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Student Housing News

Student Housing Partners Report 2023: Insider Analysis Of Current Industry Trends, Opportunities And Innovation.

July 17, 2023
2 min read
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Student Housing Partners Report

Amber is a global student housing solution provider. Amber’s “Student Housing Partners Report 2023”, offers an in-depth analysis of the current landscape of the student housing market, growth factors, and challenges that shape this dynamic industry. The report also sheds light on student enrolment trends in the UK while demonstrating amber’s strategic alignment with the evolving market.

The international student inflow has demographically shifted for the UK Universities. With the rising international enrolments, amber is leveraging its reach in 160+ source countries, taking our property management partners’ brand global & empowering them to achieve maximum occupancy levels & diversity across their properties. This report demonstrates how amber helps industry stakeholders reduce their dependency on a single source market by 12-20 % while keeping the cost of acquisition minimal.

Amber's effective acquisition and expansion strategies are highlighted in a compelling case study. Discover how operators can drive early booking cycles, implement dynamic pricing strategies, and maximize occupancy, revenue, and strategic expansion with amber.

Report Highlights

  • Student enrolment trend in the UK
  • The next 30 years till 2050 will see additional 1 billion post-secondary graduates, of which 75% of students will be from Asia and Africa
  • South Asian and Sub-Saharan African countries have seen 75% growth in student Visa applications for the UK
  • After the reintroduction of two-year post-study work visas, India, South Asia and Nigeria have become key source markets for the UK
  • Top student source countries on amber’s platform
  • Amber’s case study on customer acquisition
  • Portfolio overview of the top 4 PBSA in the UK
  • Comparative analysis: Cost of acquisition analysis for property management groups with own marketing efforts vs. listing on marketplaces or agents
  • Strategic student housing solutions with amber

Furthermore, the report delves into a powerful analytical tool ‘Amber Connect’ which has equipped top student housing partners with a holistic view of their operation, listing, and booking trends, enabling them to make high-impact, data-driven decisions.

Amber receives dense student web traffic, making it one of the top 2 student aggregator websites worldwide with record 9.23 million website visits.  It commands over 55% of traffic share from key regions where students dream of pursuing international education.

Download the report to get valuable insights into the changing landscape of the student housing industry, challenges, and solutions by amber.

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