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What is amber?
7 min

What is amber?

Housing Tips
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Uploaded on
Nov 3, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 24, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 3, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 24, 2023
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Students living in their hometown are like fish in a bowl. It will grow as large as the container that holds it. If they are kept in a bowl, they won't grow much, but If a fish is let out in the vast ocean, it will grow comparatively larger. Students dream of studying abroad. Studying and scoring A grade marks are difficult, let alone applying for your dream college. The day you get your approval letter, you start imagining your life in a different city away from your hometown, and you begin to wonder how to decorate your room that fits your aesthetic.

But the main issue remains, How do I book student accommodation? Whether you are looking for solo studios, shared flats, roommate-matching platforms, or homestays, there are many popular websites you may come across on the internet. Still, this blog will explain why you should choose amber to book your student accommodation. Long gone are the days when students used to roam around unmarked student housing buildings near their universities now and then. Instead, use online search and smart filter choices to find the perfect student accommodation option! Check out this blog to check whether the luxury student accommodation is worth the price or not?

What is Amber Student?

Amberstudent is a platform that helps students like you book full-time accommodation near leading universities worldwide, offering a hassle-free experience by eliminating the need for the back and forth, negotiation, non-standardized and tedious paperwork, and a complicated payment process. Starting in 2016, amber is a fast-growing multilateral global student accommodation booking platform that paves every student's way to find their dream accommodation away from home. Being a one-click platform, amber houses over 1 million well-furnished rooms worldwide in over 250 cities. With more, the company takes utmost pride in delivering stretched hand services in some of the most significant parts of the world, such as the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain and Australia, where you will find over 10,000+ lavish properties in the most exclusive posh areas ready to be booked at the most discounted prices.

Five years ago, in such a time of heightened rental fraud and price misconduct, the student housing market needed an authentic source of affordable private student housing. That's when our founders took the baton to solve the significant problem of finding suitable rental places for university students. With hundreds of surveys and catering for a team of experts doing the ground research for you, amber brings a wide range of catalogues that can suit every student's need. 

Our listings include a vast range of single and dual occupancy rooms, shared en-suites, and private studios in the vicinity of many major universities in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Australia, and so on. Today, we serve over 250+ cities and have partnered with multiple field agents and property consultants; our in-house team of consultants provides real-time updates of the latest rental prices of student housing in every listed area. 

Easy Booking In Just 3 Steps

Discover and Finalize your place

Search the City, university and locality of your choice. Carefully go through all the student housing options that are listed. If you are not interested, there are always many localities nearby that you can check out. After choosing your preferred student accommodation, you can select 'Book Now, Shortlist and Chat. You can choose any of the above options and proceed with your booking process. Once you're firm on your preferred student housing, you can proceed to the next step of the booking process.

Get your paperwork done

Once you are firm on student accommodation, you can proceed with the second step, the booking process, where you fill out all your paperwork. Booking is made more accessible as everything is only and significantly simplified. All you need to do is gather all your paperwork and fill in the information. After you click on 'Book Now students have to fill in details like; their name, Email address, Phone number name of the university along with the campus name, move-in date, lease duration, the number of students staying, budget per student, room/apartment type, etc. Once everything is filled, you will move on to the last phase of the booking process.

Pay and Your student accommodation is booked

In the final step, you must make sure all the personal information you've entered is legitimate, and you can proceed to pay for your student housing. And now your student accommodation is booked!

Once you select a particular city or a university, we will enlist the best possible student housing options, nearest to every public market, best tourist attractions, and safe student environment, all at pocket-friendly prices. Furthermore, after setting your preferences on our website, our agents will ensure your bookings are placed well within time and ahead of your enrolment in your university so that you are all left out of the worry of last-minute hassle. 

‍Besides these, we take a 100% guarantee on all our listings. Furthermore, all properties found in amber are thoroughly sanitized, safe for living, and are provided with secure payment at zero extra cost. In addition, amber has partnered with various service providers like luggage transfer, airport pickup/drop, Forex, and international SIM to ensure the maximum well-being of our students.

Which other services does amber provides?

Amber is not like any other student housing website. It's better! Other than student accommodations, amber provides many different services, such as:

amber Plus

Amber believes in helping students all across the globe. The accommodations aren't the only service amber provides. We think above and beyond. Amber plus is a service that strives to improve the student experience with amber. amber+ has partnered with a range of trusted service providers here to help you with all your student needs, like flight bookings, finding a roommate, and selecting a phone plan to improve your living experience. Amber plus is an additional service that aids students throughout the world. For students who have booked with amber, this is an added benefit. Students get multiple benefits like:

  • Student loans 
  • Forex cards
  • Airport pickups
  • Luggage shipping
  • Overseas SIM card
  • Student guarantor
  • Student essential kit
  • Student internships
  • student bank accounts

These benefits come in handy as they are carefully selected by amber to make your experience with amber worthwhile.

Amber Ambassador 

As fresher in a new city, students wish they had a guiding hand, someone that can help peers find the right place to call home. Amber ambassador is the platform for go-getters and trendsetters who can strive to make the world a borderless community. Amber is looking for students who have the power to inspire, motivate and guide people, inspire students with their choices and decisions, and students who are not afraid to take risks and explore new opportunities. 

But this is not it. Your audience is not the only one gaining information. The ambassadors will be earning and receiving goodies. They will be able to explore new career opportunities, get hands-on experience in marketing, meet new people and work closely with the amber. At the end of the day, the ambassadors can build a powerful personal brand. 

Amber Scholar

In your teens year, all you need to think about is how to save as much money as possible. Some students might not have financial support. Due to the rising cost of education worldwide, choosing the university of your dreams is challenging. This is where amber scholar comes into the picture. Amber scholar is another service that amber provides. 

Amber is offering scholarships to talented students all across the globe. All it takes is one brilliant idea to change your life. We want to hear yours. Amber Scholar will be offering scholarships to a handful of enterprising individuals that can show us how they want to change the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for students of any nationality, affiliated with any university and applying for any course. Check out this blog to know best types of affordable student accommodation.

Why choose amber?

‍At amber, we believe in giving the best to you!

  • Amber student accommodation is fast, and the bookings are quickly made. Time and money, save both through amber.
  • The student apartments are 100% verified. View all details, amenities, and photos for each apartment. What you see is what you get.
  • All amber student accommodations are price matched. You find a lower price, and amber will check, no questions asked.
  • Students will get one-on-one expert assistance. You are just one call away from personalized service. Amber will be there for you 24/7.

Amber Reviews 

Everyone needs assistance sometimes. Amber has assisted students throughout the booking process with patience and guidance. Numerous parents and students have been pleased with the service amber provides. Here are some of the student reviews:

  • “Experience was amazing!! I’m going to Plymouth College of Art. Great prices & the rent durations are negotiable. Also as an art student I do appreciate the website design — its clear, visible & well placed.”  - Simon Langer

  • “The best service I could ask for an international student. Awesome, great follow-up services that helped me throughout the process from start to the end. Thanks to Amber for a great facility!”   Paveneech Stritagul

  • “I am going to study at UCL and Supreet from Amber did an excellent job in helping me. I do not have doubt to recommend Supreet as a student helper. I hope to receive his help in future. The room is in an excellent location.”  - Robert Antonia

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