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Student Housing Guide: Chicago 2023

Student Housing Guide: Chicago 2023

Housing Tips
Uploaded on
Aug 3, 2021
Last updated on
Dec 5, 2023
Uploaded on
Aug 3, 2021
Last updated on
Dec 5, 2023
student housing
Explore the contemporary Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is a famous study-abroad destination in the United States. The warm setting, academic attitudes, and abundance of enjoyable activities draw significant numbers of students to this lovely city. According to recent studies, the United States accepts approximately one million overseas students annually. Many people from other countries visit major cities such as Chicago, New York, California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Despite all of the benefits, relocating to Chicago for education can be intimidating for young brains. Top institutions, transportation, safer student housing in Chicago, and now even sanitised are all factors that overseas students consider before relocating. Here is our definitive student housing guide on moving to Chicago as a student to answer all your questions.

When To Start Looking For Student Accommodation?

A basic student housing guide can’t start without mentioning when you should start finding a house for yourself! Since your student accommodation plays a huge role in your university experience, we suggest these points:

  • Try not to wait until the last minute to book your student home to avoid any last-minute trouble, and secure student housing as soon as feasible.
  • Booking your Chicago student housing early will get you the most terrific deal because rates may rise depending on availability, and discounts and incentives may also be available.

If you want to learn more about this topic, our blog about why you should book your student housing early will greatly help.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Accommodation

When it comes to student housing, there are numerous factors to consider. Finding your home away from home is critical to having a fun university experience. Here are a few things to consider when looking for student housing in Chicago:

  • Value for Money: Analyse your rent and assess whether it justifies all of the amenities listed in the property.
  • What is in the area: Take note of whether there are essential services you would regularly require, such as grocery stores, vegetable vendors, and so on.
  • Transport Nearby: We recommend that you always choose student housing near reliable transportation services so that you can be confident that if you need or want to go anywhere, you can do so without fear or spending too much money.

You could read our blog if you want more information about things to keep in mind when choosing student accommodations.

Types of accommodations for students

There are multiple types of student accommodations to choose from that are available in Chicago, currently called Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSA) ($880-$5000/week): You have entirely furnished rooms, high-speed WiFi, hot water and power 24/7. You also get laundry services, gym facilities, parking spots, and the security of your property! They have a few types:

  • Studios: Studios are available in single or multiple occupancies, with a private bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • En-suites: En-suites are designed for single occupancy and boast private bathrooms and even kitchen spaces for those who like to enhance their productivity by living independently.
  • Non-En-suites: Single or multiple occupancies, with a private bedroom, a shared living space, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom.
types of student accommodations

Best Suburbs in Chicago

There are many areas to choose from while looking for student accommodations in Chicago. This student housing guide is made for that! Here are a few best suburbs in Chicago to live in:


Pilsen is the crown jewel of student housing, located in the Southwest, with convenient transportation. Czech immigrants established it. This neighbourhood is well-known for its vintage clothes boutiques, low-cost restaurants and bars, and the Thalia Hall music theatre.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is well-known for its tranquil green space. This location provides a suburban feel for student housing, from lovely parks to vintage museums. Located on the southern side, commuting downtown is quick and easy. The most prevalent modes of transportation in this area are renting a bike or utilising the lakefront trail.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a good location for student housing because it is close to DePaul University. Lincoln Park has more to offer than anyone might imagine, with huge parks, lakefront picnic sites, and gorgeous green areas. This location offers a lot, from a shopping centre to a world-class musical tradition.


Kenwood is one of Chicago's 77 community areas. The location lies on the city's southern outskirts, near Lake Michigan. Kenwood is a place that always gives off a suburban vibe. Kenwood also has a public university, Kenwood Academy, which is a public school. In Kenwood, there are numerous alternatives for student housing.

Top 10 Student Accommodations In Chicago

As an affordable city in the United States, Chicago offers numerous student accommodation alternatives near every significant university, bus and train station, and famous market. You will be satisfied if you select any of the mentioned locations. This Chicago student housing guide has the best well-kept and affordable student housing alternatives in Chicago to aid you with your research.

Lakeside Edgewater Neighborhood Apartments

Lakeside Edgewater Neighborhood Apartments is Chicago's most famous student housing option starting at $640/month. Lakeside Edgewater Neighborhood Apartments is a one-minute walk from Loyola University, Chicago, and a 15-minute walk from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, making it difficult to find an available room.

Amenities:  Laundry, Air Conditioning and a Refrigerator

Prarie Shores

Prairie Shores is another good Chicago student housing option starting at $739/month. Prairie Shores, located a 7-minute walk from the University of Illinois Chicago and a 14-minute walk from DePaul University, offers a perfect location with various amenities.

Amenities: City & Lake Views, Air Conditioning, Spacious Closets, Stove/Oven, Dishwasher, Granite Countertops, Washer & Dryer, Microwave

The Buckingham

Look no further than The Buckingham regarding privacy and budget-friendly solutions. This Chicago student housing provides the most well-equipped student accommodation services. The Buckingham, which costs $1150/month, is located near every local market and has one of the city's most unique views. Furthermore, most students live here because of its proximity to major colleges, making this an excellent value for you in Chicago.

Amenities: Coffee machine, sky lounge, movie theatre, 24/7 package pickup, fully equipped fitness centre, private study rooms and more.

Algonquin Apartments

Chicago's Algonquin Apartments, the location is on the East 50 Plane and provides inhabitants with greater peace and a beautiful top view. The area is close to major universities such as the University of Chicago and the Chicago City Centre. The location provides first-rate student housing amenities for a starting price of $1375/month.

Amenities: Bike storage, a fitness centre, a laundry centre, and more.

Regents Park

Regents Park is one of our top suggestions for student accommodation in Chicago since it provides a wide range of essential amenities and excellent service. The Art Institute of Chicago is only an 11-minute walk away. The University of Illinois is also close. Regents Park student housing costs an average of $1595/month and is an excellent value for students in Chicago.

Amenities: Bergen garden, conference centre, parking space, parking valet and more.

The Letterman

The Letterman is one of our top Chicago student housing options. It offers a variety of amenities for a monthly fee of $720/month. This accommodation is located on S Morgan St and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs. The University of Illinois is an 8-minute walk away, and Rush University is a short distance away.

Amenities: Laundry services, a business centre, a study lounge on every floor, and more! 

Lake Meadows

Lake Meadows is one of Chicago's most popular and luxurious student housing complexes. This property is not only huge, but it is also ideal for University students due to its diversity of amenities and low beginning price of $949/month. Lake Meadows is close to Chicago's many notable restaurants, bars, shopping and leisure centres. 

Amenities: Clubroom, fitness centre, parking space, valet package receiving and more.


Violet is a huge student accommodation in Chicago. It's close to the Giron Books store. The apartment's rooms are fully furnished and located in a charming area surrounded by several parks, restaurants, and pubs. Students can take advantage of a variety of services and amenities. The starting price for this student housing is $945 per month.

Amenities: Rooftop deck, lounge, laundry services, community events and more!


Sable is one of the best student housing alternatives in Chicago. It provides several features for a monthly price of $1195/month. Located in the neighbourhood of Pilsen in Chicago's Lower West Side. Pilsen is known for its authenticity and vivid aesthetic and is conveniently located near downtown Chicago and the Illinois Medical District.

Amenities: Furnished rooftops, community events, and onsite laundry.


McCormick is a lovely student accommodation in Chicago with numerous amenities. It is also close to multiple universities, such as the Illinois Institute of Technology, which is only a 4-minute drive away, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which is a 9-minute drive away, making it ideal for students attending these universities, with prices starting at $1138/month.

Amenities: Fitness centre, furnished rooftop, parking, bike storage, lounge and more!

student accommodation in Chicago

Questions To Ask Before Finalizing The Accommodation

This Chicago student housing guide has everything covered. We have listed all the important questions you should ask before finalising your student accommodation.

  • Security Deposit: Ask about the security fee that is paid to the landlord.
  • Application Fee: Ask what will be the application fee while renting out accommodation.
  • Waiting List Charge: Ask if there is a charge lock your request for an apartment.
  • Lease: Ask about the lease and the breakdown.
  • Documents: Ask about all the required documents that you need to submit.

Moving In Checklist

You may find it difficult and daunting to determine what you require for the next year or longer that is why this student housing guide exists! Here are some items that should be on your checklist:

  • Documents
  • Bedroom Items like duvets, your favourite pillow and more.
  • Bathroom items like your soap or body wash, toothbrush, loofah and more
  • Toiletries like allergy medicines, lotions and more

If you want to know more about all the items included in the packing checklist for a University, you can read our blog.

Avoiding Rental Scams/Frauds

Being safe from scams and fraud in all aspects of your life is important. Student accommodations scams might not seem real, but they are that is why this student housing guide has a list to tell you about rental scams and frauds.

  • Non-existential rentals: The scammer lists a non-existing/phantom property.
  • Hijacked advertisement: The scammer hijacks the already posted rental advertisements and poses as the landlord.
  • Clickbait Apartments: The landlord attempts to persuade you to sign a lease or pay a deposit for a home other than the one that was listed

If you want to learn more about rental scams and how to avoid them, you can read our blog on how to avoid rental scams.

Being the 3rd largest city in the United States, Chicago is home to millions of students. It is well-known for its dedicated sports fans, international trade and commerce. With abundant transportation options, the commute is effortless in Chicago. It is a perfect choice for student accommodation with affordable services. 

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