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Student City Guide: Leicester 2022
8 min

Student City Guide: Leicester 2022

May 6, 2021
8 min

Leicester Pedestrian Zones, UK
Live student life in Leicester

Are you an international student planning to study in Leicester? If yes, you’re in for an amusement! From student accommodation in Leicester to the city’s best places to eat, shop and have fun – our Leicester student guide covers it all. Read on to arm yourself with valuable snippets of information ahead of your journey!

Cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds are a few well-liked by the UK's universal student people. But the greatest astonishing of all comes from one of the Northwest parts of Britain called Leicester. The city, which has been the heart and soul of the Non-European country for hundreds of a long time, has ended up the best-looked city among students.

Leicester is a city somewhere in the East Midlands region of England. For more than 900 years, Leicester Cathedral has stood at the epicentre of the capital, where Richard III was reinterred in 2015. The King Richard III Visitor Centre, located nearby, tells the storey of the king's life and death and displays the king's original burial spot. In Castle Gardens, by the River Soar, lay the remains of Leicester Castle, where Richard III spent some of his final days.

Leicester Universities

Each year, thousands of international students run to Leicester To get quality education and aptitudes that may open doors for their careers. That's why, to assist our perusers, we have arranged a list of Leicester universities which would help you in getting the best thought of this place and may assist you in selecting your considered overseas goal more educationally.

  1. De Montfort University

De Montfort University Leicester is an English public university located in Leicester. It was established in 1991 as a degree-awarding body together under the Further and Higher Education Act. According to user ratings on Studyportals, the best way to determine how students rate their research and living experiences at universities worldwide, De Montfort University is ranked 601 in Times Higher Education's World University Rankings. It has an overall score of 4.2 stars.

  1. Leicester College

Leicester College is an English higher education college located in Leicester. It is one of the most prominent colleges in the UK, with over 26,000 students, 1,600 employees, and a £51 million operating budget. It has three primary campuses in Leicester's city centre and more than 200 community venues.

  1. The University of Leicester

The University of Leicester is a British education policy university with its company headquarters in Leicester. The main campus is situated down south of the city centre, near Victoria Park. The government established the counterpart of the university in 1957. The University of Leicester is a leading UK university dedicated to international innovation by producing world-changing science and providing high-quality, inspiring education. Leicester is the most racially egalitarian of the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom.

Best localities in Leicester

  1. Oadby

Located to the south of the city centre, Oadby offers students a perfect combination of a busy and harmonious city lifestyle. Transport links make the commute easier and more accessible. With several supermarkets and local stores, lively streets and great people, it is an ideal location for student accommodation in Leicester.

  1. Evington

Evington is a fantastic location for a shopping trip. It is an outer suburb with multiple amenities, few local shops and outdoor spaces. If you are looking for student accommodation in Leicester, then Evington is the perfect place. The green spaces, activity hubs and amenities make it an excellent choice for students.

  1. Claredon Park

Claredon Park is a great central location for student accommodation. It is a perfect spot for commuters. With frequent bus services, the city centre is easily accessible. You can find a few local independent shops, cafés, bars and green spaces.

Types of student accommodation in Leicester

For beginner perusers, it is vital to know a wide range of student accommodation in Leicester. Likewise, every one of the housing choices may accompany loads of experts and undetectable cons too as well! Let us add one more subject to our student rents Leicester to comprehend the various sorts of student halls in Leicester. 

On-campus Student Accommodation

University residences, hostels or dormitories that are managed by the University come under on-campus student accommodations. These options provide suitable access to the amenities rendered by the college on its campus.

Off-campus Student Accommodation

Off-campus student accommodations include PBSAs, HMOs and other room types. They are cost-effective as compared to on-campus accommodation. Students can live on their terms except for a few property rules.

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)

PBSA, commonly known as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation, are those properties in Leicester that quickly become one of the UK's profoundly looked areas. These areas are shown at reasonable costs and frequently come with student-oriented assets and offices. Take our word; if you get an adjacent PBSA settlement, snatch it. We can also give you a list of Student accommodation and private corridors in Leicester.

HMOs (houses of multiple occupancies)

HMOs are highly-efficient student housing in Leicester where more than 3 students can rent out the same accommodation at the same time and share the facilities.

Room Types

  1. University-managed rooms

University-managed rooms should be your highest need if your objective is a calculable day-to-day environment present at low costs. University-managed rooms are dormitory-like constructions that offer single-room plans. These rooms are popular with sophomores and second-year students since they are available inside the grounds and save time navigating to and from the college.

  1. Student halls

The second position on our posting of student accommodation in Leicester incorporates studio lodging choices. These are 1-room or 2-room rental homes that offer superior rooms and have somewhat high-grade room characteristics than college dormitories. Studio rooms are an extraordinary decision to live in and are fantastic to look towards pocket-accommodating student halls outside the college.

  1. En-suite

En-suite lodging alternatives are private rooms that accompany a superior security choice for students. This student accommodation conveys abundant space for students. Additionally, it incorporates separate restrooms and a kitchen with the goal that you don't need to burn through pointless time remaining in lines and at previous work all the more gainfully.

  1. Shared Accommodations

Sharing accommodation is viewed as the rising star of student housing in Leicester. These lodging decisions are divided among a gathering of students and are retained by a property manager or a domain specialist. A significant advantage of sharing convenience is dividing costs among the students and gel up with different international students.

Student accommodation options in Leicester

Brookland Road


Brookland Rd, Leicester LE2 6BH, United Kingdom.

Brookland Road is your best choice for student accommodation in Leicester if you're on a small budget. A fully fitted en-suite space is available for £99 per week. The en-suite rooms and studio rooms available have all of the most up-to-date equipment and services.

Price Range: £99 – £149/week

iQ Grosvenor House


21-33 Newarke St, Leicester LE1 5SP, United Kingdom.

If the Queen will survive in luxury in London, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do so in Leicester. iQ Grosvenor House is the only place in Leicester to live like royalty. Another fantastic feature of iQ Grosvenor House is that De Montfort University in Leicester is just a minute away! Residents will unwind by playing pool or just relaxing in the common area. Price Range: £141 – £237/week

The Summit


The Summit, Eastern Blvd, Leicester LE2 7JD, UK.

The Summit provides comfortable student housing at a reasonable cost. You'll find fully furnished studio rooms and one-bedroom apartments here. Furthermore, Leicester's De Montfort University is just 4-minute drive north.

Price Range: £149 – £199/week

Cost of living in Leicester

Leicester's cost of living is equivalent to the average, attracting a large proportion of people from around the globe. Leicester's mystique is enhanced by the inclusion of world-class universities such as the University of Leicester and De Montfort University.

Here's a provisional approximation of Leicester's monthly costs:

Bills Average Cost (per month)
Rent for accommodation  £500-£1500 
 Food and other eatery shopping  £100-£180
 Local Transport  £50-£150
 Books and stationery  £45-£80
 Internet and mobile phone  £25-£50
 Social and leisure activities  £75-£150

Note: To live comfortably in Leicester, we suggest a monthly budget of about £1,000 (excluding tuition).

Cost of living in Leicester as a student

Leicester could turn into a befuddling spot regarding housing that comes from different rental choices. Such places will contrast in prices or sizes as you move away from the City Center. That is why students are encouraged to pick the best appropriate student accommodation that accommodates their spending plan and is convincing with everyday exercises.

How do manage some bills and mandatory expenses of the students?

Leicester is highly appreciated for its exclusive low-cost environment that is a dream come true for all students. Whilst some of these expenses may or may not fall under your blanket, it’s essential to know what different types of bills you could expect in the upcoming months.

Electric/gas/water bill

All utility services, electricity, gas and water, are covered in preliminary expenses for each student. For the ones who are interested in living in studios or private halls, these bills are to be excluded and will be present according to your monthly usage status.


Students' lives always revolve around their instruments. Pen, pencil, required books, etc., are essential items that are needed during your semester. As their use is never-ending, students are advised to buy bulk deals of stationary to get additional discounts and offers.

Mobile phones and SIM cards

After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile phones have become necessary to telltale your well-being to your loved ones. Moreover, it would be an intelligent decision to buy a budget mobile with essential functions such as internet, voice-calling, above-average camera quality, and ample storage to share crucial files and documents.

TV license

In the UK, in general, the process of buying a TV connection starts right after buying your TV license. The UK government has made it mandatory to buy a separate TV cable subscription for every system installed. On the other hand, you can try purchasing a combined monthly/ yearly subscription of OTT subscription plans to enjoy all the latest shows and movies.

Affordable cuisines in Leicester

Leicester is a fantastic student community with various activities ranging from festivals and walking tours to distilleries and historical sites to keep you occupied in between classes. There are also plenty of fantastic food choices to meet your needs and your budget, so if you're finding a cheap bite to eat, here are a few suggestions that every student should be aware of!

The Joiners Bruntingthorpe

The Joiners, located on the outskirts of Leicester in the lovely village of Bruntingthorpe, has been serving some of the best gastro pub food in the area for quite some time. The Joiners menu has been elevated to a whole new level of consistency, thanks to the team's other local, The Boot Room, a firm favourite on the foodie scene.

The restaurant is dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients and has a wine list that is expertly paired with the well-designed food menu, making it a true jewel.

OGGI Simply Italian London Road

OGGI Simply Italian prides itself on being "the birthplace of Italian food in Leicester." Over 25 years or more, the head chef at this quintessential authentic Italian restaurant has created a menu that represents both traditional elements of Italian cuisine and new dishes that have been studied in recent years around the boot of Italy.

Knight & Garter Hotel Street

The entire establishment is built in a brasserie style, with a secret door providing entry to the kitchen, giving it a chic and exclusive feel. The food is of the finest quality, and the décor is rather intelligent and elegant.

The service is outstanding, and the food is of excellent quality without being too expensive. At every point of the process, you will get excellent value for money, including in the bright and airy bar room, where you can sit and relax while sipping some of the best cocktails in the area.

Bobby’s Belgrave Road

Bobby is located on The Golden Mile and serves excellent canteen-style Indian food and sweets. As a result, it is one of the most well-known sections of Belgrave Road, and it is a must-see for anyone new to Leicester, whether visiting or staying in student housing.

Bobby's has recently undergone a beautiful Bollywood makeover and has added some nutritious dishes to the menu. For some crispy goodness loaded with some beautiful vegetarian ingredients, we highly recommend the dahi-puris.

Barceloneta Queens Road

Tapas can now be found in nearly every town and city in the UK, but at Barceloneta, authentic tapas and the best quality ingredients are prioritised. Along with the produce, there is a large selection of Spanish aperitifs, liqueurs, and wines that have been carefully selected to complement the cuisine.

With classical Spanish music and accents from the waiting staff, Barceloneta sounds real. The waiters are happy to pause and talk, using their knowledge to recommend the best dishes and provide advice about having the most enjoyable time dining in a casual and beautiful atmosphere.

Local attractions on a budget

Leicester offers a diverse range of attractions, from family favourites to nostalgic treasures and intergalactic delights, so there's sure to be plenty to keep you amused!

Leicester's music and sporting scenes would not disappoint those who want their society to be a little louder. Kasabian is only one of Leicester's many musical talents who have honed their skills in the city's thriving live music scene. Leicester is spoiled for elite football, hockey, basketball, and cricket teams, from the roars in the concert hall to the outcries in the stands.

In this area, it's not just the sporting arenas that are making headlines. The city's fantastic dramatic venues include the ground-breaking architectural marvel Curve theatre, which attracts national shows and produces sell-out productions.

So take a look at the options below and see if you can make the most of your time in Leicester:

National Space Centre

The National Space Centre continues to live up to its status as one of the most famous attractions in the United Kingdom. The National Space Centre, located on Belgrave's Exploration Drive, is a space museum and education centre that depicts significant astronomical phenomena and vehicles from the prestigious World Space Travel Program.

Twinlakes Family Theme Parks

The Twinlakes Family Theme Park is a 70-acre amusement park with roller coasters, a zoo, a log flume, a falconry centre, combat courses, go-karts, and a boating pool, among other public attractions. The Twinlakes Family Theme Park, located near Leicester City Centre, is a must-see destination that will never leave you wondering, "Should we leave?"

Belvoir Brewery

Ever experienced tasting a pint while sitting inside a brewery? If not, then you're in the right place since Leicester's most visited Belvoir Brewery is located on the corner of Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray, and Loughborough. The Belvoir Brewery is a public bar where over a hundred different drinks are grown and handcrafted for fellow travellers to sample.

The Cookie and the Attic

With so many options for places to see on the outskirts of town, we chose to stroll down the road to The Cookie and the Attic. The Cookie, located in Leicester City Centre and near Leicester College and the University of Leicester, is a well-known live music venue where the city's best street musicians, DJs, and comedians play live every night.

Although The Cookie is more than enough to keep you busy all night, The Attic Bar, one floor above the centre, offers reasonably priced cocktails at happy hours on weekends and generous student discounts.

With two hands full, it's difficult to overlook this noteworthy mention during your staycation in Leicester.

Things to do in Leicester

Leicester Cathedral

The heart of Leicester's Old Town is Leicester Cathedral. The Cathedral is open to the public, and all are welcome to enter. Delve into over 900 years of history in this quiet and majestic student house, from the fine stained glass to the storey and tomb of King Richard III.

The Cathedral is surrounded by peaceful Cathedral Gardens. The gardens are a peaceful haven in the capital centre, with lawns, flower beds, sitting areas, and a water feature. Two pieces of public art can be found in the gardens: the classic bronze statue of King Richard III, commissioned by the Richard III Society in 1980, and the sculpture 'Towards Stillness,' an artwork depicting a sequence of events.

King Richard III Visitor Centre

The King Richard III Visitor Centre tells the exciting and moving storey of King Richard III's birth, death, and exploration through great storytelling, stunning architecture, and 21st-century technology. The visitor centre is located on the Grey Friars' mediaeval friary grounds and is where the king's remains were buried over 500 years ago.

The museum tells the storey of the king's life and death, as well as the circumstances that lead to his hasty burial and subsequent rediscovery. It features the first-ever genome sequencing of ancient DNA and tells one of the best archaeological detective stories ever told. The precise location where Richard's ashes were buried over 500 years ago will be visible to visitors.

Great Central Railway

The only double-track central line heritage railway in the UK – and the only spot in the world where full-size steam engines can be seen passing each other! During the summer months, trains run every day, on bank holidays, and pick weekdays.

Loughborough Central Station (LE11 1RW), Quorn & Woodhouse Station (LE12 8AG), Rothley Station (LE7 7LD), and Leicester North Station (LE7 7LD) are the four stations on the line, all of which are wheelchair accessible (LE4 3BR).

Why not book the restaurant car service, which offers a five-course meal when travelling between Loughborough and Leicester, for a first-class experience? You can also make your childhood fantasies come true by participating in the 'Driving a Locomotive' expertise, which allows you to take the controls of a powerful steam locomotive or a powerful diesel locomotive. Great Central Railway is a great day for the whole family, with all of these special activities.

Treetop adventure golf

The number one goal is to keep visitors and team members secure, so new initiatives will be implemented, such as a one-way path for tourists, fewer people for more space, and signage placed in the rainforest to ensure that guests are kept in a safe distance at all times.

Hand sanitiser stations have been installed, and only contactless payments will be accepted. There will be additional washing as well, with each golfer's hands and surfaces being cleaned and rewashed and clubs and balls being scrubbed clean. Masks are also needed for entry. When entering the jungle, anyone above the age of 11 must wear a face mask.

Attenborough Arts Centre

The Attenborough Arts Centre is a cutting-edge space for creating and viewing art. Every year, the galleries hold three extensive contemporary art exhibits that are both thrilling and inspirational.

A series of free seminars, debates, discussions, tours, and family workshops are held in conjunction with each show. They have a helpful and knowledgeable staff willing to answer questions and provide information about their year-round programmes, including classes, seminars, modern art, theatre, dance, and live music.

Prevalent Lifestyle of Leicester

King Power Stadium

If we didn't say the name of King Power Stadium, we'd be betraying Leicester's sporting history. The King Power Stadium, also known as the city's champions ground and the site of Leicester City FC's 2016 League Cup victory, is home to the city's beloved football team. Leicester City FC has existed since the country's inception in athletics and football.

The King Power Stadium, which was built and opened to the general public in 2002, is located in Filbert Way, a 5-minute walk from De Montfort University, and can assist all of your plans to escape after college and into the love and support of more than 32,000 spectators cheering their lungs out to support their esteem Leicester City FC.

Luke Jerram's stunning 'Gaia

Luke Jerram's breathtaking 'Gaia' sculpture is on display at Leicester Cathedral. Gaia is a seven-meter-wide globe with accurate imagery of the Earth's surface gathered from NASA's Visible Earth sequence. The artwork allows viewers to see our world in three dimensions and on a larger scale.

A Country Night In Nashville

Prepare to be taken on a nostalgic tour through the evolution of country music, complete with tracks by some of the genre's most prominent artists, both past and current. Dominic Halpin and The Hurricanes perform hits by Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, the Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, and Little Big Town.

This epic festival of country music is a night not to be missed, with songs like Ring Of Fire, Crazy, Follow Your Arrow, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, Need You Now, 9-5, and The Gambler, to name a few.

Let’s Dance International Frontiers

Let's Dance International Frontiers 2021 is an 11-day celebration that includes both outdoor and online activities. Online performances, talks, seminars, and a conference discussing dance as a tool for positive change are also part of the festival.

Art AI Festival

The 2021 Art AI Festival will take you into the fantastic field of Artificial Intelligence and show you how it is being used in filmmaking, literature, design, and art today.

The festival will feature cutting-edge work by world-renowned artists and scholars from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, India, Croatia, and Germany.

Chatbots, deep fakes, innovative interaction, and biomimicry are used to demonstrate artificial intelligence. Many of the online activities are immersive, and specific in-person video art exhibits are also available.

Travel in Leicester


There are connecting bus services between Leicester city centre and most other parts of the city including the University campus. Several different companies operate buses - the two largest companies are Arriva and First Leicester.

The Students' Union sells annual Arriva City Student Tickets, which can offer considerable savings to research students who regularly use Arriva bus services.


Cycling is fun, cheap, good for you, and good for the environment. Many research students choose to cycle to and from the University. In the UK, you cycle on the left side of the road, and cyclists cannot use footpaths unless there is a marked cycle lane.

On the University campus, we have a 300-space secure cycle park and shower facilities and tools to help you keep your bike safe.

There are cycle racks at various points in the city centre and other specific attributes such as Leicester train station.

If you prefer to travel by foot, Leicester has well-maintained and safe routes for pedestrians. Leicester's New Walk was the first pedestrian-only route in the UK and still provides an attractive tree-lined walk between the University and Leicester city centre.


Leicester City Council issues licences for taxi operators and carries out inspections to ensure that standards are maintained. Taxis must display their licence details - you can usually see these next to the registration plate at the rear of the vehicle and usually inside the car above the front passenger seat.

Earning some bucks by side hustles

Till now, you may have already gotten the idea that Leicester isn't as costly as its neighbouring cities like London or Birmingham. But living away from home can come hefty if your expenses aren't managed well. While you can always take a safety deposit cash from your family, doing some side hustles to gain an extra income won't be as hectic as it seems.

To deliver knowledge to our readers reading the 'student guide Leicester,' we have enlisted top part-time job offers that you can easily find around the city. These chores may or may not become your full-time career but are indeed pointed out to improve your work ethic and make you a more reasonable person.

Part-time tutoring

Teaching young minds is one of the most lovable part-time jobs that one could ask for. As the job requirements are essential and require no additional degree or course, students can engage in tutoring students and can earn fair basis wages, side by side.

Become a web writer

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has left people using their smartphones now more than ever. This has left the content writing industry to work even more than before. Thus, by writing guest blogs or doing ghostwriting, not only you can earn a respectable amount for every article, but you can hone your communication skills alongside.

University application mentor

The university administration hires a university application mentor every year. Their role is to guide sophomore students and indulge in hearing their course preferences, their queries regarding academic and social grounds, and making sure they feel more comfortable in such a new environment.

Student Ambassador

Have you ever heard about a leader of a student union? Well, that is who the student ambassador is. A student ambassador's role is to resolve conflicts between students, cater to their daily needs in and out of university, and control the student panel during functions or events. Such positions are assigned to someone who can handle groups, work under pressure and manage other students without difficulty.

Subsequently, don't take it hard upon yourself if you don't find part-time work in the first few days. Leicester and all other parts of the UK have ample opportunities for both part-time and full-time career opportunities.

Making student life easy

Our student guide, Leicester 2021, mainly revolves around the city's latest ground report and how to explore the town at basic expenses. But our guide wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't shared these essential points with our readers.

What to do in case of emergency(rental frauds/immigration issues etc.)?

As this may be your first time in the city, students are advised to look upon their shoulders every time. With more, you are on your own, which means there will be no one else to blame if any wrong foot is stepped upon. For starters, if any student is put under such stress of rental fraud or tenet misbehaviour, you are advised to contact the undersigned authority the right way.

You can also communicate with the university administration to help you out with your problems. If not, you can always tap on your senior's doors for briefing you about the city's council and verified city agencies who can take care of your student accommodation in Leicester. Keeping a tab on these points cannot guarantee you wouldn't make mistakes but will help if done.

Manage Finances

Going outside your native region brings a list of spending, starting from tuition fees to food and other supplements. The tip here is to be cautious and save anywhere possible. You can also look up to second-hand shopping centres or discounted shops where you buy reusable items at lower expenses. Also, make sure you make a budget for every month and manage to go through it once in a while.  

Useful apps and offers

In this era of digitalisation, every facility is present in your palm. Thus, it would be wise to use your phone positively. Students visiting Leicester are advised to download popular local apps such as the LoyalFree app for bagging a bargain and exploring the area, the SafeZone app for getting help at any time in the university and the MyUoL app that allows you all-in-one access.


Q1. What is Leicester famous for?

Answer: Leicester was known as a footwear manufacturer and was famous for its light engineering. Nowadays, it is famous for its culturally diverse scene and world-class universities.

Q2. Is Leicester a good and safe place to live?

Answer: The city is highly considered among students. It is placed in the list of the top ten places to live in the UK by both OneFamily and Lonely Planet.


Whether you move to any city in the UK, Leicester will always be the best place for student accommodation. Leicester’s hassle-free lifestyle, welcoming people and green places will all be worth it. From travel to expenses, everything can be available at affordable costs. You can now book your student accommodation in Leicester with