Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Uploaded on
Dec 1, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 1, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
Getting the bag in Australia!
Getting the bag in Australia!

Everyone wants a job, but more importantly, they want a job that pays them what they are worth, an excellent six-figure salary deposited into their bank account each month. As Australia is a land of opportunities, you must use this opportunity to grab the highest-paying jobs in Australia. To assist you in evaluating your career ambitions, the job market, and the most demanding occupations in Australia, we have created a list of the best-paying positions in the country. Australia's business, financial, and medical sectors offer the highest salaries. Graduates from these fields typically have shown drawing big cheques in their bank accounts and stable employment.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs in Australia 

Most of the highest-paying jobs in Australia belong to the medical and healthcare field. This comes with no speculation that they constitute the biggest earners because of their hectic work schedule, hard work, amounting pressure, and the rewarding cause. Here are a few of highest paying jobs in Australia in the medical field 


Surgeons consult, examine, and operate on patients with illnesses, wounds, or physical deformities. There are numerous kinds of surgeons with varying specialities, levels of experience, and training qualifications; hence their average income may be misleading, with an average pay of $600,387. Neurosurgeons were the highest-paid medical experts, followed by reconstructive surgeons ($500,269) and ophthalmologists ($533,511). This is one of the top-paying positions in Australia, with an average income of over $400,000.

Here are some ways on how to become a surgeon in Australia: 

  • Complete an accredited medical degree at the university
  • Work in a clinical setting for two to three year


You might be familiar with the phrase, "knock 'em dead" well, an Anaesthetic does just that, but except for the dead part, they just knock you out. Anaesthetists are involved in preparing surgical patients for their procedure, which includes pain relief, surgery preparation, and implementing a patient care plan before, during, and after the process. The average salary of an anesthetist is $386,065.

In order to become a qualified Anesthetist you will have to fit the prerequisite requirements:

  • Complete an accredited medical degree at the university
  • Internship in a clinical setting for one year
  • Complete a residency over one (or more) years
  • Apply for the Fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetist (FANZA) vocational training program, which takes five years to complete.
  • Once FANZA is completed, you are a fully qualified anaesthetist.

Internal Medicine Specialist

Internal medicine professionals are prepared to identify, manage, and resolve complex, occasionally challenging health issues. They frequently consult with other doctors and might have specialties in rheumatology, infectious diseases, cardiology, or geriatric medicine. The average salary of an Internal Medical Specialist is $304,750.

Here are some qualification you will need to become an Internal Medicine Specialist in Australia:

  • Complete an accredited medical degree at the university
  • Complete an intensive three-year internal medicine residency
  • Training in Adult internal Medicine for three years full-time
  • When you have completed your Advanced Training, the overseeing committee will recommend you for admission to Fellowship.
  • You’ll receive an invitation from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians to apply for a Fellowship in your Division, Faculty or Chapter.


Psychiatrists are licenced physicians with specialised training in mental health. They specialise in the diagnosis and assessment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists are very knowledgeable about both physical and mental health, as well as how they interact. They specialise in identifying and treating mental diseases like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and addiction by ordering laboratory tests, conducting assessments, prescribing medicine, and checking patients into hospitals. In Australia, psychiatrist make up for the 1% of money makers with an average salary of $235,558.

There are certain qualifications required for being a psychiatrist in australia which are as follows: 

  • Complete an accredited medical degree at the university
  • Become a registered medical practitioner and
  • Apply to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) to undertake further training and the RACp written and clinical examination.
  • Undertake specialised training for a further six years


Doctors specialising in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cardiac diseases are cardiologists. They are specialists in the arteries and veins that transport blood and the heart muscle. This high-stakes job pays well and involves everything from administering tests to performing procedures. Cardiologists in Australia make an average salary of $351,827.

To enter into this specialised field, you’ll need to:

  • Complete a Bachelor of Medicine or Medical Studies.
  • Advance to a Doctor of Medicine degree.
  • Work in the public hospital system for two years to complete your Internship and Residency.
  • Apply to the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners, undergoing further training and receiving your Fellowship. This will generally require six years of study while also working as a doctor.
  • Pursue Advanced Training in Cardiology, which involves three years of full-time equivalent training.

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Highest paying business jobs Australia 

If you have ever asked yourself this question: What good will a business degree do to me in Australia? The answer is a lot!. The possibilities are endless, and getting the pay is also generous. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Australia that you should consider while planning your business career. 

Project Manager

Pro at managing people? Well, Australia is looking for you! The demand for project managers is growing quickly across various industries, making it one of Australia's most demanding career fields. There is a lack of qualified project managers in Australia's large corporations and companies, stalling many big and ambitious company projects. As a project manager, you will manage specific projects of an organization from its start to the execution phase. Tasks like supervising the entire project, coordinating, planning, and ensuring timely delivery within the allocated budget, will be some of the core responsibilities, Starting as a project manager, you can expect around $106,954 (AUS) per year; with growing experience and expertise, professionals can also demand up to $165,000(AUS) per year. 

To land a role of a project manager in Australia you will need

  • Undergraduate degree in Business Management
  • Postgraduate degree in Project Management
  • Industry-recognized certification related to Project Management 

Sales Manager

Sales are crucial to any company's existence on the market, and Australian companies are well aware of this. As a result, the country is actively hiring highly qualified sales experts who can work in various industries. The everyday responsibilities of a sales manager include managing a group of sales representatives to meet monthly corporate goals. Additionally, you are responsible for creating strategies for boosting sales and keeping track of goals and results. Other crucial responsibilities include creating sales reports and identifying the demands of clients and the target audience. In some cases, sales managers are also given the additional responsibility of hiring and training sales associates. With so many responsibilities on their plate, sales managers are also paid handsomely for their duties. If you are beginning to be a sales manager, you can expect a base salary of $80,000 (AUS) every year. This position can give you a growth of $170,000 (AUS) every year with more experience and upskilling.

To be recognized as a sales manager in Australia, you will need the following: 

  • Undergraduate Degree in Sales & Marketing
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Accumulating sales experience through sales consultant internships 

Digital Marketing Manager

If you have a degree in digital marketing, the essential skills, or you want to be one, don't think twice about picking Australia. The demand for a digital marketing manager has increased for many Australian businesses due to the exponential growth and influence of digital marketing every year .As a digital marketing manager, you will assist with brand visibility as well as plan and carry out digital marketing strategies. promoting and examining important indicators to ensure a smooth operation. If all these core responsibilities interest you, your starting position salary as a digital marketing manager would be around $80,000 (AUS) annually, which can go to $170,000 (AUS) per year at high-level positions making it one of  highest paying jobs in Australia in the field of marketing.

To hold any position in digital marketing in Australia, you will need the following:

  • Undergraduate degree in Marketing, Business, Social or Digital Media
  • Masters in Marketing  

Business Analysts

An Individual with a lot of business acumen, experience, and knowledge can easily pull off the role of one of the highest-paying jobs in Australia, i.e. a Business analyst. Since the global shift to digitalization after the pandemic, data analytics and digital technology has expanded, leading to a job increase for data-savvy professionals. If you were to spend a day in the position of a business analyst, some of your responsibilities might include streamlining company procedures, doing analyses and conducting research to solve business problems, spotting roadblocks, etc.  A starting position for a business analyst in Australia can fetch you around $99,431 (AUS) per year. In contrast, a senior position will make you anything as high as  $141,326 (AUS) per year.

To be a business analyst in Australia, you need to fill in the requirements:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Business, Business Analytics, IT or any related field
  • Any relevant work experience in handling data and analytics is also a prerequisite requirement. 

Business Development Manager

As the name suggests, a business development manager looks out for developing the shape of a business by exploring new opportunities to grow in relation to markets, partnerships, products, services, etc.  in order to fill any market gaps. This role purely focuses on executing strategies and leading plans to profitability and growth. An early role in a business development manager position would make you around  $90,000 (AUS) per year, In contrast acquiring a senior position would be $150,000 (AUS) annually.

To hold the position of a one of the highest paying jobs in Australia under the business sector, you will need to meet the requirements of:

  • An undergraduate or masters degree in business, economics, commerce, finance, marketing, or a related field
  • Experience in sales, marketing, or customer service roles.

As an international student, you will have to apply for a PSW visa to legally work in Australia. Check out how to apply for PSW visa in Australia 

Highest-paying finance jobs in Australia

Finance has recently seen the light of a booming and globally expanding career field. The finance industry has been pumping out different types of opportunities everyday, with rewarding  and competitive salaries to individuals making it a favorable choice for many individuals. If you have a knack for finance and need to fast track your climb in the corporate world, and want a place in the highest paying jobs in Australia then finance is the career for you.

IT Portfolio Manager 

The benefit of investing has gained momentum in the past few years. From your dad's young advice to businesses, everyone has understood the importance of wise investing, and so needs portfolio managers. The skill set of an IT portfolio manager relies on the "art of investing"; they are duly responsible for handling investments, implementing strategies, and helping meet the financial goals of the IT department by reducing costs, minimizing risks, and promoting growth. While kick-starting your career as an IT Portfolio Manager in Australia, you can demand around $127,931 (AUS) per year. This career's scope of growth and potential can also make you about $159,802 (AUS) annually.

To work as an efficient IT Portfolio Manager, you will need to have:

  • Undergraduate degree in finance, economics, accounting, business.
  • Master's degree in finance or business administration.

Financial Dealer

There is a call for financial dealers all over Australia! Many financial advisory services, financial institutions, and banks are on the look for qualified and experienced financial dealers. The lists of tasks taken up by a financial dealer are long, on a busy day they usually engage themselves in buying and selling activities, checking market conditions, collecting information on security, predicting financial conditions for clients, developing a list of appropriate investments, etc. On an average, a financial dealer would earn a competitive salary of around $130,000 (AUS) annually.

To work as a financial dealer you will need to have:

  • Undergraduate degree in Accounting, Business Law, Economics, or Finance.
  • Masters degree in Business Administration, Commerce, or Applied Finance.

Finance Analyst

For individuals who enjoy dealing with financial data, becoming a finance analyst is a great career choice. Due to the industry's high demand, Australia may be the perfect country to work for in this sector. A finance analyst role consists of giving financial advice and insights based on interpretation of data, projections, and organizing information. Top companies have shown a spike in the requirements for financial analysts to help them provide financial reports and make top financial decisions. A beginner role in this field can get you a package of $92,642 (AUS) annually, which can translate into $135,000 (AUS) annually with more experience and performance. 

To work in the sector of financial analyst you will need to have:

  • Undergraduate or Masters degree in Finance, Commerce, or Economics
  • A strong work experience would also be preferred in the field of Finance and Economics

Investment Banking Associate   

Do you like helping people grow their money and investments and want to move to Australia at the same time? Then, You should start thinking about an Investment Banking Associate as your career. Even though Australia doesn’t have its own Wall Street, the scope and growth of investment markets is high. As an Investment Banking Associate, most of your work will be client facing i.e. assisting clients, providing appropriate support, and improving rates of satisfaction and efficiency. In a nutshell, you will help clients from reaching their financial goals. Investment Banking Associates will help you find opportunities for investing by screening your investment history and help you understand your investment objectives and needs. An average Investment Banking Associate has the potential to earn around $210,000 (AUS) annually making it one of the highest paying jobs in Australia in the finance sector.

To work as a Investment Banking Associate in Australia you will need to have

  • Bachelors in business, commerce, accounting, and economics with majoring in banking and finance subjects
  • Even an MBA in finance can also be a good metric for your qualification as an Investment Banking Associate 

Credit Analyst 

Nobody likes taking any risks, not you, not me, or a big entity or company like HSBC, Barclay’s and American Express. This is where credit analysts come into the picture. A person who is at a designated post of a Credit Analyst helps companies lower their risks by determining the potential risk factors while borrowing and lending money, by assessing data and looking at market trends. Apart from this, you will be a part of evaluating loan applications to see whether someone is a risk borrower.  Looking at the soaring demand of credit analysts in Australia for an entry level position, a credit analyst usually earns around $86,625 (AUS) annually, this can increase to $136,275 (AUS) at an experienced and high position level. 

To work as a Credit Analyst in Australia you will need to have

  • Bachelor degree in finance, accounting or any related field
  • Any solid experience that involves working with  financial institutions can also be considered for a role.

So, if you want your money to jiggle, fold, wiggle and do all sorts of amazing things, you can be sure that the above jobs will take care of it. All these jobs range across various fields, so you have a lot to choose from, according to your interests. If you want a long and happy working life, you should not focus solely on the jobs with the highest pay. On the other hand, knowing what jobs pay the most in your preferred industry can help you plan your future career. Although these are not the only jobs that pay well, these are regarded as the highest-paying jobs in Australia due to various factors. So now that you know what the best-paying jobs in Australia are, go secure that bag, mate!