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Amber Beat: Student Accommodation Market News - May 2023, Week 03
5 min read
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Amber Beat: Student Accommodation Market News - May 2023, Week 03

May 19, 2023
5 min read
May 19, 2023
5 min read
Amber Beat: Student Accommodation Market News - May 2023, Week 03

About Amber Beat

Missed keeping track of all the latest happenings in the student accommodation market? Amber BEAT is a weekly snapshot of the key developments in top student accommodation markets.  This newsletter provides you with all the information you need to know, from new upcoming projects to current trends, news affecting students to government policies, we’ve got you covered!

Amber Beat | News from March 8 - 15, 2023

United Kingdom

  • The groundbreaking Renters’ (Reform) Bill to make it into law, gets the first reading in parliament after four years (London Post)
  • UCAS projects 30% increment in higher education applicants and requirement of 400,000 student accommodations by 2030 (Property Industry Eye)
  • UK economy gets over £100,000 per international student, adding £42 Billion in AY 2021-22 (Erudera)
  • Student immigration increases sharply in UK, prompting government to consider dependent visa restrictions (The Pie News)
  • Scotland sees 34% new international student enrolments in 2021/22, contributing £4.21 billion to UK economy (Erudera)
  • Universities seek creative solutions to meet enrollment growth and affordability demands despite rising interest rates and construction costs (Multihousing News)
  • Nottingham locals raise debate to strike balance between student HMOs and long-term housing in Beeston (Nottinghampost)

New Constructions (United Kingdom)

  • A Victorian building to be converted into seven stylish student apartments in Nottingham's Lenton Area, plans submitted to Nottingham City Council (West Bridgeford Wire)
  • Morgan Sindall gets £76.5m contract to deliver sustainable 515 student rooms Oxford Brookes University with cutting-edge AI and BIM technology (Morgan Sindall)
  • University of Chichester unveils plan for 525-bed student housing expansion in Chichester and Bognor Regis, the development will provide employment and generate £150m to the local economy (Sussex World)
  • The Ambassador Group proposes to build 288 high-quality student apartments in Old Wynd and Osborne Street in Glasgow City Centre. (Scottish Housing News)
  • London School of Economics to develop £400m Southwark student scheme  by 2030, currently seeking JV partner (Construction Enquirer)
  • University of St. Andrews, Scotland resubmits proposal of 700 student beds at Albany Park to ease the pressure on housing market in the town (Yahoo news)
  • Previously rejected in 2021 Morris+company’s proposal of 239 student rooms block at William Road Camden gets approval (Architect’s Journal)

United States

  • Campus Apartments sells ‘Tenn’ 603-bed student flats adjacent to University of Tennessee, Knoxville to Shenck Realty, sale price undisclosed (RE Business Online)
  • Core Spaces and Harrison Street secure land at the University of Arizona for Hub Tucson V, a 648-bed student housing development set to open in fall 2025: (PBSA news)
  • Tailwind Group adds 959 beds to its student housing portfolio by acquiring Legends Place Apartments and Aspen Heights in Kansas (Multihousing News)
  • Arlington City Council delays 391-unit student housing rezoning decision, considers mural policy amendments instead (The Short horn)
  • UHM to get $156.9 funding for 558-bed student housing at Dole Street, yearly aid of $2 million also promised to keep rental rates affordable (Manoanow)
  • Cerritos College plans to build affordable homes for 400 community college students with commercial amenities; seeks state funding for this transformative $80M housing project (LA Times)
  • The Peralta Community College District faces student demands for enhanced housing amid plans for a 200-300 bed dorm in Alameda (The Oaklandside)
  • Luminaut partners up with Butler University to enhance student housing: reimagining Greek buildings to meet the growing demand : (Rejournals)
  • UC Berkeley’s student housing project at People's Park faces a setback as resources for Community Development withdrawn due to ongoing court delays (Berkleyside)
  • Report by Lumina and Gallop highlights effects of mental stress and inflation on student enrollment in collage education in US (WBUR)
  • San Jose State University students rally at City Hall, protesting to demand a humanitarian approach to the homelessness crisis (San Jose Spotlight)


  • Student debt rises in Australia as inflation hits graduates hard with a 7.1% indexation increase (WSWS)
  • New Zealand sees strong post-pandemic recovery with 98% increment in student visa holders in March ‘23, (ICEF Monitor)
  • Cedar Pacific criticizes local players for wasting their advantage; announces its bet of $1 billion in the Australian BTR sector to develop 475 apartments in Brisbane and 358 apartments in Aukland (Financial Review)
  • Perth sees growth of 1.6% growth in dwelling value in 12 months as the demand soars up; sees massive annual rental growth of 13.2% in April ‘23. (API Magzine)


  • Student accommodation boost in Italy: Students demand affordable housing;  minister announces €960 Million allocation from PNRR to create 60,000 new beds, in response (Internazionale)
  • Government approves €660 million for student housing in Italy, launches plan to address the ongoing accommodation crisis (Breaking latest news)
  • The Dutch Parliament is expected to pass an amendment to restrict short-term student housing leases with exemptions for exchange students. (NL Times)
  • Calabria University leads national average with 16% student housing ratio: 2,300 beds available to students (Cosenza Channel)


  • Canadian Housing Minister in light of his controversial investments in the housing market and ineffective regulation. (The Deep Dive)
  • Architects Against Housing Association (AAHA) to highlight Canadian housing crisis and issue of housing alienation at 2023 Venice Biennale of Architecture (UBC)
  • Student accommodation at University of Sudbury to reopen post renovation, residence to provide affordable housing to 176 students (CTV news)

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