Universities with Low Acceptance Rate Universities In USA

Universities with Low Acceptance Rate Universities In USA

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Jan 10, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
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Jan 10, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
Low acceptance universities in USA
Time to score touch down in USA

Many students strive to get accepted into a prestigious school, but there are frequently more candidates than there are open seats. Admission to the schools on this list can be very challenging. The 10 colleges and universities mentioned here are among the most selective, based on the fall 2021 entering class, with low acceptance rate universities in USA among all undergraduate institutions assessed by U.S. News, regardless of ranking category.

Curtis Institute of Music

A fantastic private music school is the Curtis School of Music. The training of orchestra musicians is what makes the Curtis Institute of Music famous. The training centre offers courses for orchestral musicians and composers, organists, pianists, guitarists, and singers. It has produced many musicians who have won awards. The reason and answer to why it is one of the Low acceptance rate universities in USA, and why attend Curtis Institute of Music provided by the following reasons:

Why Choose Curtis Institute of Music?

  1. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted the Curtis Institute of Music a charter to operate. Additionally, it is included in the University of Pennsylvania list that the State Council of Education has authorised for Music Granting.
  2. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has accredited it.
  3. Alumni who have won Pulitzer Prizes, Guggenheim Fellowships, and Avery Fisher Awards.
  4. The curriculum is created to meet the pupils' basic and psychosocial needs. The institution provides full-tuition scholarships for all students to help them avoid debt for their education.

California Institute of Technology

Caltech, a prominent university, has many accomplishments. A National Medal of Science has awarded 58 faculty members and former students to start. Seven Nobel laureates now reside at the university. Additionally, Caltech runs the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the premier robotic solar system exploration facility. Since the Institute has many awards and recognitions, it is undoubtedly one of the low acceptance rate universities in USA. Let’s see what makes this university so special;

Why Choose the California Institute of Technology?

  1. The Institue accepts scholars very carefully.
  2. The discipline in the university is very respected and followed thoroughly. 
  3. The university size-wise is very small, giving it a homely vibe. 
  4. It offers real freedom and strong support for junior faculty.

Harvard University

We are very well aware of how infamous and prestigious Harvard University is, and hence it falls in the low acceptance rate universities in USA, if not the world! Harvard offers an absurd number of clubs and organisations for extracurricular activity. Many of these are actively involved in their own fields, such as the Lampoon for comedy, the Institute of Politics for governance, and the Crimson for journalism. Like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Appreciation Club, many are essentially done for amusement. Or, you might start your own group and get funding from Harvard to do so; let’s see what all Harvard University has to offer;

Why Choose Harvard University?

  1. Financial aid for students
  2. A gazillion resources to fill the students with practical knowledge
  3. Being a Harvard student is prestigious, and so many traditions happen at this university that will quickly make you feel at home. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The private research university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded in 1851. One of the most prominent universities in the world, it is ranked number one in the QS World University Rankings. MIT provides several industrial science and engineering degrees focusing on development, advancement, and real-world use. Top worldwide researchers make up the MIT faculty, which offers students a top-notch education. Hence it is one of the low acceptance rate universities in USA.

Why Choose Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

  1. The placement and employment guarantees this university provides a placement guarantee and has a good reputation for getting its students placed. 
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology's top-notch faculty
  3. Pleasant Environment and Practical Training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Princeton University

What is renowned about Princeton University? The response is a lot. To begin with, Princeton is one of the oldest institutions in the nation, having been established in 1746, and is often recognised as one of the best universities whilst being one of the Low acceptance rate universities in USA and the entire world. James Madison, Woodrow Wilson, and John F. Kennedy were three of the presidents of the United States who attended, and two of them graduated from there; Kennedy transferred to Harvard.

Why Choose Princeton University?

  1. Besides football, Princeton has another renowned tradition. The Bonfire, which is built on Cannon Green and only held when Princeton's football team defeats both Harvard and Yale, happens infrequently compared to many other college customs.
  2. When people ask what Princeton is famous for, a popular response is its eating clubs.
  3. The junior paper and senior thesis arguably make up an undergraduate experience at the university. The junior paper—also referred to as the junior project or just the "JP"—acts as an introduction to the senior thesis.

Stanford University

Stanford is a university which can be called a mixture of MIT University and Harvard University. Stanford’s primary aim is to infuse technical aptitude and strong leadership qualities in its students. Stanford University is one of the low acceptance rate universities in USA, but the hustle of being a part of Stanford is so worth it. 

Why Choose Stanford University?

  1.  Although Stanford's academic programmes may garner the majority of media attention, the school's athletics programme has a rich history and is still vital to campus life.
  2. The school's sports teams are known as the Cardinals, and their name refers to the colour rather than a particular bird. Another peculiar tradition surrounding Stanford's mascot is that the university has never chosen an official mascot.
  3. Stanford University is one of the largest campuses in the country, spanning an incredible 8,180 acres with more than 43,000 trees, 800 different plant species, and 25 fountains.
  4. Stanford is one of the top universities in the country for research expenditure. In 2019–2020, the school invested $6,800 in outside projects, with a $1.63 billion anticipated total.

Yale University

The desire of many people is to attend Yale University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world and one of the low acceptance rate universities in USA What is it like to attend Yale University, though? Yale University hopes to cultivate in its students a spirit of inquiry that will help them grow into global citizens with a desire for knowledge that will last a lifetime. Like other US schools, undergraduate curricula emphasise diversity in topic matter and method early on before concentrating on one of the main areas or departments later.

Why Choose Yale University? 

  1. The US News national universities ranking category just placed Yale University at number four. A diverse group of accomplished people make up its alumni network, including heads of state, legislators, artists, Nobel laureates, singers, and other honourable and highly successful people.
  2. Yale University draws in a wide variety of students as one of the most highly sought-after universities in the nation and the entire world. With well over 12,000 total students, Yale is a sizable institution compared to other Ivy League colleges. Just half of this total population are undergraduates.
  3. Yale receives tens of thousands of applications from inside and outside the country because it is one of the most well-known colleges in the world. Yale admissions staff must sort through all applications to decide which applicants are qualified to enter the university because there are a certain amount of spaces available.

Brown University

Every prospective student clamours to get a spot in Brown University's famed portals since the university draws students from around the world. The university, however, also has a rich cultural heritage and several firsts to its name, in addition to its current prominence and low acceptance rate universities in USA.

Brown University was the first college in the US to admit applicants regardless of their religious affiliation when it was established.

Why Brown University? 

  1. Brown University's open curriculum invites students to explore their interests deeply. 
  2. Brown University has a unique culture. As a part of the Ivy League Schools, it has a culture of its own. This place allows students to be themselves and polish their skills keeping various cultures as reference. 
  3. The student body is very diverse. You will find students from every part of the world coming to pursue their dream. 

Columbia University

One of the foremost research institutions in the world, Columbia University also offers undergraduate and graduate students a unique and prestigious learning environment in a wide range of academic and professional subjects, making it one of the low acceptance rate universities in USA.

Why Choose Columbia University?

  1. The first university in the US to award an M.D. degree was Columbia.
  2. Each year, Columbia is in charge of administering the Pulitzer Prize.
  3. The nation's second-highest number of Nobel Prize winners are affiliated with Columbia (the first being Harvard).
  4. After the Catholic Church, Columbia University is the second-largest landowner in New York City.
  5. By the number of books it owned, Columbia's library system ranked fifth among collegiate systems and eighth overall in the US as of 2012.

Dartmouth College

Particularly because of its dedication to undergraduate education, Dartmouth stood out. Dartmouth, the only Ivy League institution, prioritises its undergraduate students above everything others. For research possibilities, you won't have to compete with graduate students, and you won't have to listen to teaching assistants' lectures. Students at Dartmouth have access to an infinite supply of academic opportunities throughout the year. They frequently meet with instructors who are some of the top authorities in their subjects.

Why Choose Dartmouth College?

  1. Dartmouth's distinctive, year-round academic timetable is well-known. Four 10-week terms make up Dartmouth's quarter-system schedule, known as the "D Plan," which gives students much freedom. Most students take three classes per term, and to graduate, they must pass 35 classes over the course of 12 terms.
  2. The Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC), founded in 1909, is the country's oldest and biggest outing club. Its membership stands at nearly a quarter of the undergraduate student body. DOC members can access the club's rental equipment, trips, cabins, classes, and trips.
  3. Dartmouth uses a need-blind admissions policy, which implies that a student's financial situation is not considered when deciding whether to admit them. Students from households with annual household earnings of $100,000 or less who also have the average assets will be given scholarships that cover tuition costs and waive the need for student loans. Dartmouth's average student loan balance after four years is $20,373.

This was our list of low acceptance rate universities in USA. It might be difficult to get into these universities, but trust us; you won’t regret it. It will add to your CV, build your skills, and open you to many opportunities. So get your SATs, IELTS, and TOEFL scores because this will be a tough fight.