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Student City Guide: New York City

8 mins read
Uploaded on
Dec 28, 2022
Last updated on
Dec 4, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 28, 2022
Last updated on
Dec 4, 2023
New York City
Spilling the Liber-tea about NYC!

The views from the Empire State Building couldn’t be NYCer. Do you plan on going to New York City for your further studies? Then this New York City Guide is just what you need. After a long day of sightseeing, you could Central Park yourself at one of amber’s accommodations in New York City. Check out this blog to know some amazing things to do in Manhattan.

About New York City 

The largest city in the US is New York, sometimes known as New York City or NYC. Additionally, New York Metropolis has more people per square mile than any other large American city, with Los Angeles coming in second. The largest city in the US is New York, sometimes known as New York City or NYC. Additionally, New York Metropolis has more people per square mile than any other large American city, with Los Angeles coming in second. The most racially and religiously diverse, commercially focused, notably crowded, and, in the opinion of many, the most alluring urban centre in the nation is New York.

Geography of New York City

New York City's geographic location at the confluence of the Hudson River as well as the Atlantic Ocean in a naturally protected port is unique. New York is the most densely inhabited large metropolis in the United States due in part to the location of the city and the limited land supply. Five boroughs, or districts, make up the city. Up until 1898, each of the boroughs was a separate county. Each of the boroughs has its own particular qualities, but Manhattan stands out in the eyes of both New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers due to its towering skyline.

Population of New York City

New York Metropolis is also the most densely populated large city in the United States, with 8,804,190 people spread across 300.46 square miles making it more than twice as populous as Los Angeles, which is placed second. With students coming from all around the world the City is culturally diverse.

Weather in New York City

The city is situated in the eastern United States, at approximately 41 degrees north latitude, where the winters are cold and the summers are hot, and where two separate air currents warm ones from the Gulf of Mexico and the cold ones from Canada. As a result, the climate is variable, with periods of severe weather alternating with days that are bright and sunny. Additionally, the wind blows regularly.

Why study in New York City?

A fantastic education, valuable life lessons, and an understanding for cultural variety may all be gained through studying in New York. It serves as a centre for business, finance, and innovation on a worldwide scale. Those who like the thrills and opportunities the company Apple offers could think about relocating to New York City. The prominent and well-known universities that the New York City provides are a great place for students with a wide range of hobbies, interests, and occupations to find their calling. Some of the top colleges in the city are featured in this New York city guide.

Top Universities in New York City

1. New York University

One of the biggest private universities in the United States is New York University (NYU). Numerous alternatives exist for student accommodation close to New York University, which is situated in the centre of New York City. More than 100,000 students come here each year to study. In addition to the various alternatives for student accommodation in the city, there are also many dorms, residence halls, and reasonably priced individual residences.

2. Brooklyn Law School

Private law school Brooklyn Law School (BLS) is located in New York City. The faculty of Brooklyn Law School, which was formed in 1901, consists of 60 full-time academics and a handful of adjunct instructors. The institution's many centres, each of which focuses on a different topic of the law, provide around 190 legal courses and seminars.

3. Thomas Jefferson University

Private Thomas Jefferson University first opened its doors in 1824. It is connected to the CACC and the NCAA Division. It is well known that the university is a part of Philadelphia University. The university founded the Philadelphia Association of Manufacturers of Textile Fibres after seeing capacity and technology decline.

Top courses to study in New York City

Top courses to study in New York City

The universities in New York City provide various study opportunities for programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD and MBA degrees. New York City universities offer different courses under multiple streams; some of the top courses available have been listed below in this New York city guide:

1. Health care
2. Business administration
3. Biomedicine and biomedical research
4. Economics
5. Computer science
6. Engineering
7. Mathematics
8. Law
9. Journalism
10. Films


For different universities in New York City, there are varying eligibility requirements for enrollment which we have listed in this New York city guide. However, the prerequisite is:

1. An English Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL)
2. A relevant bachelor's degree with honours or equivalent.
3. Clinical Aptitude Test for Universities (for a medical or dental degree).
4. National Law Admissions Test (for a Law LLB degree).

Scholarships in New York City

Many Universities in New York City provide scholarships to their students, you can apply for New York City scholarships for international students in 2023.

1. Excelsior Scholarship Program
2. Educational Opportunity Program
3. Tuition Assistance Program
4. NYS Memorial Scholarship

If you are confused about how to get scholarships for studying in the USA, you can read our blog to clarify your doubts. 

Best New York City Student Accommodation

Students who relocate to a new city or nation search for a setting that will make them feel at home away from home. This New York city guide includes a selection of several locales that will greet you with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Top Localities in New York City 

1. Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is both one of the safest neighbourhoods in New York City and the location with the greatest activity. If you're seeking lodging in Lower Manhattan, we recommend Harrington Housing Downtown Manhattan.

2. Dumbo

With its art galleries, bookstores, boutiques, and confectioneries, Dumbo is expressive and vibrant. Given that Brooklyn Bridge Park, the subway, and other food stores are all within a 5-minute walk of Columbia Heights Waterfront, it may be the best option for lodging in Dumbo.

3. Midtown  

The renowned towers in Midtown are the ones you recognise from your favourite television programmes and greeting cards. The East River, which really is nearby and attractive for its tranquillity, is nearby. In this area of New York, The Seton Residence offers the most popular choice for students looking for housing.

Top Accommodations in New York City

In addition to being the centre of limitless potential, New York is renowned for its extravagant Broadway productions and the constantly expanding entertainment sector. According to U.S. News & World Report, it has risen to the top spot as the most nice city. Because of the city's exorbitant real estate costs, finding student housing in New York might be difficult. In addition to the numerous possibilities for student apartments in the city, there are a variety of resident halls, dorms, and reasonably priced private en-suites to consider. Amber provides affordable student housing options. To help you in your student accommodation hunt we have listed a few accommodations in this New York City Guide. However, before exploring, you should definitely go through our blog post on what to look for when choosing your student housing.

  1. Harrington Housing Midtown Manhattan, New York
  2. Midtown East, New York
  3. 152 West 15th Street, New York
  4. 35 East 7th Street, New York
  5. 230 Sullivan Street, New York
  6. 81 Sullivan Street, New York
  7. 85 2nd Avenue, New York
  8. 308 West 18th Street, New York
  9. New York Friends Home, New York
  10. Marcy, New York

Career in New York City

If the money is not managed properly, living away from home might prove to burn some significant holes in your wallet. Students typically start working part-time jobs to manage their finances and budget while they are still in college. New York provides some of the benefiting part-time and full-time job opportunities. We have selected some of the demanding jobs listed below in this New York city guide. 

Career in New York City

Part time jobs New York City

1. Campus-based internships
2. Online internships
3. Jobs in marketing and retail
4. Jobs in the food industry
5. Paid Internships 
6. Freelancing

Full time jobs in New York City

In this New York student city guide, we have a few full-time employment mentioned. You explore employment sites like Indeed, Linkedin, and others to learn about the numerous chances accessible. The most sought-after occupations in the UK include:

1. Data Scientists
2. IT Engineering
3. Computer Scientists
4. Animation
5. Accounting and Finance
6. Creative Writing

Living In New York City

When you're in New York City, it's impossible to be bored. It is a requirement that you go to a Broadway performance while you are in New York. Since pizza is a delicacy in New York City, you must stop at Paulie Gee's Slice Shop. You may go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, or head to Central Park and ice skate at Wollman Rink or Lasker Rink. The city is renowned for having one of the most stunning skylines on earth. By scaling the Empire State Building or other buildings, you may see the whole city. There are pizza shops, delis, and steakhouses in New York. If you're in Central Park, you may check out Tavern on the Green. There are several factors to consider when living in New York City, including prices, transportation, cuisine, and recreation, which we have mentioned below in this section of the New York City guide. You can also check out our blog on the top 20 things to do in New York in December.

Cost of Living in New York City

Budgeting and money management are crucial when you go out for your higher education. Although the cost of living in the city will probably vary depending on a variety of variables, including where you live, where you study, and your personal preferences, we have tried to provide some rough estimates in this blog post about New York city guide so you can get a general idea of the various expenses during your stay.

1. Food and Groceries - $471.34/ month 
2. Gas & Electricity (Utility bills) -  $163.07/ month
3. Internet & Phone Bills - $66.43/ month
4. Dinner at a restaurant - $100/ meal  Inexpensive Restaurant - $25/ meal
5. Travel & Conveyance - $127/ month if you get a monthly metrocard
6. Clothing and Shoes - $200-$300 every time you decide to shop

Pro tip: Here are 7 great hacks for money management as a student and to learn to simplify budgeting!

Travelling in New York City

Travelling via public transport will also help you cut down on your expenses. We have listed a couple of means of public transport in this New York city guide. 

1. Rapid Transit -  Travelling about New York is simple because of its well-organised metro and subway system. In New York City, there is 24-hour public transportation service. The metropolitan region around New York City is home to two-thirds of all train users in the country.
2. Railway - The most cost-effective means of transportation to go sightseeing in New York is by train. The majority of New York's subway system is accessible around-the-clock. 
3. Buses - New York's well-established bus system is another highly practical method to get around the city. Every day, 200,000 passengers board around 7000 buses at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
4. Taxis- You'll be charged according to a metre that tracks time and distance. The metre begins to run as soon as you get into the cab and it begins to move. The metres are quite precise. Never accept a driver's charge that differs from what the metre indicates! Moreover, always request a receipt!

Top Clubs in New York City

All things considered, New York is a metropolis in America that is constantly upbeat. Nearly everyone associates the city with the inhabitants of the United States of America. Here, the cultures of many different people from throughout the world compete for space. Numerous activities and shows are available here. Some of the top clubs in New York city have been listed in this New York CIty guide. You can also check out our blog on the top clubs in New York City.

1. Paul’s Cocktail Lounge
2. Le Bain
3. Avant Gardener
4. 1 Oak
5. House of Yes

Top Restaurants in New York City

In New York City, selecting a favourite restaurant can be a fun endeavour with a wide range of options based on the situation, the person, and even the season. Despite having quite different attributes, your favourite dive, fancy dining location, and any night sort of venue may all rank highly on your own best list, some of which we have listed in this New York CIty Guide. 

1. Kochi
2. Crown Shy
3. Dhamaka
4. Gage & Tollner
5. Rezdôra

Student Applications

It's recommended that you use your phone responsibly in the digital era. A list of numerous useful applications is offered in this New York City guide. Students travelling to or living in New York City are advised to download some of the most well-liked local applications, such as

1. Mint
2. Unidays
3. Groupon
4. Mealpal
5. Seated

Top Tourist Hotspots in New York City

You can find something to do here no matter what your interests are. The great metropolis of New York, from its history to its nightlife, needs to be explored by students as a vacation from their studies. In this New York city guide, we've highlighted a few of the most popular tourist sites. So if you wish to take a day trip to NYC, then here are so some of the famous spots in New York:

1. Statue of Liberty
2. Central Park
3. Metropolitan Museum of Art
4. Broadway and the Theater District
5. Empire State Building

We really hope that our city guide of New York has provided you with useful knowledge about the area. New York City is kind to visitors and residents, offers a lot, and has a variety of neighbourhoods that are sure to appeal to students of all types. One of the top colleges in the USA is located in the city. Therefore, for a student, residing in New York City is probably the greatest option.

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Student City Guide: New York City
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