Top 10 on-campus student jobs in US
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Top 10 on-campus student jobs in US

5 Mins
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Sep 5, 2022
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Mar 14, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 5, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
Student barista
Make a few extra bucks!

We know how expensive attending university is when you include course fees, rent, and other living expenses. Studying in the US is no different.

In light of this, choosing an institution and selecting a course of study should be the top priority when planning to study further, and so should a strategy for financing your trip.

Working part-time is a terrific way to meet new people and build essential skills that will improve your CV, in addition to helping you earn extra bucks.

There are several limitations on part-time employment for overseas students in the United States. Nevertheless, you should be aware of them before you begin applying.

Ever Wondered How Much You Can Earn?

Although each state has its minimum wage laws, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Therefore, depending on the form, the minimum wage may range from $7.25 to $15 per hour. This implies that the amount you earn will depend greatly on where you study.

However, in general, you can expect to make at least $7.25 to $10 per hour, with more highly skilled professionals paying over $10, depending on your level of relevant work experience.

On-campus jobs have the advantage of generally paying in line with and frequently paying more than the minimum wage.

Here we have a rough estimate of how much you could get paid as a student working part-time in the US. 

Sr.No Part-time jobs Payscale per hour
 1. Campus Ambassador $10.94
 2. Barista $11.59
 3. Teaching Assistant $11.85 
 4. Library Assistant $13.24 
 5. Receptionist $13.31 
 6. Peer tutor  $21.31 
 7. Tour guide $25.72 
 8. Campus tech support $19.72 
 9. University book assistant $15 
 10. Sales Assistant $20 

Laws For On-Campus Jobs for International Students 

While it is possible to work and study simultaneously in the USA, there are some visa restrictions. Your student status may be at stake, and breaking the law may result in immigration. Following are some rules that are supposed to be followed in order

  • The F-1 or J-1 student's visa status must be current.
  • All students must enrol full-time for the fall and winter semesters.
  • Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year while classes are in session.
  • During the official university holidays and breaks, students are allowed to work full-time or more than 20 hours per week on campus.
  • Students should not work on campus after the programme finish date listed on their application.
  • A citizen of the United States is not permitted to lose their job due to employment.
  • It's possible that the job has nothing to do with your field of study.

The "on-campus rule" does have some exceptions, such as if you are going through "extreme economic hardship." you are supposed to contact your designated school official who can enlighten you on your employment prospects. 

Most Preferred On-campus Jobs In US 

On campus jobs in the US

Campus Ambassador 

Being a Campus Ambassador is a volunteer position that often only requires an average time commitment of 2 hours per week. As a Campus Ambassador, you choose the best time and method for raising awareness of the programme in your college or university. Campus ambassadors are in charge of the marketing and outlining the benefits of applying. This is a fantastic position for someone who enjoys meeting new people and working in a team.

On open days, you can be invited to provide tours of the university's campus while imparting your knowledge of the institution and other fascinating details. Also, the best part you can get paid a minimum of 10.94$ on a minimum and it can increase if you show efficiency and dedication towards your work.  


The majority of college students only consume coffee to get through the day since they consider sleep to be a luxury. Making hot and cold beverages, serving clients, and working as a barista will probably take up most of your days. Coffee is the most consumed beverage on college campuses, so it's no wonder that students often visit cafes, and you won't fall short on tips. Training to be a barista will teach you a lot about coffee, espresso, tea, and other drinks if you like coffee. The benefits of working as a barista is not just getting paid on an hourly basis but, 

you will receive employee discounts, enabling you to make significant financial savings on your coffee needs, and you can obtain reasonably priced (or even free!) coffee there, and it's a great place to meet new people. As you might be aware that tipping atleast 15% in restaurants and cafes is compulsory in the US, you can get paid 11.59$ per hour by the cafe you are working in. Which obviously means you are in a win-win situation with the ample amount of money you make. 

Teaching Assistant

If you are committed to your studies, you are eligible to apply for the following academic positions: "teaching fellows," who are currently graduating students, and "teaching assistants," who may also be graduates but have fewer formal responsibilities like distributing and collecting assignments. Networking with your teachers is crucial if you want to get the job because there aren't many formal vacancies. Being a teaching assistant isn’t something you’d be doing just for the sake of experience but also you would be getting paid a minimum of 11.85$ per hour.
An on-campus teaching assistant is expected to monitor class activity and provide attentive support to any challenging students. You will be able to work as a higher-level teaching assistant with adequate experience, managing your classes and grading students' homework.

Library Assistant

Maintaining order and calm in the college library and overseeing study spaces are duties of this position. You will have plenty of quiet time at work to catch up on your studies or prepare for an impending exam. So, in addition to earning some additional money which boils down to $13.24 oer hour, you will also have time for your studies. If you're a voracious reader, this job gives you an excellent opportunity to discover new authors and works. A library assistant's employment is flexible and ideal for people who want to simultaneously work and study in the US. You'll be in charge of organising the bookshelves, guiding consumers toward books and other materials, and offering suggestions for worthwhile reading. Additionally, you will be required to assist with event planning and administrative support for the librarians during the academic year.


A university receptionist's responsibilities include general office support and administration, customer service, and phone and email communication with the staff and students.

To find a part-time reception job on campus, it is a good idea to check with your career service. Larger departments, student unions, and other essential buildings may all have openings for receptionists. 

You can gain a wide range of skills as a receptionist, including communication, which will pay you a minimum of $13.31 per hour. The ability to communicate well with others is crucial because a receptionist must speak with customers and clients daily, multi-tasking, self-starting and problem-solving, and have technical expertise.

Peer tutor

Tutoring or peer mentoring are excellent jobs for international students working in the USA if you don't want to be a teaching assistant but would like to do something similar. You might end up earning $21.31 per hour and you will also be adding to your will also be increasing your academic knowledge. 

A formal tutoring position can be available if your university offers an educational resource centre, and you can apply for it. Colleges that highly value athletic programmes frequently hire tutors for players who don't have enough time to devote to schoolwork.

As necessary, the position includes assisting other students with their reading, assignments, and course material. International students are especially suited for this position since they frequently provide mentees with a fresh viewpoint or method of instruction.

Tour Guide

Are you an extrovert and outgoing person? Then maybe being a tour guide is something you should consider. In the US, prospective students, applicants, and their parents like taking campus tours. Guided and paid tours are just a means to get to know the campus better because American campuses are enormous and contain a lot of significant historic architecture. You can take on this position when familiar with your school and in your second, third, or fourth year. You will directly report to your college's Admissions Department in this position. This job requires that you be outgoing and outspoken to give group and private tours and speak with prospective students about everything the college offers. Apart from these perks, the job of a tour guide is the highest paying on-campus job in the US with an hourly wage of $25.72. 

Campus Tech Support 

The department of computer support may have openings for assistants. Look for a job at the computer centre of your college if you are computer literate or majoring in a technical subject. The availability of tech assistance in libraries, classrooms, and laboratories at all US institutions makes this a crucial career position to occupy. In addition, you won't have to work unless necessary, allowing you to concentrate on your studies when you have free time. With adding to your education in the field of tech, it also helps you in making a few bucks as you could get paid a minimum of $19.72 per hour. 

University Store Book Assistant

Do you love books and are looking to gain knowledge but at the same time, being a library assistant isn’t your cup of tea? Try applying for a university store book assistant. Every university has a bookstore on campus that sells school supplies, reference materials, fiction, and course materials. In addition to the convenience of living on campus, you might also be eligible for employee discounts on textbooks, office supplies, or other items. To find out if there are any job openings, get in touch with the bookshop manager directly. You could easily earn 15$ per hour working as a University store book assistant. 

Sales Assistant

Another excellent method to supplement your income while attending school is to work at the campus convenience store or mini-market. 

Many universities also have stores where students can buy branded clothing and other items, another excellent source of part-time employment for international students. It not only enables them to supplement their income but also to integrate into the new community. Students can work as sales assistants at the campus food shop, bookstores, apparel stores, and other businesses. The average hourly payscale of a sales assistant is $20 per hour. 


Q1. Will my studies be affected by doing a part-time job?

Ans: No, if you manage to keep a balance between your work and studies, your studies won’t get affected, but in turn, it will add to your CV, making you look pro in multitasking. 

Q2. How do I know what part-time job is the best for me?

Ans: You need first to understand what interests you when it comes to work, and then you need also to examine your financial needs. Once you have both criteria set, you can choose from the above list we have provided you with. 


Working a part-time job helps you learn whilst doing your college, which saves time and, meaning, you have to work fewer hours, meet new people and probably have fun without travelling, as the job would be on-campus. So what are you waiting for? Apply to any of the abovementioned positions, and add your experience to your experience whilst making some extra bucks! Happy College life!!

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