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What is amber student ? | Global Student Housing Solution
3 min

What is amber student ? | Global Student Housing Solution

Housing Tips
Feb 25, 2022
3 min

Whether you are looking for solo studios, shared flats, roommate-matching platforms, or homestays, there are many popular websites that you may come across on the internet. Long gone are the days when students used to roam around unmarked student housing buildings near their universities now and then. Instead, take the comfort of online search and smart filter choices to find the perfect student accommodation option for you!

What is amberstudent?

Started in 2016, Amberstudent is a global student accommodation booking platform that paves every student's way to find the perfect place to stay away from their home. Being a one-click platform, Amberstudent houses over 150,000 well-furnished rooms all around the UK. With more, the company takes utmost pride in delivering stretched hand services in some of the most significant parts of the world such as the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia, where you will find over 200+ lavish properties in the most exclusive posh areas ready to be booked at the most discounted prices.

Five years ago, in such a time of heightened rental frauds or price misconduct, the student housing market needed an authentic source of affordable private student housings. That's when our founders took the baton to solve the significant problems of finding suitable rental places for university students. With hundreds of surveys and catering a team of experts doing the ground research for you, Amberstudent brings a wide range of catalogues that can suit every student's need. 

Our listings include a vast range of single and dual occupancy rooms, shared en-suites, and private studios located in the vicinity of many major universities of the UK, Australia, Ireland, Australia, and so on. Today, we serve over 100 cities and have partnered with multiple field agents and property consultants, our in-house team of consultants provides real-time updates of the latest rental prices of every listed area. 

At amberstudent, we believe in giving the best to you!

  • Easy search
    Search apartments of your preferences. View all details, amenities, photos for each apartment.
  • No negotiation
    See rent upfront. No need to negotiate. Save your time and effort.
  • 100% sanitised rooms
    In time of COVID, we make sure your destination room is fully-sanitised and safe to live. 
  • Hassle-free paperwork
    In time of COVID, we make sure your destination room is fully-sanitised and safe to live. 

Once you select a particular city or a university, we will enlist the best possible student housing options, nearest to every public market, best tourist attractions, and safe student environment, all at pocket-friendly prices. Furthermore, after setting your preferences on our website, our agents will make sure your bookings are placed well within time and ahead of your enrolment in your university so that you are all left out of the worry of last-minute hassle. 

Besides these, we take a 100% guarantee on all our listings. Furthermore, all properties found on amber student are fully sanitised, safe for living, and are provided with secure payment at zero extra cost. This year, to support all our readers, we have also added a free cancellation policy especially devised to help students during Covid-19. In addition to it, amber student has also partnered with various service providers like luggage transfer, airport pickup/drop, Forex, and international SIM to ensure the maximum wellbeing of our students.