Student Housing Guide: Sydney 2023
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Student Housing Guide: Sydney 2023

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May 23, 2022
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May 23, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
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The Sydney Suburbs Simplified!

Have you ever thought of studying in Sydney? If you have and might be worried about student accommodations, don’t worry!

Every year, hundreds of international students are invited to study at some of the world's most famous universities in Sydney. In 2016, approximately 500,000 international students registered. There must be something special if so many students opt to live in Sydney each year. So let us help you with your trip to Australia.

Finding student accommodation in Australia may become easier with some research and assistance from the tip. Here is our definitive student housing guide on moving to Sydney as a student to answer all your questions.

When To Start Looking For Student Accommodation?

A basic student housing guide can’t start without mentioning when you should start finding a house for yourself! Since your student accommodation plays a huge role in your university experience, we suggest these points:

  • Try not to wait until the last minute to book your student home to avoid any last-minute trouble, and secure student housing as soon as feasible.
  • Booking your Sydney student housing early will get you the most terrific deal because rates may rise depending on availability, and discounts and incentives may also be available.

If you want to learn more about this topic, our blog about why you should book your student accommodation early will greatly help.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Accommodation

When it comes to student housing, there are numerous factors to consider. Finding your home away from home is critical to having a fun university experience. Here are a few things to consider when looking for student housing in Sydney:

  • Value for Money: Analyse your rent and assess whether it justifies all of the amenities listed in the property.
  • What is in the area: Take note of whether there are essential services you would regularly require, such as grocery stores, vegetable vendors, and so on.
  • Transport Nearby: We recommend that you always choose student housing near reliable transportation services so that you can be confident that if you need or want to go anywhere, you can do so without fear or spending too much money.

You could read our blog if you want more information about things to keep in mind when choosing student accommodations.

Types of accommodations for students

There are multiple types of student accommodations to choose from that are available in Sydney, currently called Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSA), which cost around AU$190-690/week. You have entirely furnished rooms, high-speed WiFi, hot water and power 24/7. You also get laundry services, gym facilities, parking spots, and the security of your property! They have a few types:

  • Studios: Studios are available in single or multiple occupancies, with a private bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • En-suites: En-suites are designed for single occupancy and boast private bathrooms and even kitchen spaces for those who like to enhance their productivity by living independently.
  • Non-En-suites: Single or multiple occupancies, with a private bedroom, a shared living space, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom.
types of accommodations in Sydney

Best Suburbs in Sydney

There are many areas to choose from while looking for student accommodations in Sydney. This student housing guide is made for that! Here are a few best suburbs in Sydney to live in:


Kensington is a popular choice for international students looking for international student accommodation in Sydney near the University of New South Wales. There are also numerous grocery stores and retail malls in the vicinity, making it an ideal location for students to live.


Parramatta is a famous commercial neighbourhood of Sydney located near the business area. Students can visit the area's many gorgeous churches and cathedrals during their free time. If you're looking for the best student accommodation in Sydney, Parramatta is a terrific place to start.

North Ryde

North Ryde, one of Sydney's most livable neighbourhoods, is home to families, working professionals, and students. The region is incredibly handy to reside in because it includes several parks, food stores, and shopping centres. Dayman Apartments and Broadway are two excellent Sydney student apartment alternatives in the region.


Ryde is a predominantly residential and affluent suburb of Sydney located north of Parramatta. The region is mostly populated by families and is ideal for anyone looking for Sydney student housing in a calm, friendly neighbourhood.

Top 10 Student Accommodations In Sydney

As an affordable city in Australia, Sydney offers numerous student accommodation alternatives near every significant university, bus and train station, and famous market. You will be satisfied if you select any of the mentioned locations. This student housing guide has the best well-kept and affordable student housing alternatives in Sydney to aid you with your research.

UME Park Side- Surry Hills

As the name implies, UME Park Side- Surry Hills is a magnificent student accommodation in Sydney that offers double and triple shared rooms and is located three minutes from Southern Cross University and fourteen minutes from La Trobe University. It is the perfect accommodation with great amenities starting at just AU$280/week.

Amenities: Covered outdoor courtyard and BBQ, a fully equipped commercial-grade kitchen,  coin-operated washing machines and dryers, and more!


Another fantastic student accommodation in Sydney is Link2. It is a property that offers a variety of flats, such as twin rooms, single rooms, and ensuites. This apartment is close to Sydney College of English, a 9 minutes walk and Torrens University, which is central to tens of universities, an 11 minutes walk. Starting at just AU$320/week.

Amenities: Mac / Computer room,  media rooms for games and movies, laundry facilities, and more!

UME Redfern

Redfern is a comfortable and modest Sydney student accommodation with big studios, single rooms, and one-bedroom flats. Many of the main colleges are located close to Redfern's great location. The SAE Institute is only a 12-minute walk away, while the Sydney Film School is a 5-minute drive away, starting at just AU$330/week.

Amenities:  King-size or single beds, generously sized rooms, coin-operated washing machines, and more!

UME Potts Point

Potts Point is a contemporary student residence in Sydney. The facility, which is close to Potts Point Veterinary Hospital, has regular and luxury single rooms. Furthermore, National Art School is only a 16-minute walk away, and the University of Newcastle is only an 8-minute drive away, making it excellent for students attending both universities. For a starting price of AU$325/week, you may receive a lot of amazing amenities included in the stay.

Amenities:  Rooftop terrace with fully equipped kitchen facility and outdoor furniture, views of Sydney Harbour and Eastern Suburbs, organised house social and community events, and more!

Scape Sydney Central

Scape Sydney Central in Ultimo is excellent student housing in Sydney since it allows students to live a social lifestyle. Several apartment kinds are available, including 4X twin apartments, huge twin studios, 6-bedroom apartments, 4-bedroom apartments, and large studios. Torrens University is a 12-minute walk away, while the University of Notre Dame is 4 minutes away, both of which have excellent facilities and cost AU$369/week.

Amenities: Gym, cinema room, BBQ, iMac station, shuttle bus, outdoor courtyard, and more!

BELONG Waterloo

Waterloo is a gorgeous student residence in Sydney. The facility has a wide selection of shared units to choose from. Most of Sydney's main colleges are in or near this neighbourhood, which is located in one of the city's most desirable areas. The Sydney Film School is a 4-minute walk away, and the University of Notre Dame is a 9-minute drive away, making it ideal for student housing starting at a price of AU$280/week.

Amenities: Car park, gym, pets are allowed, SPA, swimming pool, and more!

Scape Glebe

Live in Oasis with Scape Glebe, Sydney's preferred student accommodation! This magnificent property, which offers bedroom apartments and studios, is close to several institutions and tourist destinations. Torrens University, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Sydney are a 13-minute walk away. YOu can get this amazing student accommodation at a price of AU$389/week.

Amenities: Safe and secure with a 24/7 onsite team, study area, social hub,  a large outdoor courtyard with tables and benches, and more!

UME Hyde Park Yurong house

UME Hyde Park Yurong Housing is a popular student residence in Sydney that provides a single-room sharing house. This home is located on Yurong St, 7 minutes from La Trobe University and the Australian College of Applied Psychology. It offers students luxurious amenities at a fee of AU$350/week.

Amenities: Quality common area with a flat-screen TV, kitchenette, equipped with fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle in every room, coin-operated laundry on-site, and more.

UME Forest Lodge

Forest Lodge is a great student accommodation option in Sydney, with Single or Deluxe rooms available. The University of Sydney is only a 4-minute drive away, and the Academy of Information Technology is also close. It is a perfect student accommodation with luxurious amenities for students starting at AU$370 per week.

Amenities: Organised house social and community events,  friendly bar and bistro, fully equipped commercial grade kitchen, and more!

UME Darlinghurst Village

Darlinghurst Village is an outstanding student accommodation in Sydney with a variety of studio flats to choose from. The home is a 10-minute walk from La Trobe University and a 16-minute walk from the University of Newcastle, making it a great student living option for you. It also offers students amazing amenities like laundry and high-quality furnishings for a weekly fee of AU$410/week.

Amenities: Double beds or single beds are provided to suit singles or couples, generously sized apartments, all with ensuite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchenette with cutlery, crockery and appliances, and more!

top 10 student accommodations in Sydney

Questions To Ask Before Finalizing The Accommodation

This student guide has everything covered. We have listed all the important questions you should ask before finalising your student accommodation.

  • Security Deposit: Ask about the security fee that is paid to the landlord.
  • Application Fee: Ask what will be the application fee while renting out accommodation.
  • Waiting List Charge: Ask if there is a charge lock your request for an apartment.
  • Lease: Ask about the lease and the breakdown.
  • Documents: Ask about all the required documents that you need to submit.

Moving In Checklist

You may find it difficult and daunting to determine what you require for the next year or longer that is why this student housing guide exists! Here are some items that should be on your checklist:

  • Documents
  • Bedroom Items like duvets, your favourite pillow and more.
  • Bathroom items like your soap or body wash, toothbrush, loofah and more
  • Toiletries like allergy medicines, lotions and more

If you want to know more about all the items you should carry, you can read our blog.

Check out our video on student housing in Sydney here!

Avoiding Rental Scams/Frauds

Being safe from scams and fraud in all aspects of your life is important. Student accommodations scams might not seem real, but they are that is why this student housing guide has a list to tell you about rental scams and frauds.

  • Non-existential rentals: The scammer lists a non-existing/phantom property.
  • Hijacked advertisement: The scammer hijacks the already posted rental advertisements and poses as the landlord.
  • Clickbait Apartments: The landlord attempts to persuade you to sign a lease or pay a deposit for a home other than the one that was listed

If you want to learn more about this topic, our blog on avoiding rental scams will be really useful.

We hope that our Sydney student housing guide has provided you with useful information on the city's student housing options. Sydney is a welcoming city with much to offer both residents and visitors. It is a popular tourist destination due to its fascinating history, diverse culture, and beautiful surroundings.

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