated in a prominent area. In addition, many universities in Bristol fall under the top 10 institutions in the UK, and its graduates have the greatest employment rates in the nation. 

Why study in Bristol?

Bristol is a welcoming and exciting city to study in. More than 27,000 postgraduate and undergraduate students reside at the university. More than 150 nations are represented among the approximately 25% of Bristol students from abroad.

Top Universities in Bristol

University of Bristol

One of the oldest public research universities in the UK is the University of Bristol, which was established in 1876. The institution takes great pride in serving more than 27,000 students annually and is well-known for its excellent teaching quality and cutting-edge curriculum. The university has over 145 years of experience working with international students, making it renowned worldwide.

The University of West of England

The University of West of England is a long-range outreach organisation established under the direction of city mayors to encourage locals to learn modernised industry skills. The university is a pioneer in its field and provides programmes to aid overseas students in adjusting to and advancing to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

University of Law

The University of West of England is a long-range outreach organisation established under the direction of city mayors to encourage locals to learn modernised industry skills. The university is a pioneer in its field and provides programmes to aid overseas students in adjusting to and advancing to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

City of Bristol College

The City of Bristol College is another well-known name in the academic sector. The City of Bristol College, the largest college in North East England and the main rival of the University of Bristol, enrols more than 14,000 students annually. The most important learning centre in the city as of May 2021 is Newcastle University, the name of four institutions and colleges with comprehensive offerings.


BIMM, or the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, will always live up to its name in cultural diversity and history. Founded in 2001, BIMM is Bristol's most significant educational institution for creative industries. It has more than 7,000 students enrolled across seven different campuses, including London, Birmingham, Berlin, and Manchester.

Top courses to study in Bristol

The city's universities provide various study opportunities for programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees. Bristol universities offer different courses under multiple domains; some of the top courses are

  1. Engineering 
  2. Languages
  3. Animal Sciences 
  4. Anatomy
  5. Criminology 
  6. Business
  7. Accountancy  
  8. Law.


The eligibility varies from course to course, but some of the essential requirements would be, 

  1. English proficiency test
  2. University Clinical Aptitude Test ( if you are applying for a medical or dental degree)
  3. National Admissions Test for Law (if you are applying for a Law LLB degree)

Scholarships in Bristol

Although there are universities in Bristol that provide scholarships as a student, in the UK, you can apply for UK scholarships for international students in 2023

  1. Chevening Scholarship UK
  2. Rotary Peace Fellowship Program
  3. University of Bristol Think Big Scholarships
  4. Goldsmiths International Response Scholarship

Best Bristol Student Accommodation

Top Localities in Bristol


Redland, home to the University of Bristol, is a very well-liked neighbourhood among students. With a mixture of a sizable student population and a sizable number of families, the suburb offers the best of both worlds. Students can explore a variety of museums, castles, art galleries, sports arenas, theme parks, and fairs in Redland and find affordable student accommodation in Redlands. The area is well-liked because it is convenient to the expansive green space of the Durdham Downs, Bristol University, and Whiteladies Road.


One of the nicest areas to reside for students is unquestionably the lovely Bristol neighbourhood of Clifton. Georgian architecture can be seen everywhere, and locals and students alike may be seen browsing boutiques and checking out new cafes on the streets. The neighbourhood is well-liked by the local student population because Clifton College is nearby. The local students can go to Clifton Cathedral or the Bristol Zoo on their free days.


Cotham is a wealthy, green, international neighbourhood with many substantial older homes. Some remain single-family homes, while others have been divided into apartments, motels, or bed and breakfasts. A prominent group of tiny, independent stores are found on Cotham Hill, which connects to Whiteladies Road. Cotham is a terrific area to live in because of its accessibility, lovely houses, and a modest but outstanding range of bars, restaurants, pubs, and stores.


Fishponds is a neighbourhood that has a little-town vibe. Even though it may not be in the most accessible location, many UWE students who attend classes at the Glenside Campus look for student accommodations in fishponds and choose to live here due to the reasonably low rent. There are a few neighbourhood cafes and bars to check out nearby.

bristol city guide

Top Accommodations in Bristol

Bristol is renowned for its waterfront, exciting collection of buildings, and contributions to the humanities and sciences. The stores in this city, which are well recognised for their independent attitude, are no exception. Bristol offers a wide selection of options for students living near all important universities, bus and rail terminals, and popular shopping areas. This suggests that putting your finger in any of the above locations won't make you feel bad.

To assist you in your search, we have compiled a list of the top Bristol student housing alternatives in this Bristol City Guide. These are well-maintained and economically priced, with all the amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, a student common hall, extra storage and many more. However, before exploring, please review our blog post on what to consider when choosing  your student housing.

  1. The Depot, Bath
  2. Hotwells House, Bristol
  3. Zinc Quarter, Bristol
  4. Stonebridge House
  5. Centurion House
  6. Avon Studios, Bath
  7. Student Castle, Bath
  8. iQ Bristol
  9. Vita Student Zed Alley

Career in Bristol

Living away from home can be pricey if your money is not managed correctly. Students frequently take up part-time employment to help pay for living expenses. The best part-time and full-time job opportunities in Bristol have been hand-selected to benefit our readers reading the Bristol city guide. Bristol attracts skilled workers from all over the UK and abroad because of its thriving economy, convenient transportation, and high quality of life.
Candidates may take advantage of any possibilities to work on or off campus. However, some UK part-time employment restrictions exist for international students who arrived on a student visa. Any overseas student who does not abide by the UKBA's regulations runs the danger of being deported.

Part-Time Jobs in Bristol

  1. Part-time tutor
  2. Content Writer
  3. Student Ambassador
  4. Retail
  5. Pet Care
  6. Customer service

Full-Time Jobs in Bristol

Bristol also provides a wide range of full-time career options for when your education is finished, and you're ready to expand your horizons. We have listed a few full-time positions in this Bristol city guide. To discover the many chances available, visit job portals like Indeed, LinkedIn, and others. among the UK's most sought-after positions are

  1. IT Engineer
  2. Mobile Developer
  3. Recruiting Assistant
  4. Product Designer
  5. Data Scientists
  6. Nurse Practitioners 

Living In Bristol

Moving to a new city is never easy, but you should count yourself lucky if it's Bristol. Locals delight in a wide range of amenities and a unique sense of community! Living in Bristol is undoubtedly a good choice for many people. Bristol, the tenth most populous city in England, is one of the most visited cities in the UK, just behind Manchester, Edinburgh, and London. Bristol is a well-connected city because it borders other well-known surrounding towns, including Bath, Newport, and Cardiff. There are many things to consider while living in Bristol, including the costs, travel, food and leisure, which we have listed below in this section of the Bristol city guide.

Cost of Living in Bristol

We will mention the cost of living in a Bristol city guide. The cost of living in Bristol is comparatively less than in London. The price includes airfare, expenses, and housing for the students. Even though costs vary from place to place, the figures presented here will give you a rough notion of what is provided at what price.

  • Accommodation Expenses - £ 500 - 100/month
  • Food and Eatery - £200 - 400/month
  • Travelling Expenses - £20 - 120/month
  • Leisure and Entertainment - £100 - 350/month
    Check out our cost of living in Bristol guide and manage finances accordingly. 
    A quick tip: check out 7 great hacks for money management as a student to simplify budgeting!

Travelling in Bristol

Living in Bristol has several advantages, including superior transportation options. When getting around in the UK, the city has excellent rail and road connections to the rest of the country thanks to its central location. Bristol is a great place, having quick access to both the north and east of England by road and to London. We have listed a few means of public transport in this Bristol City Guide.


You can opt for many bristol bus pass as a student. Stagecoach Bus Services, Wessex Bus, and First West of England are three well-known bus service operators in Bristol. You may see a bus on every corner of the town because more than 150 buses operate continuously on the roads and highways.


The MetroWest, one of Britain's first light rail lines, was built in 1987 and is located in Metro Bristol. The city has a functional underground and suburban rail network connecting Bristol City Centre to every neighbouring metropolitan borough. In the coming months, the city intends to increase the number of stations in this system.


Since the city is built around a harbour, anyone may have inferred that the town has a water transportation system. The city boasts an extensive water transportation network that links the Bristol Ferry boat system with other ports and offers students various travel opportunities.


The Bristol council also offers its residents a local taxi system that allows them to order taxis using mobile apps swiftly. The best benefit of Bristol's taxi system is that average fare prices are far less expensive than in nearby regions of the UK.

Top Clubs in Bristol

The city offers nightclubs on boats and basements that frequently double as live music venues and are themed around various musical genres, cultures, karaoke, or the 1980s. Whatever you're searching for, we have listed down some famous clubs and student bars in Bristol. In this list of Bristol City Guide, there's probably a nightclub in Bristol that offers the atmosphere you want.

  1. Basement 45 (Avon, 8 Frogmore St)
  2. Lakota (6 Upper York St)
  3. Thekla (The Grove, East Mud Dock)
  4. Lizard Lounge (66 Queens Rd)
  5. The Loco Klub (Clock Tower Yd)

Top Restaurants in Bristol

Bristol is an amazing city for students to live in, and we've listed a few of its great restaurants in our Bristol city guide. If this is your first time visiting Bristol or the UK, eating well-known foods like fish and chips, afternoon tea, or a traditional roast dinner is probably at the top of your list. Some of the best Bristol restaurants 2022 are

  1. Coronation Curry House (190 Coronation Road)
  2. Turtle Bay (221-223 Cheltenham Road)
  3. Casamia Bristol (Lower Guinea St)
  4. Tare (14 Museum St)
  5. Mugshot Restaurants Bristol (18 St Nicholas St)
    If you are interested, check out this list of top cafes in Brsitol.

Student Applications

It is recommended that you utilise your phone effectively in the digital age. We have listed some useful apps in this Bristol City Guide. Students visiting or residing in Bristol are advised to download some of the most well-liked local apps, such as

  1. LoyalFree
  2. First Bus
  3. Headfirst
  4. Veezu Bristol
  5. GWR
  6. Bristol Live

Top Tourist Hotspots in Bristol

Bristol has something for you regardless of your interests, music, museums in Bristol, nature or technology. Bristol is an entrance to the South West and is strategically located.

Tourist hotspot in Bristol

1. Clifton Suspension Bridge
2. The Harbourside
3. Brunel's SS Great Britain Ship
4. Bristol Zoo Gardens
5. Bristol Harbor
6. Blaise Castle House Museum
7. Aerospace Bristol
8. Spike Island
Check out this list of the 25 best tourist attractions in Bristol.

Check out our student city guide below.

We hope our Bristol city guide has given you helpful information about the city. Bristol welcomes visitors and residents, has much to offer and is home to various neighbourhoods guaranteed to appeal to all types of students, whether the lively Gloucester Road with its many clubs and cafés or the quiet Bishopston and St Andrews. The city is home to of the best universities in the UK. So living in Bristol is preferably the best choice for a student.