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Most In-Demand Tech Skills Learned During Internships 2023

5 min read
Uploaded on
Feb 7, 2023
Last updated on
Oct 30, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 7, 2023
Last updated on
Oct 30, 2023
Most In-Demand Tech Skills Learned During Internships 2023

The world is full of possibilities and career opportunities if you have the right skill sets. Every industry out there requires a different set of skills to get things done. From writing to video editing, coding to graphic designing, tech skills are the basis of today’s professional world. 

To ensure that you, a college student, successfully start your journey toward building a great career, it is important to make sure that you have brushed up on your tech skills. The more types of skills you have, the more employers are going to get attracted to your job profile.

However, academic institutions cannot expose you to all the necessary tech skills. So, to get experience in the most crucial and in-demand tech skills, it is important to do internships in the industry you want to get into as a professional. The experience and skill sets obtained from these internships are a great way to make your resume stand out even as a fresher. 

What are tech skills?

Technical or hard skills are the industry-specific skills you need to do a specific job. These skills are very important to work in technical fields like STEM, information technology, finance, etc. tech skills like technical writing, coding, Adobe Suite operations, MS Office operations, etc., are essential to get hired and sustaining your job in the modern workplace. tech skills can be taught and measured easily, unlike soft skills, which are more personal. 

Importance of tech skills

Tech skills are very important when it comes to getting into the flow of work because they are directly related to your job role. They are also crucial since every industry in the world needs a specific set of tech skills. So, if you have the right skills in your resume, your chances of getting hired into the company will increase drastically. You may have excellent soft skills, but without the tech skills necessary to get the work done, it may seem like fluff. Here are the top 10 tech skills learned during an internship: 

Top 10 Technical Skills Learned Through Internships

1. SEO & Digital Marketing

With the current digitisation of the world, many brands have realised that most of their target audience is online. To reach these people, companies are looking for individuals with skills in SEO & digital marketing. Getting a digital marketing internship as a student can be a great step towards tapping into the endless career opportunities and possibilities in this booming sector. 

2. App Development

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our everyday lives, so company websites have taken a backseat compared to mobile apps. Most companies have created their own mobile apps to give their customers a smoother experience with their brand. These apps have become the face of the brand since the reputation of the brand also depends on the app’s user experience. App development has become one of the most in-demand tech skills that can lead to great career opportunities. An internship in an app development company or a start-up can be a good way to expose yourself to app development skills. This hard skill on your resume can help you become a preferred candidate when applying for full-time employment.

3. Video Production

From infotainment content on social media platforms to brand videos for better brand communication, audio-visual media has always been a powerful tool for companies. Producing high-quality video content can reach a mass audience while also helping them remember the brand name. To produce good video content, companies are looking for employees with video production skills. So, expose yourself to internships that allow you to learn video production and editing skills. With these tech skills learned during internships, you can also land some fun jobs in the creative industry! 

4. Content Writing

In the current global branding and marketing scenario, content is everything. The massive flow of digital content in the form of blogs, creative copies, website content, and social media has become one of the most effective ways to reach mass audiences. Content has also become the base of digital marketing and branding. For students inclined towards writing careers, content writing skill is a tool to make a great career. Doing content writing internships as a college student can give you the necessary understanding and practice to start your writing career! 

5. Website Development

A website is one of the most important parts of a brand’s identity since websites are often the first point of contact with potential customers. Website development is a skill that is in demand in almost every industry. Thus many companies have been hiring students as interns to work in various aspects of website development, including backend and frontend development. Website development is a great skill for students in the current scenario and can help them grow professionally. 

6. Graphic Design

Companies, as well as search engines, have started valuing originality. Brands and companies hire graphic designers to design original logos, graphics, and interfaces. So, if you have graphic designing skills, you can get a full-time job or even freelance work to make good money. Graphic designing skills are thus one of the most useful tech skills learned during an internship for any college or university student. 

7. Machine Learning

We're drowning in data these days, and every smart business wants to make sense of it all. That's where machine learning comes in, helping them dig out those golden insights and make informed decisions. Now, imagine being an intern in a cutting-edge company, working with real-world data and building mind-blowing ML models. You'll be rubbing shoulders with industry pros, cracking those complex algorithms, and solving problems that could make headlines! Mastering machine learning through internships will land you high-paying jobs in this fast-paced tech world. 

8. Data Management & Analysis

Since the computerisation of data, many companies have needed help managing and storing data securely. This requirement opens up a huge job market linked directly to the technical skill of data management. The computerisation of data also makes management easier since there is no need to handle physical copies. Data management is one of the top tech skills learned during the internship that can add great value to your work profile.  

9. Cybersecurity

In today's digital world, we're all vulnerable to hackers and cyber attacks, right? That's where cybersecurity interns step in. Being a part of a kickass cybersecurity team means you’ll be defending computer systems, sniffing out vulnerabilities, and keeping the bad guys at bay. You'll be like a digital superhero, protecting valuable data and saving the day. By snagging a cybersecurity internship, you'll gain hands-on experience, learn the tricks of the trade, and become the ultimate defender of the online realm.

10. Cloud Computing

Big-shot companies everywhere are ditching their old-school servers and diving headfirst into the cloud. Why? It's all about flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. As an intern, you'll work with top-notch companies, leveraging the power of the cloud. Dive into virtual servers, optimise applications, and unlock the true potential of this game-changing technology. With a cloud computing internship, you'll soar above the competition and embark on a future filled with endless possibilities. 

Ways of Gaining In-Demand Tech Skills

How to gain tech skills in 2023?

1. Degrees

Okay, this one takes more time, but going back to school can be worth it. Get a degree in computer science or a related field to get the full package of technical know-how. Plus, studies show it can lead to bigger paychecks!

2. Certifications

Want to prove you're the real deal? Get yourself some snazzy certifications. Study hard, pass the exams, and show off your pro-level skills. Find the perfect entry-level certification that floats your boat.

3. Bootcamps

Get ready for an intense ride! Bootcamps pack serious skills into just a few weeks or months. Whether you want to code like a boss or defend against cyber villains, bootcamps have got your back.

4. Teach yourself

You don't need a fancy school to learn programming languages and data analysis. Hit up online courses or tackle home projects. Check out Coursera for sweet classes on Python or cybersecurity. You'll be a self-taught genius in no time!

Getting into an internship as a college student is a great opportunity to expand your technical skill sets. Even if you are not a fresher but are looking forward to changing your career path, internships are the way to go since they help you gain the tech skills needed to survive in the industry. You can also find many reliable student services that offer internships and learning to add these skills to your resume! So, we hope this curated list of the most important tech skills learned during internships helps you navigate your journey better! You can also go through our web story on the ten most in-demand skills to know more.

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Most In-Demand Tech Skills Learned During Internships 2023
5 min read
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