Student Housing in Australian Capital Territory

Student Accommodation Australia Capitol Territory

Finding student accommodation of your liking can seem hard and like a tedious process, but that is not how it is at all. With Amber finding comfortable student accommodation that is affordable, easy to book and at prime locations near the top universities in the Australia Capitol territory is very easy. The amber student accommodations make you feel tight at home, come fully furnished and with plenty of amenities like laundry services, study rooms, vending machines, free wifi and more. Many of these student accommodations are found near prestigious universities like Australian Catholic University, Australian National University, University of Canberra, Charles Sturt University and University of New South Whales. Australia Capitol Territory has a little bit of everything and is the perfect place for students to go to study. There are all kinds of accommodations you can find here, from extravagant to affordable and the prices for these can range from AU$147/week to AU$198/week.

About Australia Capitol Territory

The Australia Capitol Territory is home to Australia's top-ranked universities like  Australian Catholic University, Australian National University, University of Canberra, Charles Sturt University and University of New South Whales. It has one of the highest average incomes and highest employment rates in Australia, so it is the perfect place to study and get work experience after graduating. There is guaranteed student accommodation for new undergraduate students, and it also has a lower cost of living compared to other Australian cities. There are over 19,000 international students studying in the Australian Capitol Territory. The natural and safe environments attract students from all over the world to study here, and the high standard of living, culture, diversity and experiences keep them wanting more. The orientation week ensures that students will ease into university life and will find their communities where they fit in.

Best Cities in Australia Capitol Territory

Canberra is the capitol city of Australia and has been ranked one of the world's best cities to live in and visit. It has a lower cost of living compared to some other Australian cities, while the employment rate and average income is some of the highest. The diversity of the city and the culture is unmatched. The public transport system is good and there are plenty of beautiful attractions all over the city to visit.

Some towns that you should road trip to near Canberra are

  1. Murrumbateman, Yass Valley.
  2. Bungendore, Queanbeyan Region.
  3. Gundaroo, Yass Valley.
  4. Braidwood, Southern Tablelands.
  5. Tumut, Snowy Mountains.

Student Travel in Australia Capitol Territory

Student travel is a major part of student life and needs to be easy and cheap. The public transportation in Australia Capitol Territory is good and available for everyone to use. Busses, light rail, and cars are some options you can use to get around. To use public transport here, you can get a MyWay Card or get single tickets on board. When you travel after getting a MyWay card, you will get a discount, and the daily cap will be applied automatically when you're travelling. Most fares only cost a few dollars so it is comparatively cheap. Tap in the card when you enter and tap out when you leave.


Busses are very common here and one of the main modes of transport. Both local and intercity buses run in the Australia Capitol Territory. If you want to visit popular tourist attractions like the National Museum of Australia, Australian Parliament House, Questacon science and technology museum and Canberra and Region Visitors Centre, then the free Culture Loop service that runs from 9 am to 5 pm is what you should take. These buses depart every hour.

Light Rail

This runs along the main city and is part of the public transport system in Australia Capitol Territory and connects with the public busses. The MyWay card can be used on the Light Rail, and it connects a lot of the more popular dining districts, the city centre and popular hotels.


If you're on a budget but also want to enjoy all the tourist attractions in and around the city, driving is the perfect option for you. It allows you to see everything you want on your own schedule, and hiring a car is very easy. Lots of paid and free parking spots are also available all over the city.

Tourist Attractions in Australia Capitol Territory

There is no shortage of tourist attractions you can visit in Australia Capitol Territory. From historic memorials and art galleries and museums to botanic gardens and zoos, it has everything you need for a day out of exploration. These spots are all easy to locate and reach through public transport and are cheap. The Student ID cards can have lots of benefits for students, like cheaper transport and tickets. The top tourist attractions you can visit in Australian National Botanic Gardens to take a break and relax are:

  1. Australian War Memorial
  2. National Gallery of Australia
  3. National Museum of Australia
  4. Questacon - National Science and Technology Centre
  5. National Zoo & Aquarium
  6. Australian National Botanic Gardens

Universities in the Australia Capitol Territory

Some of the universities that you will find in the Australia Capitol Territory are:

  1. Australian Catholic University,
  2. Australian National University,
  3. University of Canberra,
  4. Charles Sturt University,
  5. University of New South Whales

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