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Student Housing Guide: New York 2022
5 min

Student Housing Guide: New York 2022

Housing Tips
May 16, 2022
5 min

Take a tour of the magical city with us including where to live, what to expect and the latest deals

With dozens of things to see and do, New York is known as the city that never sleeps. There's something for everyone, whether it recognizes movie scenes, sampling your way around the world with foods from across the world, or ticking off landmarks. Not only that, but the city is home to world-class educational institutions such as NYU, Pace, and Columbia.

You've received your college acceptance letter, started packing your belongings, and are now officially prepared to move. The problematic phase now begins: locating student housing in New York City. 

Finding a decent place to live for the uninitiated, especially if you're searching for a short-term rental, might be challenging.

Fortunately, you have various options, ranging from on-campus living in the scenic West Village to furnished guest rooms in Flushing, Queens. It's understandable how difficult it may be to find the ideal place, so we've put together a list of the best student housing in NYC. 

Here's to a search with no worry, anxiety, or yanking your hair straight out of your head.

Popular student locations

Even though it is recognized as an expensive city, it can provide affordable student housing in NYC. Living in a comparatively affordable, popular college location like the ones listed below can help you achieve financial success.

Murray Hill

Murray Hill is defined by the intersection of 29th and 42nd streets. It's notorious for being clogged with college students looking for a nearby restaurant. 

Salvation Taco is famed for its free ping pong, while 2nd Avenue Deli's pastrami sandwiches are unrivaled. The Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, and the United Nations offices are all within walking distance of Murray Hill, part of the Midtown East neighborhood. 

Stop into St. Vartan Park to shoot hoops on the basketball courts or explore the flora to get a break from the city.


Yorkville, known as the "hidden gem" of the Upper East Side, is one of the city's most family-friendly neighborhoods. Even for Manhattan's notoriously hectic reputation, it emanates a more slower-paced, laid-back attitude. 

It stretches from East 79th to East 96th Streets, providing a unique blend of urban and country living. There are plenty of nature escapes like the Carl Shurz and John Jay parks and the usual NYC cuisines, intriguing stores, and beautiful, high-rise skyscrapers. 

Yorkville attracts students and recent graduates because of its welcoming attitude in student accommodation in Manhattan, New York

Washington Heights 

The  Times Square and the Empire State Building are located in the Midtown area, Manhattan's highest neighborhood, Washington Heights, is sparsely populated and provides great student housing in NYC. 

With a plethora of Ecuadorian, Dominican, and Mexican restaurants, festivals, art museums, and street cart vendors, this district is noted for its ethnically diverse character. It's around 35 minutes from Union Square, above 179th Street.

Manhattan, New York, is often more expensive for student housing. Although Washington Heights is officially part of Manhattan, you can find affordable apartments huge by New York standards here. Fort Tryon Park, Manolo Tapas, and Cafe Buunni are excellent places to visit.


Williamsburg, New York City, is one of the city's most popular, emerging, and intriguing neighborhoods, with cheap student housing in NYC combining modern, edgy architecture with historic structures. 

Because the gorgeous Brooklyn College Campus snuggles right up against the neighborhood, it's the hub for young creatives for students and college grads.

In this location, you can quickly locate a sleek laptop cafe to study in and art exhibits, music events, and tasty eateries. Walk across the Williamsburg Bridge, explore Domino Park, a thrift shop at L Train Vintage, and bowl at Brooklyn Bowl to make the most of your vacation.


Greenpoint is a trendy neighborhood adjacent to Williamsburg featuring live-work artist buildings, Polish delis, and donut shops. It's an affordable neighborhood with all necessities like grocery stores and laundromats. The Sunshine Laundromat offers washing services and over 20 pinball machines and refreshments. 

Students can go on an Indie shopping spree, pick up some vinyl, and eat at Christina's Polish Restaurant while not studying at a local coffee shop. See a band at the Brooklyn Bazaar to round out the evening.

Top NYU Student Housing options

Students interested in renting a room for the summer can do so at an NYU residence hall, which charges by the week. A double or triple room costs $387 per week, while a single room costs $474 per week. On the other hand, residence halls in Brooklyn start at $291 per week.

Choose between conventional corridor-style halls conveniently placed near campus and apartment-style halls, which feature air conditioning as an added advantage. The rates for rooms in apartment-style halls are excellent.

Top Columbia University Housing Options

Students at Columbia who want to live in NYC and have a sense of community should apply for a spot at the International House. For the summer, single furnished rooms are available for rent for 30 days. 

While COVID-19 has forced the closure of I-House South, I-House North is open and offers apartment-style accommodation. Monthly rents for a 3-bedroom unit start at $1,562 and go up to $2,585 for a 1-bedroom flat.

Top Brooklyn College Housing

At this time, Brooklyn College does not provide any on-campus student housing. Educational Housing Services can help students secure housing at St. George Towers for the summer, autumn, or spring semesters (EHS). 

The building is in Brooklyn Heights, just a few subways stops away from the main campus.

Students live in standard kitchens in corridor-style dormitories, but each room has its private bathroom. Each room is fully furnished. There are single, double, and triple rooms available and larger and lofted doubles and triples. Summer semester rates start at $3,650 for a triple room and go up to $6,900 for single occupancy of a double room from May 30 to August 7.

Top St. John’s University Housing

Have you landed a summer internship but aren't sure where to stay? St. John's University in Queens leases apartment-style living accommodations for $250 per week for double occupancy and $300 per week for single occupancy. 

Students can use a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry room, study lounges, and 24-hour security. There are one or two private bathrooms in each flat.

If you're taking summer school at St. John's, you might want to look into applying for on-campus accommodation. The cost depends on the length of the summer session and the number of people in the room. A two-week session will cost around $755, while a month-long session would cost $1,890. In the Henley Complex, all rooms are double occupancy.

Top Fordham University Housing

Fordham University students looking for summer accommodation are in luck. McMahon Hall, located near campus classes at Lincoln Center, is where the university offers NYC student accommodation. Based on 2020 prices, double rooms cost $1,297.50 for a 5-week session (double occupancy rooms) and $1,530 for a 5-week session (single rooms).

The City College of New York (Upper Manhattan) Housing

The Towers, located on uptown 130th Street, is the only residence hall of City College of New York. According to The Towers' office staff, summer lodging is available to students and interns for a minimum of four weeks, depending on the year. 

The cost of a semester in a double room during the 2020-21 school year was $7,554. Instead of corridors, the rooms are organized into suites. Each suite comes with its bathroom, kitchen, and closet. Suites featuring two double bedrooms, three single bedrooms, or four single bedrooms are also available.

Student Housings in New York: Options

The next step in finding affordable student accommodation in New York City is to decide where you want to live. The following four suggestions are the best possibilities for pupils at the end of the day.

Stay Home accommodation

For those who like more structure, a homestay is ideal. A host family would welcome you into their house and provide you with a private room, meals, and laundry services. 

You, the student, will be able to choose your host family, connect with them during the booking process, and have access to 24/7 online support from our professional staff during your homestay to ensure compatibility.

Private room

Students who seek greater flexibility should choose a private room. You would rent a room from a family or a single homeowner with a private space, and you would discuss with the family what your boundaries would be as their renter. This differs from a homestay in that the homeowner is not as concerned with your well-being.

Shared apartment 

Are you looking for an off-campus apartment to share with other students? It would be best if you considered staying in a shared apartment. You and your roommates will be in charge of the entire residence and its upkeep. Private bedrooms are usually provided, although the kitchen and living room are shared.